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What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here, and in this video I want to break down if you have a Marketing agency or if you're looking to start your own marketing agency I want to show you how to get a client completely set up with the Facebook ad the Facebook tracking lead capture form a 12-month email and text marketing follow-up all in under 10 minutes. Now. This video is a little bit longer than 10 minutes, obviously It's because I'm talking a little bit showing you some different things But you'll be able to see once you get this process down and streamlined You'll literally be able to get new clients set up in under 10 minutes for your marketing agency Now the great thing about this is if you already have an agency You know that you're only really making money when you're focusing on bringing in new clients Right like going through and set up the ads.

Obviously you need to fulfill you support those clients You need to offer good results and bring that value But if you're spending all your time setting up campaigns, that means you're not spending your time Acquiring new clients bringing in new new revenue new money for your business So I want to show you this strategy because if you've watched some my videos in the past I talked about a free 7-day trial if you're completely brand new trying to acquire those first clients Getting people on on a free 7-day trial where they don't have to pay any money Just like a software right now have to pay any money for the first seven days And then if you provide them results, then they'll continue on with you be able to pay you a monthly retainer now Obviously, they're not paying you anything You don't want to spend so much your time getting all the Facebook ads set up the tracking the landing pages and all this stuff so anyway enough of that said let's jump in and I want to show you guys how to completely Streamline this whole process now the first thing that I do Is I go into Google Drive and this is a hundred percent free You can do this inside of your Google account and I set up a Google Form Okay And basically I'm asking all of the information that I'm going to need From my client in order to get their facebook ad set up in order to go through and actually run this Advertising campaign for them so you can see right here.

This one is specific specific to the real estate industry so if you have a real estate marketing see this is exactly what I would use and honestly guys even if you have a Marketing agency and another Mitch another industry the same exact strategy applies, right? So South egg is not relevant to you. But basically you can see right here I need like what is the first name last name and either URL? If I'm going to go through and market a listing they have for the real estate business. I want the address Okay, so I can go through and use that in my marketing materials as I set up for them I need the listing price How many bedrooms how many bathrooms and then in a few sentences describe the great features of this home? Now the features of the home this is what's actually going to a sell this home when we're running this ad campaign, right? so like you want to list all of the like sexy features, right the you know, the pool the vaulted ceilings stainless steel appliances all that cool stuff because that's really what's gonna draw people in to This listing right here Okay, and then I also like to get the link to the MLS listing of the home That way we can go through and leverage images that are already out there On the home and we tried this in the past with like having them upload the images to this form right here But what ends up happening is you kind of reach this limit on your Google Drive.

You don't have enough space And so basically the shortcut all this this is the best way we have found to go through and streamline this whole thing Okay, then we ask. Okay. What is your marking daily budget? So we know how how much actually spend on Facebook ads and then all we got to do We just take this link and we send this off to our new client Okay So they're going to be doing all the heavy lifting all this this info right here and then once you get it, right? Here in this responses section. It's gonna have everything. Okay was your first last name? I went in and kinda just did a demo for myself right here for this video But we have a summary of all the responses Okay And obviously this is a demo So we've only got one Response on this but we have other forms that we use for my marketing agency for my actual business This is the exact way we set it all up and then if you want to go through and look at on individuals responses or the best part what I absolutely love about this is it also can create a Google sheet from this form as Everything is super streamlined and super organized.

So it's got a timestamp when this actually happened It's got the clients name their website their address listing price all this stuff Which is super beneficial when we're going to go through and set up this lead campaign here in just a second Now what we're gonna do, especially if you are in the real estate marketing agency industry in that business This is the number one simplest way to go through and set this up so if you have an arsenal mkg account and if you don't I'm gonna have a free training down in the description as well as in the top comment Which we'll be able to break down exactly how to go through get your first clients have success for your clients which this is kind of a part of that video then how to scale up your Marketing agency business to ten thousand dollars per month in the next 90 days So if you guys want that training click right below but in here, this is super cool guys so all we got to do is really click on create your first ad and This is gonna walk you through step by step the process and a lot of times I have agency owners come to me and they're like man Jason.

This is so easy why wouldn't the real estate client just do it and I'm like You know what? That is a question. I ask myself every single day But guess what? They don't And so because of that because they don't want to mess with it even as how simple as you'll see how easy this is that creates a job that creates an opportunity for you to go through and help them out get this set up because a Real estate agent doesn't want to say, you know, sit behind a computer every single day They don't they're not want to be like the tech nerds like you and me They want to be out connecting with people you want to be at appointments as showings open houses all that stuff So this is like simplified your life my life So much and you'll see this here in just a second So it says hey, do you have a listen to market and for this example we do so we're just gonna click on yes This is great.

Let's get some information So the campaign name what I like to usually name it as is the just whatever the address is So I'll just say 1 2 3 Main Street and then it says choose the Facebook account you want to use and so at this? Point you could just go through and pull your real estate clients Facebook account are gonna pay for ads so I'm just gonna come in here choose an account You can see I've got several right there and then find the Facebook page you wish to use so all you got to do is it's gonna have a drop down just because I have a lot of Facebook pages you can actually Have to type in my actual Facebook page right here Which is gonna pull that and I could just choose that and then your website. This is where this form comes into play So you got this website URL. So we're just gonna copy that Throw that in there and if they have a privacy policy great I'm just for this example just gonna throw in that same exact URL and then find your city The nice thing is we could just come in here and like let's type in Phoenix.

It'll pop up, Phoenix, Arizona Listing address come back here We just pull this and the cool thing is we're filling this out once and this is gonna go and create the Facebook ad It's gonna create our connection with our CRM. It's gonna create the lead form It's gonna create an email and text marketing follow-up using all this information So you literally just put it in once and then it's all created for you So I'm gonna show you guys that here in just a second So we've got the listing price like guys we were just copying and pasting So if you can copy a paste you can do this so go over here how many bedrooms? four bedrooms three baths and a few sentences Obviously this is you want them to be a little bit more descriptive than what I put in here for the demo But is this a beautiful backyard pool etc. And then over here? I've got the link to the MLS listing So now I can pull up this link right here. And I just go and I you see all the photos of the home Ok, and then what I like to do Especially for these listing lead campaigns if I'm running this for my marking agency is I like to just pull the home it's like for example, will this come over here and We'll make this a little bit smaller then we would just drag this home down here to our desktop and then we can just upload this image right here for our Facebook lead format that we're creating.

All right, so come back over here. Let's just show you I'll choose an image So I've got this image. Let's see right there. There's the image right there at the home So we just hit hope open and then we click Next and now Arsenal is communicating back and forth with the Facebook Ads Platform and getting everything else set up. We are setting up the targeting We have done this a million times so we know the exact targeting that works best for these campaigns And so we come over here a daily budget. Okay. Well, what did they say Oh 10 bucks a day. Ok So awesome 10 bucks a day that's recommended If you wanted to change that you could change that there you see the targeting right here where it's only got the age range like I said We've already got all the backend targeting specific to real estate specific to these listing lead campaigns already set up and done for you So you have to worry about it.

All right, then coming down here. Look at this We have already created this Facebook ad in just a couple of clicks. It was like what two clicks we said Yes, we have a listing we fill us information hit next and we have create a sad It says beautiful home in Phoenix Four-bed three-bath home in Phoenix new listing in the Phoenix area for Barry bass and then obviously you've got the beautiful backyard This is where you want them to be a little bit more descriptive then at this point all you got to do is you just like kind of like review this if you want to make any tweaks or whatever to your Clients add you could do that, but then we just hit finish and then this published this this to that person's Facebook Ads account Okay, guys, this is so cool.

So right here like this is we've got the one to three main street. It's pending review obviously It's going through and going through the review Facebook ad Review process. So we click on preview. We've cut this right here We've got the lead form they click on this It's already integrated with the Arsenal CRM. And then on top of that. Look at this guy's this is so cool We click on this follow-ups. We've already got the automated email and text marketing follow up and look at this it says hey first name, it'll auto populate with whatever that person's first name is and It'll auto populate with the address of the home because you put that in that first initial spot so it's gonna automatically populate their the listing and the listing price your phone number and you've got this whole Follow up process that is just synched with your clients account.

Okay Now if they download the Arsenal mobile app, they can go through at any time a new lead comes in get that instant lead notification and then if a lead response one of these texts They can have that two-way Tech seen inside of the Arsenal mobile app and guys this took you like what less than 10 minutes to set up and Think about the massive value this creates for a new client that you're getting started with your marketing agency All right I mean even if like Let's say they're on like your completely brand new started a new marketing agency and you're doing the free 7-day trial method in Just five minutes right here.

You have got up the Facebook add their leave form a 12-month email and text marketing follow up You're gonna get them to download the Arsenal mobile app and just think about the amount of value You've already created for your client I mean They're gonna absolutely love you that that is like thousands and thousands of dollars worth of value right there that you've already created Before you've even accepted any form of payment on that initial free 7 day trial. All right So anyway guys and this process works whether you have a listing don't have a listing and so as you're going through Running these new campaigns each and every month. You just send them this form right here Have them fill it out if they're gonna go through have a listing an open house You can create a form like this for an open house if they're want to get buyer leads But don't have you know, any listings go through a market or you know, if you're even in a different industry Let's say you're a dental chiropractic fitness.

Just create one of these forms go through fill it out like the exact process I just showed you hit publish and then once again you have this add Created the add the Facebook tracking. So that's gonna be incorporating the pixel, right? We've always heard about this pixel It's gonna have the lead capture form and a 12-month email and text marketing follow-up so you can see right here This is 12 months long. Keep tripping on this lead and then also access to the are some mobile app So anyway guys if you found this video helpful, go ahead give it a thumbs up But I want to give you a quick rundown We're probably a little bit beyond 10 minutes but obviously kind of explain the benefits and some other things to this whole concept right here, but Imagine that if you are starting marking agency where you're wanting to grow your mark an agency and have math of scale and leverage the power that this brings to help simplify your life leverage your time and Just get things done a whole lot faster So anyway guys hopefully this video was helpful as far as setting up your clients for your marketing agency No matter what niche you're in and if it was go ahead give it a thumbs up Also, if you're brand new here, make sure you subscribe to the channel I launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys think of this cool client setup feature right here And with that said I will see you in the next video

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