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Now photo be general house, hang out, walking appetite out and zip you tuba saint lesha. Dasha will punish you damn now here on the way general hang out the beach and I’m a nerd.

This is the song the door n, 1, Spain, italy, nice, karlovy, vary.

Monaco and monte.

Carlo here is not a complete list of places that will be included in the essay how I spent the summer the average student of the Plov lyceum.

How was it done? Oh wonderful here is my word of honor.

Where were in america was in.

Spain was raining as a principle, but thousands of people travel, for example, grandmothers on the gum they are with everyone in Spain.

Well, that’s how he is after that relate to him, and I don t know I don t – know such people.

I m just legs, but I don t know still such a principle can be.

Of course i am. I honestly good fifth well.

Grandma will see our dear person, terrace nectar and grandmothers in spain live.

So he burned me wrong small questions of the school curriculum.

You can continue the associative array, Akhmatova Tsvetaeva Ukrainka.

Further, the hat sweet home of women poets.

I go there something during the fly.

A question on the knowledge of the fashionable world of Dolce gabbana gucci and prada blue vuitton, who ribs on the right you named ferragamo palmann, so on in class study.

The ninth b after the 9th grade plan this technique and completely I already plan to go abroad.

To study technicians where further sori, I think why, having rejected Switzerland, what is Ukrainian education, but not so good and first of all, our Ukrainian education after all, and a little less than the level firstly and secondly, abroad there so to speak.

In addition to tosha, there are more specialists, then, accordingly, the best education is well and better. Then everything will be fine, and the last question is so school programs.

What did Lenin become famous for why he has monuments in every city, with this, every central street of every city named streets to Lenin, because he united the Soviet Union and but established order in the country? Therefore, the country developed and therefore he is glorified for help.

He raised a Soviet union and all these countries that were in it, I said so clearly.

Well, probably yes in switzerland, switel for the best education thanks.

Why did you come to school for selling toyota 4 liter than you plan study after school? It is easier to go to economists in which university you can in university in europe on average is education in austria at a university in which you want to do.

I don t know probably the road, but I just and athletes for this, but we shot you us so that’s a sports disc and what do basketball, hello, hello, tell me you will return first graders with sweets today.

I will invite them to the area of the action, but not without the fact that okay role is you so they said very cool that Natalia came after the chocolate king royal on what did you come to school on a navigator where you were in the summer? Tell me well in germany, london in italy, in monaco prostrate and like monks like the weather, the commission is excellent sunny.

What do you think who should erect a monument? I want to be famous for someone in my life that you erected a monument to me.

For example, you can go man open, let’s make some noise there.

What car did they drive in the face of cadillac? How we spent years we were in turkey. There.

You know new people.

Then there was a dance at the training camp in croatia.

Very active spent time too then in a different way then again went to Turkey too.

I had a good rest and just flew in, and how do you feel about people who are alone once during the summer because of turkey? We can rest quietly, but it’s, not the turn.

No, it’s.

Ok, someone! Once someone 2 someone what car arrived today to the lyceum on a mercedes ml 500.

Tell me how you spent your summer great the best summer of my life.

I will be all summer i practically passed by the sea i was in Crimea was in bulgaria again in prison like this, you are all, of course, not enough for a flat face guys were in spain, man.

Ok, it’s good to be a lot. Where was tell about him, monaco monte, carlo necid ditches? Well, what have you all the same? Forced your daughter to study in Klov’s face before all the traditions of this lyceum approach to study equal to everyone else.

You want to say he in the face it’s, great that here we have only children goes pop.

This is the word of the Lord.

Everyone understands the same burden.

Ok grew and was brought up stopped worthy a member of society that’s the whole master of society, a worthy member of society, so that he you are decent back clear, worthy well as if a lord does not care.

There was such an opinion among the people that this is a school for the rich, so you consider yourself a rich man.

Absolutely not.

This opinion is wrong here.

They learn absolutely different children, starting from ordinary teachers, teacher institute, businessmen and officials.

Absolutely everything simple all different people to them, but what we do not ask all rested there: germany, monaco in spain here, is your son where to relax this summer. My son was in Montenegro that summer with his daughter, I blew it up.

Yes, now I see that there really are ordinary people here, but today we arrived flat, lyceum one of the best schools in the capital.

You tell you how you and your team feel the game for gentlemen is fun, and here the edition is beautiful and the audience will be say so, and the mold is very beautiful.

Children are very cool.

Vase, looks strong here, as it were.

Are the current gentlemen of life? I am for the future growing up more pleasant to play on or agree in education.

It is paid, but as if for money too? Yes, I agree, but if you tinkering, you learn everywhere and under any circumstances, and if you don’t learn like from that money here dates money On the 23rd of July.

We invite you to celebrate with us.

Here is the turn us 1 program, the details.

Ipv6 and dyves all tour releases plus one first .

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