• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

can't be dreaming I don't believe that I've ever smelled farts in my dreams well at least I don't think I have three words blood oh well another day another eight hours of something that I can do or do without into to drop this party here we go here we go the session jump monkey jump good morning to you good to see you you're looking great are you ready to have some fun are you ready to turn this film and advertising gold for the man and move some of that sweet sweet charming toilet paper what if you need anything from the kitchen don't hesitate and if you want me to kiss your ass a little bit to do that too what if you want anything from the kitchen don't hesitate right away yeah good because I'm starving okay charming toilet paper it's deliciously soft i love that tagline Bertha tom yes just ask you about something food yes uh so sorry right away okay so where do you want to start mm-hmm and any place you just let me know here's a novel idea when I can just start with the boards sounds good hi John crossing oh cool and hello Miss Jane how are you today another day in paradise well I'm glad you're doing so well what would you like bacon eggs I'm vegan Tom okay do you do any research on any of your clients well we actually have some employs it charming so deliciously soft hey guys sorry dinner out but how's my voiceover is it okay excellent Joe you did great as always great see you later bye Joe good job mommy like i am going to work my ass off on this and then all the creatives are gonna come in and it everything up as a man is to think for me because normally i'm a fall and i try to stay in those warmer tones but I just feel like I mean the girls sold it to me and I sucker for a good buy I bought it and then takes we have what the hell is that doorbell Thank You Todd okay focus on me all right this is not important really do get that okay yeah not you Tom because we're here we're here tom I um you know I think probably I've never been with a woman Tom do you even know what I'm talking about hey so I brought that artwork you're asking about oh no it's all right it's okay we talked about this about oh that's right sorry about that pick up that mess huh wow she work here get out get out sorry bye Sebastian shut up Tom there we go are you uh are you satisfied will we get this boy are you satisfied um Tom Tom I need you to listen to me very carefully right now okay are you listening to me mm-hmm you are okay now don't talk just listen I need something that I can show the creatives and the client before they all just go and my genius that I worked so hard on and I keep everybody so sane it's like herding cats Tom I hope you know that herding cats yes cats don't talk to what's up and they're gonna say no I don't like that no this is different I thought we talked about this what we didn't talk about this no we didn't we didn't talk about this we talked about exactly what I'm doing right now mm-hmm I think it's gonna be fine this is James oh no no no no that's fine I'm sure that you turn around not you you got to be kidding me are you seeing you for sitting here right now working on all of it that's great well you can tell that I mean I'm just no you know what I'll come tow myself no I'm gonna throw it Tom turning up to Bach around yeah just come telling myself it's fun it's a piece of grace ok good to see you oh I'll see you tomorrow great session good luck with all that I love a smell of anxiety in the late afternoon smells like victory

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