• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Google’s Core Web Vitals, WordPress PageSpeed & SEO 2021 – Google immer smarter – HostPressTV 02

Hostpress TV, we are in a row two New round new luck, and today we’re talking about the topic: WordPress website performance, optimization with Google Page Speed Tools, but also with the new ones. Google Web Vitals.

It’s about website speed It’s.

Just about to talk about what the Web Vitals actually bring, what they are there for That it stops.

Ux is really about Really great development from Google.

These Web Vitals the next one Year, then also come into play as a hard ranking factor.

We have a real crack with us, Kai Spriestersbach who will switch on live now knows the topic really well optimized for months on these new factors.

So there we really have someone in the boat who can report on daily life with Google Web Vitals and Co.

Ok, then, I would say: let’s switch to him.

Hostpress TV episode, 2, Hello, Kai nice – that you have time for us here with us, HostPress TV to talk a round About performance, page speed, everything with WordPress and speed has to do.

Maybe you will briefly introduce yourself to our viewers so that they also know whom we have invited here. First of all, hello, Markus hello, Johannes.

Many thanks for the invitation.

I am glad What am i doing, who am i Kai Spriestersbach? I’ve been here for 16 years on the go on the web.

I started a bit in the frontend then got a bit for a while Backend made At some point.

I came across the topic of SEO and have been doing it since twelve years.

Nothing else like full time SEO And there you have to deal with a lot of things Now, not only Google, but also a lot of websites website technologies, big ones, technical projects Worked for different agencies Was in house and has been for ten years.

I think I am now self employed Due to corona.

I am currently relocating my activities So before that I was out and about a lot at trade fairs at congresses and gave lectures held, Have done many seminars and workshops with customers or open seminars or for seminar providers just as classic technical SEO or SEO for beginners Seo for advanced, I’ve lost that a bit now because of the restrictions, and now I’m shifting the whole thing and trying my hand at e learning.

I am currently writing again quite a lot for search one de for my magazine and now I’m starting the first online courses exactly And one of them is page speed.

That means I now have the same busy last three months, and I was really happy that we did one today Be allowed to broadcast Yes before that. I also because I have to say it for once who are watching now and think if they have a hundred page speed score, they will come too in first place on Google.

No, it is not like that, or at least of course, that is the guarantee and makes you yes, it would be nice if it were that easy of course, unfortunately, not exactly a fall back on insanely complex, exactly the other way around.

Just because you have a hundred page speed, scott, you are still a long way from reaching number 1 on Google, so the topics we are talking about today.

I think that we are the audience interesting.

I am hereby handing over our board to Johannes because he is said goodbye to the issues with you and johannes.

What we our ours first topic is alina eckey.

So i would say i would say we just get in and talk about the meaning of page speed which key figures, because you actually use and also Then follow the direction of the corvette from Google, which will now appear in 2021.

And yes, I am, I’m curious what you can tell us as an expert okay, if I have a website now WordPress and want to deal with the topic of page speed.

What are the first things that I do should look at me or just a little bit for us.

You’re fully on the subject inside and followers like so. First of all, we have to talk about.

Why not need at all, because, honestly, at the core of the issue, pagespeed is not an option about bringing some score, some bar or something somewhere, but it works, therefore, to set up a page for the user as quickly as possible and everything else all metrics and Such furthermore, there is always only one indicator that the attempt is technically something that is tangible to make and the scores are all not perfect.

That was the original page speed insights from Google.

It was really bad because we always complained that their own Google analytics what you integrated somehow weren’t combined.

So you are working with google analytics, almost never being able to reach 100, and that was really not relevant in practice.

So those were things you had a super fast site, the users were totally happy and somehow just doing that 60 percent displayed.

Meanwhile, Google has actually made it with this new web choir as far as they call them.

We’ll get to what that is in detail to find metrics that are pretty close to what is also relevant for the user.

In essence, it’s really about making the site faster for the user and getting more and more away of this income.

The synthetic tests or benchmark tests or lab tests, wherever just check a few points, which is of course helpful when I read a page optimized because then I find starting points so to speak via the tools. But it may just be that I optimizing around for hours.

For the user, in the end, nothing happens because his somehow half a no idea, half a millisecond very to my worst case, somehow out, probably somewhere that’s.

Why? I would say, if you ask me now, we would ask what First of all I pay attention to his WordPress site.

I would actually start with hosting happens to be so important.

Yes, that’s a bit of what is often underestimated, that people throw their tools or the usual tools on and then it just starts.

How many had http requests earlier was such a huge issue so how many individual files so to speak? The browser requests from me: there were otherwise and limit that only ten parallel were loaded, and that was such a main topic.

Fortunately, that has now disappeared with http two one doesn t need to summarize these different requests anymore.

So, first of all, it has to be ensured that the page itself is delivered quickly.

I speak somehow need a fixed hosting or preferably in k, sching or a combination of both yes, actually every decent work on.

It should be both because if the user, something is doing, let’s not have a shop or he writes a comment or does something interactive with the page and it can’t be delivered out of cash too. Don’t wait five seconds for the answer or the admin somehow changed something.

It happened to me earlier at a customer who is on a fairly cheap hosting that has caching active when the cash is on the side.

Everything was super fast, but then I was in the pool that has changed.

That is very, very sedate.

That also makes me crazy because as editor or something, if I want to work in WordPress somehow – and I want to create new pages – I kind of have to wait three seconds after each click.

Well, I ideally you should do both have that right, but in cushing is definitely recommended, because if you look at them Most people who visit your website are simply delivered to ready made pages.

Get that makes sense right at the point two anecdotes.

So if, if customers with Call us, always ask yes, so I need such an expensive hosting that your.

Why is not enough that hosting has already said the most important or very important is hosting.

I always compare it to the way it used to be when autos tuned partners and an opel corsa du. Do you remember there was a rear, spoiler drum made fat slaps on it who has from From the outside it looked like the 250, was driving, but had 60 injured mothers, and that’s just how it is also completely optimized for everything, page speed and you Make some plugins rhein here and the css fans combine and optimize.

The images really does everything, but the engine still has 60 hp, and that is what the many visitors feel.

Then you believe yourself on the shoulder said no matter.

I now have 98 page bebra.

So great, but the website feels great from the construction we still load it.

I say normal fast and well that’s just that it’s just a lot of eye wiping and if I am now somehow as a provider or as a service provider me.

There is also this typical one when you buy 7 and you look a little bit like that seven sales times on it says patrick’s 89 or 98 or 99, or something like that.

Doesn’t mean that it’s somehow fast or something or if any page speed comparisons are made.

A completely empty WordPress page is then sometimes used, which has nothing to do with reality, but we have.

We have extra, so 100 m payment. Is People run with it because many think it’s up to the hosting? If that’s you clear, but okay, it’s just more complex.

You really have to say it really starts on.

I type my browser www pressetexter at it already goes.

First, the dns resolution: when I mean yes, these are also things that I sometimes cannot influence, because if, if the customer has a bad dns server so to speak, he is slow.

Then he waits there.

Then the connection to the ip must be established.

That is there.

It is for both the user and the user is connected and the server is connected again, and that is where the hosting issue is also very important, so important.

If I somehow go to his hosting instead of a euro 99, then I can do not assume that the server really has a good broad connection.

But then I am, I probably do not know how many tens of thousands of other customers on the machine and if the rest comes from my customer, then he has other things to do and waits first a while until he even starts to edit, let alone start In to look at his case system or to question the database, and so what formally at all what gets and clearly with caching, you can then at least this half time that the server needs to send out the file to speed up. But before that one has already happened, So you really have to work on a lot of adjustments.

If you, meanwhile, you have to honestly say if we now say i have a good hosting, we just say is now, of course here we go.

We are well prepared, but if I have 17 something now I just say hard.

If I was so, I made a bet with the buddy because, as I said, three months has long been just page optimization for a wide variety of websites, and i said to him: i get every page on 100 out of 100 because all the pages i had Before I made a few of my friends a few of myself, I have a few websites myself.

I have a block from my wife too 7.

I actually always managed to do it.

Yes and then the first one came around the corner and i bit my teeth because he has it just four different patch pictures on the website that had indicated this chief architect.

He had the elements in there who had the deal with active then was somehow four times was alone chuck berry loaded, so that these are things.

If i can, if it is my website, then i say: hey i dont know i dump analytics.

I ditch now the price architect throws it out. I’ll take that swan.

For example, I have my block simply switched to p7.

Of course, I can’t do that with the customer that’s partly possible functionality lost.

That means it will always be the case if you have an existing 7 and a Existing website have that you hit the limit somewhere and the worst is say The hardest thing for me now is when the page is in jquery and where it is, and that Feels like 95 percent of all web regimes, yes, which query is also in WordPress choir, is also in the backend used.

It was really very cool, is simple, javascript framework where you can in this was in this browser back, then every browser was called something of its own.

It was kind of difficult, javascript, difficult to get the same thing on all browsers.

There jerry was, of course, brilliant, but nowadays the problem with chuck berry is you have to quasi the jack very load.

Meanwhile, the website may not be loaded further, and that means Edge blocking is always used.

So, to speak that’s, what a blocking is called The one where Google has your mecca in there too soon your jquery, that the building of the page is stopped, then the javascript is not only downloaded but also processed and first when that is done.

The page continues, modern browsers can actually do it in parallel, so you can say that he should load it in parallel or with the java script. Even afterwards push back the first time that html is loaded.

The css is loaded and then at some point that javascript, but that doesn’t work with jquery, because if you do that most plugins will or just don’t work anymore and that’s it.

When you got that in then you have to say sorry, then I’ll come across.

Let’s say an 85, maybe 90, just not.

In addition, the question is really what is it then relevant? So I somehow have one problem with Google or on a lake, or that really bothers my users, and I would probably not say so.

You can synonymous a page with jquery, completely okay in terms of speed and was made by the perceived speed.

Even if the score is not 100 doesn t have to be 100.

I ll explain it briefly orally.

So what s going on here? Stop seeing with me that you can then fade in a video is now, for example, we have here a page speed score of 96 postbus de tested.

We have a school lot part of two seconds and everything looks so far. Now I have tested from the test server from london, so the magix he has several test servers worldwide.

Now i have tested the blade fully from london loaded part of two seconds shortly before I tested them with the standard server.

He is in canada since i’m at 6 2.

I also have exactly on vancouver, so i speak have three times the time, because their test server is in Canada and because probably this is the free test, but we have a premium version, so we can also offer others.

Selecting a server is probably completely overloaded, but that is already a minimal factor.

Then customers with us or other hosts then also say hey.

You are stupid, you are slow for you.

It only takes 6 2 seconds as an example of how many factors play into it alone, for the wii as a poster or for the customer.

As such, they can play a role, as in the case simply the test server.

One stand: canada, the other london three times have that now, just as an example, we could then no. I go back to my bed.

Page punk rock is the same when it just goes on and the thing is not configured, then you can catch stupid servers and especially the simulates that you have a very bad one connection have, but each side is slow.

So if you say your native connection is not traffic shaping is the name of the option.

Then you first see how fast the water really is.

Yes, that that’s cool just exactly that google knows and now back to seo to come, because that is what drives me now, or what many will probably do next Year will cause the topic of paid games to deal with whoever plays at all.

That is not on the list, but then suddenly heard Google is doing an update and slow Pages lose their rankings or something else is written about it.

Then you will, you have to deal with it sooner or later, and luckily there it is so that Google knows exactly.

They know that all tools and all synthetic benchmarks are always prone to errors, because They just depend on where the test server is.

Maybe it’s a bad time that could be googled, let’s assume.

Google would start page insights regularly and take this value for a ranking. Then it can be that at that moment stupidly just now a backup scripts run on the server and let’s say 30 seconds for them.

If only is just one side, slow or unreachable, that would be totally stupid not to to say yes, yes, partially damaging to business.

If that would have an impact and exactly The nice thing is that Google has now found values that move away from this synthetic one.

But actually using real user data is, of course, one of those things in terms of data protection means, if you have an android with chrome or you have the chrome browser on your computer, then it is actually so that they have to document every page view that Do not worry secret.

Google also uses this clickstream data to determine other ranking factors or to improve, for example, how long wait on a page.

You are satisfied behind.

You went deep into the page.

You may have even bought something or if you just go back to google searches again or gets something else.

You get that too.

These browser runs, but the cool thing is that they collect the loading time of pages real users with real calls from real site visitors, which is actually awesome in the compared to before, or so is much much more transparent and also more genuinely precise and precise. That was just before that the problem was initially, the values were not really standardized.

I don’t know.

I still know this first meaningful painting.

That would be more beforehand, and there was always the question.

What is meaningful? It is now at the top of the banner.

It is any graphic if i call somehow no idea of nothing say the dock photo has in it.

Then it is already meaningful and they seem to have given a lot of thought to it and now, with this web leitls, I have found something that is really meaningful.

Now we have already said three times web leitls, so we are basically talking about three values.

The first is the lcp, which is the largest content content, full page, which basically means to watch what is the biggest change when building the page? So how long does it take until the Most of the layout is there and there is technical documentation? I don’t know how much percent exactly of the total visible areas are, and that must be under two and a half seconds lie.

That is so to speak. The hurdle you have to jump over when you are over two and a half seconds is therefore very important for real users.

On average, you can see the values in your search console directly from google and sometimes when a heavy traffic site is also in the page.

Speed insights directly underneath is data, but I’ve now looked again so mainz.

For example, my blog and your hot press page that doesn’t have enough public data that they are shown here.

That means you need a newer console, yes, but i think i has to make it short, or does he knock? I just got the craftsmen out there.

It now doesn’t it doesn’t it.

Doesn’t bother.

Okay, super easy, winery.

Exactly me.

For example, you can now only see the lab data in the page speed insights tool, but not the fields – data not from the real chrome that this user experience reports. So i have to now in the search console and then I see oh, but I have a couple of single pages.

So there goes it.

Doesn’t go to the start page, but really looks at every single url and at the front I have then saw my home page was great.

It is fast that also on p, and then I had but a subpage for what was the WordPress themes exactly.

There are a bunch of pictures turning that there was a bunch of youtube videos in it and so on, and he noticed rightly yes, I just got here in parallel on the speed inside page, we got your watch through mobile 98 desktop 100.

Then you can actually finish everything well, that’s it who said that with everything that is probably just the start page to the start page is stop and there isn’t any jquery in there is no video in there.

I kicked google analytics.

So i really was there rigorously.

I just wanted to try to achieve 100 realistically, and what do you have to do maybe also to compromise in order to even reach the goal, because only one thing under if possible? Yes, I am including these best in the top teams, which I am now taking, as opposed to an example: good, ok, 97 mobile 990 desktop so good.

That is also a try on ap. Not at the pi is, for example, the party will have the WordPress hosting comparison.

He will.

He probably known conclusions, never heard of the hosting comparison.

Yes, i google that sometimes it was there you would have to somewhere on the page.

I’ve just built a few things.

They need chuck berry.

For example, that means I couldn’t use a traffic light layout and if you are on duty, i also do that in parallel to the rhine throws a couple of suggestions, and there is now the question again.

So what is really cool? Now i find at facebook inside Google recognizes that it is a WordPress partially shows me in the suggestions below even WordPress plugins that you can use.

In that case, He actually tells me.

The, biggest point here is to eliminate resources that block countries exactly this topic border blocking where I said earlier that the layout will not be built further can because it has to be loaded into css or javascript in such a way that it cannot go on and At the very top, there is jquery jazz that is just the classic, and then you have to sometimes he is mobile by default. You always have to decide for yourself how so I have a high percentage of mobile users.

In our case, for example, through desktop.

Optimization is much more important than mobile optimization, but for many normal consumers there mobile traffic well over 70 80 percent.

Now you have to decide for yourself, yes, so i would also say very clearly: don’t use the page with inside score for your goal, but Your goal should be that in the search console so to speak.

Google has everything green, because that is what will be relevant in the next year.

Ranking would have to be a bit careful with the yellow ones.

The red ones urgently need to do something that page with insights could be like the matrix or also in the then use the web page test org to find the biggest mistakes and starting points to be found.

But as I said, it may be that your page is super fast and you have it in the page speed into the goal of 60 and it looks bad.

But i have also seen the sides.

For example the tricks have the complete javascript, the complete css just reloaded so to speak then it looks mega cool in the tool, that always 100 but, the user who comes pulls first a white page without css you. May still know the hessel, ugly, serifs, writing and so on and then all of a sudden it lives like that, so it has to be for the user.

It has even gotten worse to drive this stupid score to 100.

That is total nonsense.

Please don’t do something like that.

If I have both of them, I now have that in parallel.

You can now do that too.

In the video fade in, I always have the stage directions with well.

So I’m on ours, hosp research console on the point choir will continue and what what we are in that case two different areas: one mobile one computer.

We have the positive thing about computers.

We have zero bad urls 7 to be optimized and 168 good. Urls, I would take a look: what are like group 7 to be optimized and but mobile? There definitely still have air names – 0 bad urls 146 to optimize, then three good ones.

You have to see what we can do then still do in the long term to get better mobile.

It will probably do a lot act purely why it is the way it is exactly because we come back to this stupid point in Quotation marks stupid, because if you have press on the web – and I think a lot of euros or almost all of yours, Viewers Will have websites then it can sometimes be that you just do without on a certain plugin or actually by changing from 7, because really out of the red numbers.

So if you somehow have an old team that is simply badly built, then you can, For example, do not use critical css.

So modern teams are structured in such a way that that most important, the most important positioning of the most important elements comes at the top.

Then it is displayed super fast and the rest comes after earlier.

You didn t pay attention to it.

There are seven built so that first, the entire css is fit through and then blog blog plopp plopp plopp plopp plopp plopp that shifts 330 times.

I say the time was up once it slips in, and the layout shifts again and Google doesn’t like that either, because if, for example, I want to click on a call to action and at the moment I do just before the click I am and Suddenly the layout shifts again because something is being reloaded, then that’s a bad user experience and it’s exactly what Google doesn’t want it to be about really about the user experience.

That is about the experience of the user and this layout move. That is the third web portal choir, that is, this complete iwes layout shift, so to speak, how much fidgets or how much the layout shifts in the store that’s a value.

I believe, from zero to one and google says ten percent from 0 1.

You could say it’s, okay or smaller, and from 25 percent it turns red.

Yes that’s exactly what I have here in parallel, the web de f girls, that the people look like what we speak.

So I go once again very briefly.

We also have to look at the clock.

I already get 54 minutes from the ISO, So we did it again very briefly in the search console with us now, by the way, the reason why we are on yellow on the mobile websites problem with lcp longer than 25 seconds in brackets mobile device.

That is what we now need: the greening optimization, so what I do definitely want to give the viewers.

The search console is a super great tool around to deal with the optimization of his side.

So you already said no more easy left on curve. Bartels then summarize again briefly: lct we already have on promised at the beginning.


The princess to delay briefly explains what exactly we have now not discussed yet, and it’s just about how long it will take me at all.

The site can interact.

So click scroll and google says they are pretty tough.

So In the past it was much higher now 100 milliseconds, which means a tenth of a second.

Then the page has to become scroller, but you can have a lot of old ones, not at all.

Okay, that is also a huge factor.

Yes, that is that we also have in our marketing always a few numbers in there.

Yes, amazon study shows per 100 milliseconds more loading time, much less conversions. That is actually my clear.

If you have 20 orders in mind month, you don’t feel that, but someone like amazon can evaluate exactly based on all of them times how this affects.

They, of course, have the bigger dates, but you know from yours own use.

So if you go to a website somewhere and it gets slow and sedate etc, Even if you do not notice it so to speak, so the page is now bad subconsciously.

You just feel bad when you visit such a website.

You do your job and everything is very happy there and it goes quickly and it’s fun and then it spends clicking currently just on the site, maybe buy more.

That’s a huge factor.

Yes, i’m whole with you.

I’m completely with you.

Let’s take a quick look. We can also do a station.

We have now discussed the most important topics, as the main topic is very clear, is something in the background just paid or performing.

Yes, I have myself to let talk a bit, so I mean it is also the basic topic.

You are my eyes first and the experts I mean, what I find interesting is the web.

Leitls is really about the ex that was already mentioned, and I find it interesting too that these numbers really reflect sony nex, how long it will take until then until the first content stars.

How long does it take until you can interact, and there are just these completely annoying shift and together from that, Google will just really tinker together? Yes, is it now a pleasant surfing experience or net? You can see everything in the search console and, of course, follow the quayside.

There are only super tips and that’s what we do For years, our customers have been preaching to optimize your site so that you can surf the web.

I like that, you have a good feeling and not on any values if you reward that too Google, so we make it just as clear for ourselves.

We have also installed a few tools to pull through any value, but more important than that.

Now, when I am managing director go to our own website and it slowly lives with me that’s chaos for me, so it works not at all. You always have to load quickly and then all these other values interest me.

Yes, I found it even more interesting that no one spoke of it at the beginning from the backend, because i think that’s bad, because i’m also as with beck and work a lot.

And of course there is an example.

There are companies that have ten employees working in the backend to pay ten euros a month for hosting.

Of course, it isn t Bad investment, but only the time right and didier sit by the computer and wait in the backend that’s.

Of course already let it be brief, you have just mentioned ten people in back end, it is slow and you only pay ten euros for hosting no doctor, or you have already gained experience with the topic, for example with your customers.

Yes, it is, unfortunately a bit of a side issue, so many people really think because too some yes in tv advertising, big advertising, somehow make hosting from 199 or so it in The minds just not inside that you can also spend 300 euros a month running hosting.

So can i have the problem several times already with customers either the goods were with one cheap, hosta and the site has really been hacked because things are simply not current were held or the pages were no longer accessible.

So there were no backups available, one customer even paid good money for years, and i backups never worked So I’ve already seen things hit upside down and an example was just one little page.

That was one of those missing projects that grew and grew more and more, and the guys are doing really cool jobs too. By the way, they are also from saarland, with love here to the china, mobile phones, net team and at some point they had the problem that they really stopped.

Such a shared, hosting lay and always had more traffic and then told me, hey, you have to have a reasonable hosting since so that the wall 77 people stop in the background.

One uploads photos the next submitted test report 1.

The third edits, no idea any comments and releases.

That means what is happening all the time cash has to be refreshed permanently.

The database has to save, which has to read, which has to write.

The page was so it couldn’t work anymore, which the editors had got used to Click on update to get a coffee when I knew the page again finished, so I don’t need to tell anything.

So, of course, you can’t work and until that, once clicked and now they have a managed server of the belief in food me around 300 euros and you can just work properly on things janson in the case.

Why should you save the money? If then, afterwards, his staff and productive for they were annoyed, they were so yes that it just doesn’t work, so you really save simply in the wrong place.

I don’t have to have a 10 000 euro hosting as a smaller one. Blogger is already clear, but from a certain level of professionalism, it is mainly with money or you,’re, a company that hey how much do they spend in marketing and it’s exciting and are then too mental to even cost 25 euros.

That doesn’t have to be the biggest package, but that I do not understand, because you just save a wrong setting.

Somehow the funny thing is out of history hosting always had to be cheap.

There will a whole existence.

A digital existence of the company e mail hosting cloud storage was on a 99 package, nothing that we 16 20 employees built, and then you ask yourself all at once Were no backups made for a year or why is the website always slow? I pay money for it.

I think that’s good but which company should employees pay if 100 customers 9 pay eur 990 per month? That is, you always have to sound a bit logical.

I actually say that is a bit like the meat in the supermarket.

In the kilo Pork for three euros, because you can imagine how the shisha grew up and just as it is also justified, what is cheap can seldom be very substantial, a german topic, unfortunately.

So in the usa, for example, the average is off the package at over 20 dollars.

So there is no has the question so clearly there is also so The one dollar 99 or so, but that in your lock offers – and I’m after six months anyway in the normal package, there have been these tempting offers for too long. So i think also that it can.

Therefore, of course, you always have to look so that’s, yes, even now, not reprehensible.

When I say I somehow have a great rusty and I give the new customers now somehow the first months in a discount or something that has to be done by the company Know for yourself.

If I want to perform like that, but I honestly prefer a couple euros more.

If I really have problems the hoster can be reached, maybe has one competent, so plan takes care of exactly what it is that I believe the people understand it only when it was needed when a page was broken off and hacked test person poster who was some Techno star, but mascot call and stallion in the hotline.

You have someone who might even say about the problems.

We are not responsible depending on what is expensive.

How profound that the WordPress problem is that is that the bitter reality, so we experience that the day is or they stop up selling.

So what is also a nice trick is to sell very small packages and as soon as the The customer answers and says, somehow my side is too slow or that doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work that’s not possible. Then you need a larger package and in no time I’ll hang in the 35 euro package and always have a sweat hoster.

I think that is also just a lot of orders are even a euro in the first year or so for these contracts and very small tariff.

Then afterwards, you are still in it that you also have many projects that are actually rather dead or ghedini really come to life right there.

You really have to appear again said that you earn money with a page.

If you attach an existence to it, then something is there completely different than a hobby site that the neighbor now lays for 1 euro, and what else I do, I think it’s very interesting also has the point.

I think the topic is a bit opaque for many.

It was just and technical, and I think that’s where the problem lies, you then think hey if it s also cheaper and that s also make it very popular, looks good.

Then i’ll buy it.

So i think the hosting market is one of the in most transparent at all because alone, if I just look at different offers, enroll somehow from 3v course and the others have 7v course.

But what is a friend of mine can be any old bridge, so it can just not be compared the enter somehow megabytes of ram to the others. Do it that way, but there is the operating system and the database are still in the RAM, and so you can simply as a layman, you don’t compare the offers it’s just like that.

So i would always rely on that.

Someone who is technically familiar with it somehow a developer or someone who really has to do with websites professionally, that he chooses the hosting than that.

I am now in the always advertise you and your cool, so I click clearly, if I now somehow as a private person, my website does or i don’t want a clue in small recipes blog for fun.

But it is yes completely.

Ok, but everything that goes beyond that as soon as it comes to the hobby area leaves yes, then you are professionally on the net and you need one professional hosting it’s.

Every little.

Video just said that the employees leave Make coffee.

While you are posting update what you work time, that is so absurdly accurate In the end that costs three smart cars 18 times as much.

That is really absurd from the side or lose backup. You have no backup, including hours and tens of hours.

Frustration, almost everything depends on what you have.

I still have a very, very important tips on backup, so what we should always do the bag is not just looking in fact, as I said, there is also the case there is paid for the backup.

It is never made you always have to do a rollback test, because with some items it is actually you make backup.

But if you put the backup back on, why not work the page not more at once.

So it is very, very important and you should always be not in Leave the host alone, but always pull in offsite backup at certain intervals, because it can also be then that something happens, so you should always meet again somewhere.

The best is an external hard drive, because you pull the thing on it and put the cabinet, yes that he will have a backup somewhere.

So I happened at last year, a relatively large hoster that somehow 60 percent of all customers, the websites were gone and they had no working backups and there were customers who had no offsite backup.

They could then build a new website that had nothing more.

You could use the web archive, restore the texts, but everything else and that sort of thing, if you have the job or you earn money having a website, is a catastrophe. We are too hundreds of storms, and we still have to keep it there stuck or would cost real money or the thing is hacked is also a topic of the web security.

If someone for 1 euro 99 or even 399 a month cannot make sense so take care of what how security it doesn’t work, but we have to come back straight away.

Conclude the topic of performance about it, Trainer herberger wanders, what we might still do there.

What can be given is that in the end it is just a process.

There are many small ones, But you can really build the essential 80 percent, so the pareto principle can be removed quickly, think and have to set up.

Caching, one should spare a host under certain circumstances there we were already right now and yes, maybe you will just give something to Kai.

So if you really no idea have a good hosting and, for example, something like vip rocket that’s easy a very good plugin, because there are a lot of things in it.

A little bit of pictures is formed, tweak a good caching, a few script tweaks, and then you usually are pretty well on the way exactly and then it s different.

The fine tuning comes to that.

You are also a very expert, but then it always plays the biggest role. Then the content becomes more important, which is very important for seh, or that is anyway.

The essential 80 am because I asked what percentage of the seehof page speed.

I would really so sure if I have a super slow side now that the users are somehow totally annoyed, then it should be your top trio first, but afterwards, 2 3 or so there is none role more.

The most important thing is really for the user.

The page quickly feels good on and is the content.

Good is the content convincing that is actually in the meantime seo.

Thank god that wasn’t so earlier you could use bad texts, and many many kag links think really well is the times are over.

Thank god, so building good websites helps user centered thinking is always good, regardless of whether it’s page speed or design.

When it comes to content, the user always assumes yes, and we have the last 20 percent.

For this Example also link a blog post below where you can only do that step by step can go through, be it pictures or minimize the inquiries and where to go through the whole step. You can only work through it step by step, and then you should help.

Otherwise you are also reachability is sprouting that just fits in with google.

You can enter yourself to whom I like to book.

If you are also bookable, I suppose for advice or something just that you can really give more such an overview.

Imagine what you still offer so i’m, not so strong in advice anymore.

I actually only do this when I deal intensively with a new topic, then i do the sea for friends and family or customers.

I already know over the years.

I now try the whole topic really on contents.

So on, ok, hopefully at some point buyable videos, then I want to do the advice recorded easily when I do get it, but that’s exactly the topic, it’s so complex.

I wanted to go for WordPress Example. Just make a video to leadership course, but to cover all the cases It can happen almost impossible, so I would rather make a guide where you can really going through the stack where you can find the tools and then using it.

Your own Website can improve.

So i think it will come down to it, because how often it is there is not one thing to do, or the blog has a plugin that turns on and then everything does good.

I think we had a good exchange and we could definitely have our own station make it out only with the topic seo was now actually so now was not a core topic of this session.

But yes, you said yes at the end, concentrate on good content and fast a fast website and user centered you don’t do that users think yes, exactly! Ok! Yes, then johannes thanks Kai, I would say we put it online.

As I said in the description.

Still a few articles link just continue content and if it’s not a course someday, he finished his videos, it was explained nice and clean.

Then we can do it for you too.

In addition to that, I also share a good.

Then I have to accelerate a bit, of course, if necessary is saying the demand, is there make an extra station? Okay. Thank you for your time.

Thank you.


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