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Hi all curious and serious people. I am Robi here from Matescium with a lot of fun with mathematics. This time I'm gonna to prove that 1+1=0…..(laughing sound) I'm not kidding you at all be sure. Really!! I will prove through mathematics that 1+1=0. If you did not subscribe me, click the subscribe button now. It will inspire me a lot to make more quality-full video. In order to prove that 1+1=0, I have to go through this calculation. What we know from our primary school that 1+1=2, right? We know 1+1=2. There is no tricks or nothing here, we know it from our primary school.

I can just modify this equation as like this way; LHS is 1+1 I'm eliminating -1 from LHS and again eliminating -1 from RHS. See, 1+1 here -1 is extra; that I am eliminating from LHS and 2 from the previous line and – 1 from extra that I am eliminating here. Because this -1 from LHS, this – 1 from RHS, they balance the previous equation. Next line I can say, I can keep this LHS completely same. (1 + 1 – 1) =……. I am giving a square root ,then (2 – 1) from previous line. And then, for square root, I am giving a square here, right!! So, why square in the square root.

I'm explaining a little bit. If we use square root and square together, that means they are neutral. They supported by the previous line. So, this line is supported by the previous line. According to the mathematical statement, the square root is the inverse operation of square. So don't worry. This line is supported by this line. There is no mathematical tricks. Maybe you know that. I am keeping the LHS completely same. once again, (1+1-1) = (1+1-1) = quare root and then.. look at here, (2 -1) whole square. That means, there is a formula, we know. Now, It's time to play with formula. What is our formula our? Formula is (X square – Y square).

Sorry, I'm writing the wrong formula. (X-Y) whole square is = to (X square – (X square – 2XY + Y square) that we know from our high school level. Maybe you can remember this formula! (X square – 2XY + Y square) = (X-Y) whole square So, see (X-Y),this is X-Y this is Completely similar. So, I can expand this line as this formula. What we are getting 2 square minus 2 *2 * 1 +1 square, right!! Hopefully you understand how did I get this!! Now, keep the same left hand side (1+1-1) (1+1-1) is = to Square root 3 square = 4, – 2 * 2 * 1 is 4. + 1 square = 1. Again, I'm keeping the LHS same (1+1-1) = the square root…. if you (4 – 4 + 1) = 1. We know, this line equavalent to a square root 1. I am again keeping the LHS lane (1+1-1)= square root remaining -1 square. Because you know, whatever (-1) square is = (+1). So, this is applying here exactly.

(-1) square = (+1). So, (-1) square= (+1) Next line is…. again I'm keeping the LHS same; (1 +1 – 1)= you can see this part is going to vanish. That means, square root is inverse of square. So, I can write only minus. There is no problem. Hope you can understand. Again, I am telling you. This square root and this square… They can be vanished together. Because you know a square root is a inverse function or inverse operator of this square. That I already told you. So, remaining is this (-1). minus 1 is here. You can see this -1 from LHS and this -1 from the RHS, they can vanish and remaining is 1+1 = 0 So, I'm proved once again that 1+1= 0. Question is, how did I prove that.

Right!!! Of course, I Somehow skip the ground rules of mathematics here somewhere in my entire calculation. You can have a look carefully and try to find out where I did not follow the ground rules of mathematics. This is pretty funny be sure. Because, normally 1+1 is not is equal 0, according to the mathematics. I skip or miss some steps in this whole calculation.

For that reason, I got this strange result. Please, don't take it seriously because this is only for fun. If you take it seriously, then you will be puzzled, and your head will be spinned. Just take it fun and try to find out where I did not follow the ground rules of mathematics in this entire calculation. If you find it, please write it in the comment section.

Or whatever you want to discuss, please write it in the comment section. Thank you so much for your attention and for watching my video.And I made one more video and that I proved that 2+2=5. Normally what we know, 2+2=4, but I prove that two plus two is equals five. This is very very interesting video. You can have a look. I already set it in the description this link of this video. You can have a look. And not only this but also I prove on again that one dollar 1 dollar = 1 Cent. This is another video. This is also another exciting and very interesting video. You can have a look that one dollar I prove equals to 1 cent. I put it into the mathematics, but this is only for the fun. Don't take it seriously, please and Yeah, that's all for this week. And if you are not my subscriber, please subscribe to my channel.

You will get the new exciting video every Tuesday at 2 o'clock in German time. Yeah, I hope you will enjoy my video and you are enjoying my video right now Thank you so much for watching my video and see one next time with new exciting and different videos. Bye. Bye.

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