• Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

you've got a huge challenge ahead of you whether you're a new brand or an existing brand to really be able to create a truly competitive edge it's going to get consumers to buy your product engage around your product or evangelize on behalf of your product branding and marketing is all about emotions do you have the 3 R's the right message the right audience and the right mediums and how can you create a brand that has a personality you can actually connect that contextually around content consumers care about any movie content a TV content any music content that's where you can actually move the brand forward emerge alliances is an integrated marketing consulting firm that is dedicated to providing proven and trusted marketing expertise to brands throughout the world and there's some specific things that we can offer one of them is actual experience I worked on the agency side and media side and then I was fortunate enough to work on the brand side and at Carol's Daughter a CMO so when you start with actually knowing what you're doing we've been doing it for over 20 years you really have a really solid understanding of what brands need but also you understand what companies need from their creative partners we started working with Olivia and the emerge alliances team about a year ago and it has been tremendous for our business they don't just give you a marketing plan they help you implement it and that's what I love about them they've become part of my family part of the brand they care about the brand and it's a very crowded space in this beauty area and emerge really understands what I need to do to take my beauty business to the next level we really care about our clients we want to make sure that they actually reach their goals I enjoy working with the emerging brands entrepreneurs and working with them on a very consultative one-on-one basis and making sure that they understand what it is they're trying to achieve and they understand where their marketing dollars are going we really pay attention to the client and figure out what's missing for them with the consumers and with their station their position if you will in the marketplace and how can we get them into the fabric of the consumers everyday life when you're a boutique firm sometimes there's questions around can you actually get the job done but what we love is the fact that we have connected ourselves with a network of seasoned professionals that are copywriters at a graphic designer through the video producers a do web site development so we're able to bring a full service to our boutique beauty clients and help them reach the goals in need to reach the bottom line is we're thinkers we really sit with the clients and create strategies based on who the clients are and who they're trying to serve and making sure there's a unique place for them in the world so if you're a brand whether you're a new brand or an existing brand looking to go to the next level with just a brand looking to really engage consumers around what you feel you have to offer to the world we're here for you and look forward to working with you

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