• Tue. Mar 9th, 2021

Beastars Season 2 Opening Full『YOASOBI – Kaibutsu』

Cheers to the wonderful world today as well, Even the sounds of laughter that flies through the streets That I just pretend not to see are fake. I’m about to go mad. The depths of my nose stung by a smell so good to The extent. It makes me dizzy I wake up as I. Do on instinct Whose turn is it today What can I do in this. World What is it that I can do, Just so that. Tears don t flow down from those pitch black eyes. I will continue to bite time and time again At the future. I wish for Because in this world full of mistakes, I want you to smile. I won t hurt anyone anymore. I just want to be stronger and stronger So that I can stay as myself. The wonderful world is peaceful today as well To the bad news that s going around the streets. I averted my eyes, pretending I don t know I don t know It sure is mad. The march that dressed itself up seriously The destination of the footsteps that sound Stained with a taste that doesn t and won t disappear Is the world on the other side. To live purely and righteously To live without upsetting anyone To live an honest, live without straying off Is that living without making mistakes? Is it right to live, as i am? Is it right to live using every trick in the book? Just what am I meant to be just who? I am really Tell me Tell me Today as well In a world with no answers. I’m wishing you know, Even though I m clumsy. I just want to laugh with you forever. Your jumping heart shouts by shaking your body, you know Precisely now let’s get moving. I will continue to devour my weak self again and again Because in this world, full of mistakes, I want you to smile, Let s make sure. No one cries again. I just want to be stronger and stronger So that I can stay as myself. I will simply protect you for that. I ll keep running running and running. You know Exceeding my inner self translate: shiyuki shiyuki332 https twitter com, shiyuki332 status, 1347129444842934273.

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