• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Hey guys its Andy Hope you,’re having a great Friday getting ready, for the weekend I wanted – to record a quick video real fast just, to show you a super sneaky way to get some to really target some people using Facebook So one of the. Things that we always try to do with Facebook is we try to identify the people that need services.

So if you’re criminal defense lawyer, how do you figure out the people who’ve been arrested, or how do you figure out the people who have had DUI’s Or, if you’re a personal injury attorney, for example, how to do figure Out who’s not been arrested? How do you figure out who’s actually been injured? So one thing that we can do with Facebook, which is awesome, is you cannot only target people in a specific location, but you can actually target people who have recently been in a specific location, which is very creepy that Facebook is tracking this, but also super helpful.

If you’re trying to get new clients, So what I do with my clients, for my clients, is I’ll go to Google and I’ll figure out what about so.

If it is a personal injury attorney, anyone that’s been in a serious injury or in a serious accident recently is going to have been at the hospital.

So what you can do is you can search I’m in Lakeland Florida.

So, I’ll search Lakeland Florida hospitals and I’m sure in, your area you already know what the hospitals are The Lakeland Regional Medical Center that,’s where both my kids were born, So I can get this address right here and what’s Going to happen, is you take the address and you copy it if the internet will co operate with me? Alright, So you just take this address right here and you bring it into Facebook, and you’re going to select People recently in this location, And what this is going to do is this is going to put people that were in this location within the last Seven days so anyone that’s currently in the location or has been there in the last seven days Now you can only do one mile That’s the target area, But what you can do now is now, if you’re running ads for car Accidents or things like that, you can hit people within a one mile radius, instead of trying to hit the entire area of Lakeland.

So, for example, right now we got 54 000.

If I just do Lakeland Florida, 800.


So basically, we’ve cut this audience down to one sixteenth almost of what it was Same thing for if you’re a criminal defense attorney, you can look up the address of the jail because everyone who’s been arrested has gone to jail or For the most part, So I’ll say Polk Country Correctional Center, maybe that’ll do it. Polk County Jail, it’s got one and a half stars cause.

You know.

I think it’s funny that somebody gave it more that one star but Okay, so here’s the address right here.

It’s in Bartow Florida Ads Manager So now clear that out of there.

So this is going to give you everybody that’s been to the jail within a one mile radius of the jail within the last seven days.

So it’s only 33 000 people And if you got a Facebook budget of you know ten twenty dollars a day, thirty dollars a day, you can absolutely hit these people, And this is a really really good way to get super targeted and try to be Able to identify you know where some of the people that, where your clients have recently been, and basically where your it’s a way for you to target where your ideal clients may be or may have recently been.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me in the comments or send me an email Hope you guys have a good weekend and I will talk to you soon.


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