• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Scammers Target Online Job Hunters During Pandemic

many of the unemployed may be turning to the internet to find work during the pandemic but a cbs2 investigator pam zeckman discovered every job offer online may not be what it appears scammers are also going online finding vulnerable people to rip off they're more sophisticated than ever and that is just unconscionable Chris O'Reilly was a website writer until he was laid off last month it was really tough so he went to the job site up work which says it uses multiple means to verify that freelancers and agencies are who they say this particular job that I found the headline said urgent need for medical proofreader those words grabbed me right away as instructed he completed an application and resume he got back a job offer and contract seemingly from Sanofi a pharmaceutical company offering him $50,000 a year that is like liquid gold right especially right now Sanofi makes a drug for malaria that researchers are now studying as a possible kovat 19 treatment I was eager to get going hopefully making a difference in communicating reliable information but first he was told to buy computer equipment for the job by depositing this three thousand dollar check supposedly from Sanofi to pay for it it was extremely extremely legitimate okay so convincing the scammers talked Chris into providing them his personal information before his bank learned the check was counterfeit bottom line it turned out that they had already emptied your bank account yes money yes now the head of the Chicago Better Business Bureau says complaints about scams like this are increasing and a millions of people that are unemployment lines right now they're all looking for ways to supplement their income unfortunately this is a dream come true for the scammer and a nightmare for victims like Chris by federal law the bank has to clear the funds within three days but they have up to 30 days to determine the checks fraudulent or confident they'll come back to you and you have to repay those funds so the promise of a $50,000 year job you wind up in the hole by $3,000 and no job it was one of the most traumatic days of my life when it was supposed to be one of the happiest planning a July wedding with his fiancee it's a giant gut punch to us because we need all the money we could get Pam Zekman CBS 2 investigators the online job site up work says there are security protections for people who work with job providers through their site and they have a team that works 24/7 to detect and remove fraudsters but at some point the company says Chris started communicating off the platform with whomever posted the job offer and that person has been suspended from the site we've created a list of companies currently hiring in the Chicago area just go to cbschicago.com slash working for Chicago

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