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it would also like to distribute that being proud of a time-tested and he brought the 345 of global hackings 215 cheap dollars out of it and another poster on would be he goes and you were 15 seed dollars out of it so let us say you have 10 you have been customers everyone you're earning 1 1500 1500 seen dollars right everyone thanks like this on top of the 15-dollar over and out of the 15 sing dollar direct referral warm oh sweet now the matching sales buona sera because the binary plant bombs so you make mention of binary means you have a full sets of group your left group sales and you're right group sales guys this is led to our emphasis of this we now we have the most lucrative binary day out system if you never go bare by a repair system throughout any company existing today maybe Malaysia Indonesia making the US where the Moose lube early playoff system is all about the buy a clam so how do we know it is for every go whole package casts 1200 sales volume or twice okay and for every 4400 growth group sales volume meaning if you have one people and rose on your left and one person in line on your right which makes you have a bottle of 2400 group sales volume you need shot one bigger one Karen Roby should be given 50 singapore dollars more or less desire the converted sick dollars as compared to our US standard beyond system okay so you can have a fifty-dollar pig out if there is a new put a new person at a time and and you or person on the right or it can also happen if you have a new person on your right and product we orders on your lap accumulator anything also have products we ordered accumulated on your lap group sales and products are completed of pre-orders on your right to six so you can learn fifth missing dollars if there's a new person in your left and your right or it can be reordered products on your left and on your right or am i clear am i clear so how much how many pairs can I earn on a weekly basis you can earn eight hundred singapore dollars per day if you have if you can invest in one slot or 345 sing dollar it has an opportunity to earth gross a hundred singapore dollar buildings at the veneto the mean of all it means it can make you earn 1,400 sing dollar home 4800 singapore dollar per week is it a great income it can make you poop out 24,000 singapore dollar per month is it great for a really great Eagle opportunity really great effort to it and the dream sales everything pair you will be given an electronic gift cheque or a GC where you can replace it with the products that we have existing and upcoming products in the future later I will discuss how will it look like for you to earn this much and you can read more than this let us say this is even thing again either wanted I mean how two dollars per day I want to learn more then you can invest on more slots of a more business center thanks you can also earn on our product we order system if there are no people entering your network or a group in the existing order Colin distributors recorder you have the chance operating five percent of the part of sales volume from your talent directly distributors and from the migrant Lee from the first to the tenth level you can earn an additional five percent of the product sales volume and this has a dynamic compression concept meaning they kind of make sure we're going to make sure that they're ten levels and compress wearing they have volumes for you to make a plutonic and income out of it next slide please we also have an over lightly commissioner what people despair step system it will start with the zero-percent as a distributor then it can add up to ten percent if you become a silver executive how do you become a super executive accumulate accumulate 10 global max we order again and the will pass you order in your entire network not just by yourself but with your entire network / network big orders 10 global facts no time frame you become a super executive you have another ten percent advent override or your entire network if you have a gold executive it becomes twenty percent our highest position is the global ambassador if you accumulate 1000 global back be ordering your entire network and this pasa it has no time frame no regrets on body motion no possum so let's just say after 20 years after 20 years to become a global ambassador congratulations after 20 years should become a global ambassador so when you need for us today what do you do I'm a pro bono massacre you will sound like to an alien if you don't know what what what a massacre okay next like this we also have gravity bonus if ever your downlines in your group happens to be a global ambassador as well so you will still have additional two percent out of their non global ambassador group okay thanks like this ok we also have incentive tips I don't buy here to see our CDs or incentives we are home asian cruisers we have our units we have you asleep you ought to go to the US for free again if you want to go to Vegas for 300 years ago we brought what we brought 20 qualified distributorship the u.s.

All-expense-paid their visas they are ten ten years multiple visa this year are guarded by distributors around 35 35 who qualified it mr. Assad the one going to do speak qualified for dangerously he's given a 10-year multiple visa so he can go to the US any time that he wants to okay it's a North Penn State usually bother once or twice a year and you visit four states first Los Angeles California where you have the wonderful Universal Studios visit there usually are usually visit the a distal end and some other imparts what else are we go to Las Vegas the grating whistle with this Vegas is that it's a non sleeping CD 24 hours a day there's a there's so much fun on it we usually check in you have a corporate account with venetian hotel it's one of the most routine procedures hotel in there in an English Vegas we go to San Francisco recent a fisherman's wharf and go to Alcatraz we go to and I will go to a string value tower need to switch to beat them and whenever we go to the US were depleted SBI Peaks Nature's Way has so much belief in our company why because we saw we use when he sells so much and they were so outstanding and it was so huge it was so huge sales that they gave us exclusivity in some other areas like one we are now exclusive become all of the middle is in terms of distribution we are now exclusive with the hood of guru we're not even expulsion to distribute in the whole country the United States of America later you gotta see how wonderful it is if you will distribute within the whole world chances of pioneering a distribution business throughout the world again and get a purse the same questioner than asked earlier can email him if I'm the order of coca-cola and then ask you hey do you want to distribute coke in Singapore in Malaysia Indonesia the mood of Southeast Asia in the world of Asia in the hole up in addition the whole of the entire world let's say you have one to see him what he had ten cents ten cents for every product of coca-cola distributed throughout the world they got how many people around the world are taking up oil on a day-to-day basis so if you have ten cents out of it let's not talk about the other countries let us talk about first here in Singapore out of the five million population is Singapore how many people here in Singapore are taking on more than everything let's say you're ten cents out of every model out of every time out of every huge bottle and they'll be taking up on a day-to-day basis and it's going to happen the same thing with this wonderful part and we just get we just get started we started in the Philippines you're 16 or four years and now we're going to start here in Singapore and a few months from now we done started indonesia a few more significant started manisha and so on very versatile made the end of this year or early textin ating now will cost you later so take action today

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