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Web Marketing 2 Day Bootcamp March 16-17th 2016 SYDNEY

g'day it's adam franklin here and as you know toads and i are running our web marketing to date boot camp on the sixteenth and seventeenth of march and if you are considering coming i want to talk you through some of the stuff that you're going to learn and be able to implement once you've come to the two-day event firstly we're going to cover a lot of the concepts out of the book the Toby and I wrote called web marketing that works we're going to take you through the web strategy planning template so that you can see how your entire web universe fits together you can identify your buyer personas you can create content that actually helps solve their problems and help them achieve their goals we're going to build out from that and look at your flagship content now this is the most important part of your web marketing universe because it's what gives your marketing teeth it what gives it traction once you've got this piece of content that is so valuable that people would pay for it and so useful that they actually use it and refer it to their friends then you've got the foundational piece that can then be used on your website on your blog you can optimize the Google to be ranking for your flagship piece of content it gives you content to share on social media and it helps grow your email list because you can house it on a landing page and people can opt-in to download it and to receive your marketing material that's one of the important things that we're going to be covering on the first day we're also going to be looking at blogging and writing good headlines and email marketing newsletters but also email marketing autoresponders which is such a powerful piece of your marketing universe because once somebody signs up to your newsletter or downloads a piece of your flagship I've downloads your flagship content or one of your other piece of premium content then you can have this automatic email series that goes out to them so that you're educating new prospects and new leads in your system and you're constantly delivering your best material and it's on autopilot it's really valuable stuff and this is all part of the program in the web marketing to date boot camp of course we've got all about 33 marketing templates you'll probably be familiar with our web strategy planning template chances are you have downloaded that already chances are you watch the training video chances are you'll either rebranded it or co-branded it yourself so that you can use it internally or you can use it with your existing clients now that is just the tip of the iceberg there's going to be a room full of fellow digital marketing consultants a few business owners and a few marketing managers and tobes and I teaching the entire two days ourselves we're going to have a whole lot of people who we can refer you to to actually help implement this work as well very often the question that were us is you know that sounds great I get it I know I need to do it but I'm busy who can I get to help so there's going to be well first what is going to be digital marketing consultants in the room who can help you there'll be a lot of networking opportunities to find people to partner with there's also going to be some products and services that we recommend that toads and I use ourselves that have been very very liberating had made our marketing a lot smoother and easier so we're going to be sharing everything that we do we're going to be making the right introductions and referrals so that you can be doing exactly what you need to be doing for your web marketing system to be to be really cranking so look that's day one there will be an optional dinner and drinks after the first day so you can continue to network and socialize with fellow attendees and then on the second day we're going to dive really deep into social media see social media is like the icing on the cake but you need the cake first so day 1 is the cake it's all about your website your landing pages your email systems your flagship content and then day 2 is social media which is really where you can amplify what you're doing you can use tools like systems like LinkedIn and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and YouTube so that you can really take what you built take what you've got is your foundation and then really amplify that and get it in front of the right people get that content being shared through social networks attract the right people in publish remarkable stuff and get it shared across social platforms and help identify the right types of people that you want to be doing business with and have a system to strategically and proactively form relationships with these people because that is when the commercial outcomes start falling into place you've got the content that helps solve people's problems it helps people achieve their goals that attracts people in you can be proactively reaching out to people as well all of these things that have genuine business outcomes were going to be covering at the two-day boot camp Tobes and I would love it if you could make it along to the web marketing to date boot camp it's actually been two years since we've run a live event so it's not something we do very often it's a great opportunity to come and meet face-to-face to learn in a classroom environment and to connect with fellow digital marketing consultants and professionals so it's much fifth much 16th and 17th in Sydney and if you sign up then I'm going to give you a call and pop a copy of our book web marketing that works in the post for you so that you can read up on everything that you need to before the event if you've read the book already we've got it already that is fantastic thank you you can maybe give this copy to somebody else that you think could benefit for rating it so I look forward to seeing you on march the sixteenth and seventeenth in Sydney and you can register below on this page thank you

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