• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

I am Mike Marko. In this video I want to
talk to you about your social media platforms now social media is huge
nowadays with regards to that's where people spend a lot of time whether or
their casual downtime is also to me in fact probably people are workers even on
social media during the breaks or even probably even during meetings social
media is huge your target audience resides on social media so in most cases
and so you want to do is actually have a social media presence now when I talk to
my clients there's four main social media platforms you need to consider
again knowing your target audience are and maybe you can guess them already our Facebook Instagram Twitter in
YouTube okay so again the pence are your target
audience on Facebook you tend to have a slightly older demographic okay and it's
got probably one of the best marketing platforms out there is Facebook
okay so Facebook is not something you can ignore Facebook bought Instagram and
instagrams that you just saw the younger demographic more visual okay and they
also have some of the highest income it's got some of the highest
interactions per user is on Instagram so you can't ignore Instagram so a nice
thing about that is the facebook marketing platform actually helps
control your ads on Instagram next thing is Twitter having as fast tweets out
there is a great way of actually getting some messages out there I use Twitter
all the time with regards to tweak my blog post sounding and gaining some some
inspirational messages out there it's a great way because a lot of I've actually
gotten a lot of clients off of Twitter so Twitter is not something you want to
ignore the paint on what your demographic is YouTube is cool okay now
I remember you're probably thinking myself I can't do a video
well why first in my first video it sucked like literally it looked like
a hostage taking I literally had a white sheet behind me I had bright lights and
I was terrified reading from a script' looking it was at gunpoint so you can't
get any worse than that so what you want to do is if you're if you're find
yourself a little shy and find YouTube practice in front of a video practice
because if you can get over that it's getting your message out there on
YouTube it's a great way to gank in front of your audience and they didn't
know who you are now if what you could do in ischl II the pain what your your
Nisha is sure isn't for you for any kind of the business you're in the consulting
or whatever you're into is you could try doing screen sharing where you actually
have a picture of you sharing some teaching something about on screen so
you can get at least some exposures a lot easier to talk to say you're doing a
teaching on a tool right then is to go in front of camera like this trying to
teach somebody something directly without anything else so that's
something you might want to consider the Hanalei was nice thing about youtube if
you shoot the video sometimes even 60 seconds or less you
can take those same videos and put it on Instagram you can also take those
signals videos you create and put on Facebook so you can actually
multi-purpose it and we've talked about digital assets you can actually put when
you have a fixator website you can actually have your video embedded from
YouTube on your blog post if you have a blog and then from that blog you can
actually have a playing video which causes the link back to youtube video so
these are great social media platforms they begin ranking Google as well you
can get any one of these two ranking Google's some time and effort no
guarantees but you never know what's gonna rank in Google but it can't hurt
to have this out there now there are other social media platforms and depends
again on knowing who your target audience is or whether or not it makes
sense for you so for instance you could have Pinterest Lake Dam snapchat okay and a bunch of others okay
this there's social media platforms coming out all the time now whether or
not the question is should I spend time on these well it depends who is your
target audience are they spending a lot of times on this okay so for instance if
your target audience tends to be in a demographic where they're doing a lot of
crafts and that kind of thing then maybe you need to take a look at Pinterest and
do some searches and see if that's where your target audience is residing okay
LinkedIn if you have professionals no I'm not at this point in this video it's
not the best platform for marketing but it still has great way of doing those
connections and I even have a presence on LinkedIn because it ranks good in
Google and helps give you that social proof and the snapchat again depends on
your target audience and whatever other social media platforms you want to get
on – first step is know who your target audience is second step is where do they
spend their time okay so by doing that these are building up these platforms
that's really going to help you over time build that social that's social
proof and presence that you need because when people start searching your name
especially as you get bigger you know consulting business posting business
what you're doing is getting bigger you want to make sure you have a good size
following because it comes down to social proof if they go to your Facebook
page your business page and they see only ten followers or 100 followers it
doesn't have a whole lot of credibility okay yes we want to keep on billion to
build up your platforms and build up that following turn in following as
quickly as you can now talking about building up your
accounts when you do build up your accounts you want to have the username
similar as possible in every case like for example might the first platform at
first a user ID that I have was Mike Marco one I've used that Instagram I've
used that into into Twitter it really helped build that up okay and I actually
have a search for you can find on YouTube as well because I actually use
that in Twitter and YouTube so whatever use username that you have
or whatever business name you have and now that million other cases I am
consulting services okay
consultant services it's another one because we all read multiple channels
different social media channels I have Instagram ones or social media platforms
for consulting services and branding my own name as well but I keep those
usernames consistent so that way it has that more of a congruence plus when
people search for it they're gonna find you longer different platforms instead
of having different usernames for everyone so if your usual name is taken
already after you've done some search then you may want to change it and see
if I can find okay maybe I want to use a different slightly different username or
do some derivative so that way you can try to keep them all similar if you can
okay so that's it for this video start building your social media platforms
right away because you should already have your target or you just figure it
out you should know where your side do some research and start building a
platform let's start preparing some content and gangs and followers okay
thank you very much for you and I will talk to you later bye you

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