• Tue. Mar 9th, 2021

the ever-changing search engine landscape often complicates the booking journey for hotels the first page of Google results received more than 90% of all traffic so it's a competitive battleground the questions on all hoteliers minds by how to keep Google happy and your hotel on page one first and foremost you need to ensure your hotel has a modern responsive and easy to use website this means high quality images informative text and contact info and ensure the website is optimized for mobile devices when it comes to the copy in your website think from the guests perspective what will they be searching for as well as this you should give serious consideration to using Google hotel ads the platform displays your hotel rates in Toorak comparison to the online booking sites your property's listed on enabling you to showcase your hotel on Google across desktops tablets and mobile devices finally you need to treat your website content as an essential maintaining and publishing the blog regularly ensures your content is always fresh which means more external links for Google to index which then means the higher likelihood a potential guest visits your website for more info check out www.imtcva.org

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