• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Les matrices utiles dans un diagnostic marketing 1/2 – Marketing – digiSchool

hello fabrics pili your marketing teacher at dj school we will today see the different matrices that can be used in a marketing diagnosis therefore the matrices are the tools that are used to make a diagnosis to identify possibly the strengths and weaknesses of the company but also to analyze market opportunities and threats at the microenvironmental level therefore made for that we will put in place the cost studies which will make it possible to cross-reference all of these data and suddenly to identify key success factors so these matrices we have seen some we saw that we could use the wish what makes it possible to identify strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats but also the pestel method that it is much more on the macro environment and which makes it possible to identify everything that is economic policy cultural technological ecological is legal therefore in fact apart from these two matrices which are used a lot we will be able to use what we call the hand matrix except therefore it uses current products and new by crossing them with current and new markets the objective of this matrix is ​​to identify the key factors success that the company can use later to highlight places its marketing strategy for example on year no longer so we will also have the mckinsey matrix which it leaves on nine boxes and includes a specific rating scale which is based on two axes therefore the factors that affects the market and internal factors that affects the strength competitive so it is a matrix that is used indeed for the competition and which will make it possible to identify whether we have rather low competition one month high competition strong competition depending on the different prices and products on the market the matrix which is also the most used to analyze the competition is the wear matrix so we can use it in relation to the strategy strategy for example of domination by blows or other but also by in relation to the forces to be analyzed in relation to the competition therefore this matrix will allow you to identify the substitute products that exist what is new on the market today and who the bargaining power of suppliers has just appeared since by times the supplier will allow us to set our price according to this that they want the bargaining power of clients do they have the possibility of negotiating prices the threat of potential entrants therefore do we have people and other competing places who can suddenly have an impact on our positioning and intra competition sector therefore who is to say who is exactly in the same sector activity than ours since we can also have competition indirect with surrounding markets I hope this video has been useful do not hesitate to go see the others on our website is to download the lesson sheets correspondent see you soon at digi school no

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