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Sneak peak of target ad 8/9/14


Jan 11, 2021

what's up YouTube is your girl part and Queen back at in today's the eighth of july today is the eighth of august of 2014 and i want to bring you the upcoming ad for target the ninth of audience of 2014 and i want to thank you guys so much for subscribing to my channels and asking me questions and commenting and even for those of you who are following me on facebook or asking me questions on facebook so i have decided to give you guys a special treat i'm going to show you seventy-five percent of targets upcoming at ok now as you can see guys from on the table i have printed this stuff yeah i'm so excited oh my god I so missed my printer I was all week without a printer I'm so my printer on my computer or finally on the same network yeah I'm so happy it's so much easier to do it this way as opposed to using my iPhone I'm so I'm really grateful for that now I'm target is doing a lot of deals this week guys as far as gift cards that you can get so now it's a great great time going to first show you this lighting is a little bad please bear with me I'm when you spend 40 hours or more on the arms of purina dog and cat food guys you get a ten-dollar do your ten dollars office use me to get ten dollars off so I think that's a really great deal for you pet lovers out there now you can get some stuff for your cats and over here target is doing a forty percent of all genes or we which i think is so great guy so you guys want to head out the target tomorrow Sunday and pick up some genes for your kids guys forty percent off that's close to fifty you cannot beat that so I think that is really great definitely going to pick some jeans up to the kids I'm and over here um if you spent 17 years off 75 excuse me dollars or more you get $15 oh this is really great for if you have any college college kids that are off you can decorate their dorm room or if your college kids love you can redecorate the room but they used to live it so I think this is a really great time to take advantage because they have quite a bit of stuff that you can buy in there in that department and I'm over here this is a great time guys to start picking up some stuff for christmas i know its audience and you say well christmas is three months away well the early bird catches the worm you shop now you don't have to worry about it being out of stock you don't have to worry about just all of the heartache and headache that comes along with Christmas so as you can see here the xbox 360 is 179 and you get back a thirty dollar gift card guys that is all son and you got the beats by dre headphones which is 169 and you have the ipod nano which is 145 get back a ten dollar gift card so I think this is really cool this is a great way to send your kids back to school in style guys and over here already talked about that okay over here as you see where it says wow it's one dollar guys and it for the one dollar you get the measuring cups and you get a spatula I think that's really cool only for a dollar you can't beat that and over here when you pick up this blender and the blender is by ninjas a ninja blender for one hundred dollars you get back a twenty dollar gift cards at me for $79 a really good deal guys and over here I'm sorry guys it's the lighting in my house and so sorry i meant over here I'm buy one get one fifty percent off so you might want to head out the target and pick up some shoes for the kids you got some boots and some shoes as well buy one get one fifty percent off and then over here target is back at it with the Dove the vaseline and the Tresemme um if you Spidey through you get a five dollar gift card so I think if that is really cool and now they're back at it again with the pampers and this time is Huggies and pamper brand pampers and some similac I'm so that's really great you buy 2 and you get back a ten dollar gift card so now is the perfect time to stock up for that baby me personally I'm my kids have always been a pepper brent have always been trampled and kids but to each his own I'm and over here when you buy any 3 of the stove we're starting at seven ninety-nine each you get back at five gift card so I'm seeing more that target is doing more of the gift cards when you buy food which is really really great guys I'm so be able to look out for some coupons for the Stauffers um I will get keep you guys updated and over here when you buy 3 through the little products you get back in five dollar gift card that's really great I've never seen that before so I think that's pretty nifty target is doing some good things over here and over here our target is it about healthy um so now they're doing you get if I got a gift card when you buy some of the healthy products guys and guys are so important to take care of yourself taking care of yourself is really important it helps you live a longer thank you sweetie my baby just turn on the light for me yay um it helps you live a longer and healthier life you don't have to worry about your saturated fats you don't have to worry about high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes things of that nature so it's important to take care of yourself guys so you can live a long time okay guys so you pick up any three of the healthy products that are listed here so I'm perfect and a couple of others you get back a five dollar gift card and over here is the Maybelline products buy three get back a five dollar gift card as you can see here there's a new X product which is 3049 scents do not buy it because next week at target if you buy three you get a five dollar gift card so do not buy any X products from target this week guys um now they're having the buy one get one fifty percent off on the meat products the Sharpie products that I penned up folders this is really great so those of you who missed the deal this week which is the ending soon um depending on where you live you're targeting close at 10pm or 11pm depending on where you live um you might have to take advantage of this deal buy one get one fifty percent off which is still great guys okay alright so this is my target sneak peek ad for this upcoming Sunday guys thank you so much for continuing to watch my videos and please do subscribe to my channels please if you follow me on twitter retweet it because I definitely do post it on them on Twitter and those of you follow me on Facebook please share it with your friends thank you so much for watching thumbs up is always appreciative and never a thumbs down please check out my website bargain Queen and Queen Estelle qu 33 n dot com guys for the latest deals thank you so much for watching dragon queen signing out by

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