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What's up YouTube Jason Wardrop here and today I want to walk through some of the best Facebook ads for real estate agents So if you're a real estate agent looking to get into Facebook Advertising or if you're on a marketing agency or a consulting group or whatever? And you want to like kind of figure out some of the ads, they're really working well I'm gonna walk you through some of the ads that have been working amazingly well and if you guys want these exact ads like the copy and paste text and all that stuff just Comment down below so first like this video comment down below and make sure you guys are subscribed And if you guys do all those things We'll find a way to get this this copy to you guys alright so anyway I just want to walk through step by step. I'm gonna walk through four ads so you can see up here the top 1 2 3 4 this last one is probably our best converter So make sure you stick around to be able to check that one out here alright, so first.

Let's just walk through This ad right here alright So this is for some seller leads and all all ads are kind of structured the same way Where first you want to go through and you want to call out your audience you want to go piqued their interest? Give them a call to action And maybe like add a little bit more value to go through and pull them in right so right here You can see hey your city your County homeowner so Dallas homeowners, Orlando, homeowners, Phoenix, homeowners So you're calling out that person specifically now I'm not gonna get into all the the targeting all that stuff in the back in the ads manager in this video I've got a number of videos on that and I'll try to link some of those videos here So if you guys are curious on that I can make sure I link those videos But you can go and just target inside of Facebook Ads manager Only people that let's say live in Dallas that owned a home ok So there's some really cool things you're doing but then when you go through and say hey, Dallas homeowners You're calling out to them directly so like oh hey.

That's me I wonder what this is this is alright so kind of piques our curiosity, and then it says right here Do you want to increase the value of your home ok so that kind of like starts out engaging question? Which what homeowner would not want to increase the value of your home kay? whether they're looking to sell or not looks like they want to go through and Increase the value of their home right so it says hey get my tips here Which takes them out to a landing page that we created inside of Arsenal? mkg so if you guys aren't sure how to go through and create landing pages Also, link a video to a training, which we go through and we walk you through all that right but Coming back here, so you can say I have compiled a three pour the seven simple hacks I tell my clients to raise the Baloch their home before selling and guys just really quick This could be seven simple hacks could be four it could be three It could be five it could be whatever number and a lot of times people like well Jason Do you have like a PDF to the seven simple hacks? Well guess what it's a little bit different for every single area every single community, so I do not have one But that's kind of the idea the concept that you want to go after right so Then you go if you finish off by saying hey get my tips here with another link to the landing page Thanks your name to kind of personalize it so your names up here the top your profile picture your names down here And then you can have an image of a home in your community because homes in let's say, New Hampshire They're gonna look different than homes in Phoenix or San Diego or you know so you want to make sure the home matches and one really quick update and This you can see we did March 28th to 2017 Moving forward you don't want to have this text here it actually Facebook's been really tightening up their whole The the way the ads are structure so lots of times it can actually get disapproved if you got too much text or if you're going through and putting this so just put a picture of a home right here and You don't have to go create this Inside a Facebook Ads manager you could just create This as a post on your Facebook page and then go from there right okay? So that was the first thing I was the seller leads Case number two right here and guys just remember if you guys want all this text.

You're like man I don't want to like pause the video and type it all Make sure you're subscribed to YouTube channel like this video and comment down below And I'll make sure that you guys get this copy and paste text to be able to help you with your Facebook advertising, right So this one is for buyer leads if you don't have a listing all right So buy, or lease if you don't have listen so once again attention Dallas Orlando knob rattling you want to go through and hit the city Do you know anyone looking to buy a home and what's what I like to do a lot of times? Are you or anyone you know? Looking to buy a home because you know it right here this that could be improved on this text right here cuz it says Do you know anyone looking by home? Well, what if they are right you want to be able to connect and talk with them as well So you say follow here once again takes them out to a landing page where they can go put in their name email phone Says hey We've compiled a free report of homes for sale under 300,000 or whatever range you're looking for it's like if you like to stick in the $500,000 range million dollar range whatever range it is and they say some of these homes may even qualify for Special financing programs right now obviously that's based on your area based on the financing program space and all that stuff But this is the general layout that I kind of want to go through and break down for you all And as far as a free report of Homes for Sale under 300,000 guys once again it's gonna be different for every community and so with that what you want to do is go and maybe you've got a Website you were your time in the MLS and you'll be able to give that free report Or you've got a little you know sales deck of just different homes that are in that area So there's a number of ways to go through and do that and I cover that actually in another video We're not going to dive into that in this one here.

We're just talking about the Facebook Ads right, okay, so fall here Thanks your name And then I like to select they're looking for a list of homes for sale under 300,000 right so I like to go through grab a few different homes from that area, okay So they're matching that area right there, and obviously guys one thing I could improve here is from nothing these homes are probably now two or three hundred thousand right so don't go and Get home sir over three hundred thousand like make sure it matches what you're going for right there Okay, so then the open house right here alright This is and guys make sure you guys figure out because the last one is actually the top converter We've been seen leads on average for one to three dollars per lead with this this last add I'm gonna be showing you right Okay, so it said this one's open house right this one's been working amazingly Well as well, so if you're gonna say let's say you're gonna do a an open house on Saturday or Sunday You might want to sort run this on like a Monday or Tuesday to start building that interest and letting people know so You know in not in place of putting signs out on the road from the house, but also you this is another thing you can add on to get more people in because The only people are gonna see those signs are people driving by alright well What if someone doesn't drive by that week or during the time or whatever? When you still want to be able to go through and get these people attention so you say hey open house This Friday or whatever they? Have the address get the video walkthrough and Ebro sure if you don't have a we're gonna walk through once again guys It's not like hardcore you have to have a video walkthrough.

It's basically whatever content material you have to give that person because they don't know what house you're talking about they might want to get a general idea of What the home is right? So then we have a link out here to the landing page once again get their name email phone And then come back here. We want to give them some features right like I'm not gonna go to an open house I know unless I know it's matching some of the stuff that I want like the number of bedrooms bathrooms It's got a backyard or a pool or how many car garage is like? Named some of the things that are gonna be like the sexier items that people are gonna be looking for Stainless steel appliances vaulted ceilings all of that different information there okay, that says once again called action down here So I was always like to put two called actions as you guys can see Okay, because it's helpful because sometimes people just want to get to the point and just like okay I want that But then other people they need to read a little bit more and so you want to offer that as well and then this Obviously this is gonna be a picture of the home that you're holding the open house for right Okay guys So you guys ready for the last best converting ad that we have that I have seen amazing results with okay here It is this is for a listing all right, so if you have a listing I know not everyone does, but this works amazingly well if you don't have a listing But you have someone in your office that has a listing and they let you use it Go right ahead right, but make sure you get permission use.

It's not probably good to go Market other people's listings without them knowing just make sure you get in the heads-up And more than likely like they're gonna say go for it Right if you're gonna put money towards advertising go market their listing They're gonna be all about that. Okay, so right here this one It says three listed, and it could be a number of different things It doesn't have to be pre listed, but it could see like you know new listing out or I don't know you just got to get creative here alright So this one says seek before he hits the market three beds I would normally put two bathrooms wherever how many beds and baths it is just so people right out the gate And there are call-to-action is go here to get the price Location plus more pictures, so we want to give a little tease with about 10 to 12 images down here of the home But if they want to go through and see more We want to say hey you gotta opt-in to see more if you want to see like all 30 or 40 or 20 or what? However many you have and then also you want to hold back the price and the location Because that is kind of like something that piques our interests enough to go through so anyway We've got right here 3 bedroom home in Granville.

I think this is a Michigan So main level so then the next few paragraphs is basically just talking about the features and the value kind of like on this open House campaign right here, okay, so we're just going through main level has a fantastic living room with large windows guys This is like not a copy and paste thing right here. This is obviously based off of whatever home You're doing okay, so go here for price address plus more pictures They go through cuz like they might want to come in here, and they're like okay I want to see all these different pictures of the home. Hey guys little pro tip someone did a really good job here of going through and Taking the pictures if you're not good at taking pictures, or you can't get the lighting right? Guys that's what really sells homes, okay? So if you need to go spend extra 100 bucks to make 10 grand when you sell the home do it okay like go spend the money to get the right pictures because No like no low blow on on anyone, but I see some bad pictures from you guys right some bad bad pictures and if you're posting bad pictures It's not gonna peak anyone's interest right okay, so anyway We've got the two called actions here And this one right here like I mentioned is getting leaves for about one to three dollars per lead skinning tons of engagement and really Quick guys, I call lead someone's name phone number and email address Okay, not a like or comment on the post obviously you can go through and work with those people But a name phone number email address so we can go through and follow up with them alright, so these ones are all For ads going to a landing page Which if you guys remember we use the website conversions objective in the ads manager But these also work amazingly well if you're going to use Facebook of leave forms, okay? And I'm gonna have another video late this week on Facebook lead forms because I know a number of you guys have been asking about that and Arsenal actually goes through and integrates 100% with Facebook leaf orange, which is awesome because Back in the day you had like when you generate a lead from a lead form They would just go into a CSV file in the ask manager you how to download and import it to your CRM And then go through start the follow up where we just made it all happen Simultaneously, so it sinks into the Arsenal CRM You had the automated follow-up taking place And it's all a beautiful thing right so Anybody guys like I mentioned before if you guys want all of these ad copies and see like the structure and all that stuff One make sure you subscribe to the channel the right we try to launch a new video every single day on how to generate leads Make more money and grow your business whether you're a real estate mortgage, or you're a marketing agency or a consulting group Right so we kind of hit all the different topics of how to go through grow your business so Subscribe to the channel like this video and comment down below And then we'll go through and what launch we'll send out a link To be able to go through and get all of this ad copy for you all alright so anyway guys Thanks so much for watching today, and hopefully this was helpful one way or another and with that said guys thanks so much and also if you guys want to see a Video a training to like how to go through and actually run the ads, and and the concept of landing pages And how we're going through and really scaling this up I'm gonna drop a link down in the comment section below as well And it's gonna take you to a hundred percent free training will walk you through the exact step-by-step process of how to set all of this up alright So anyway guys be on the lookout for that link down in the training section and with that said guys Thanks so much for watching, and we will see you all tomorrow

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