• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Hello, I am from take no prisoners, advertising agency, you should hire out agency. We can increase your sales ten times over what you are doing now.

We can create great ads and we can do TV spots, radio spots, newspaper ads and websites.

The customers will come running.

Silly old background is in production.

Actually, my background is in sales.

The newspaper I worked for was downsizing, so I thought why not start an advertising agency, but how do you know how to do TV sports all compelling websites? What is to know? I can have the TV station put one together in two hours.

Would you like to be in your TV spot? No thanks.

We just put a retail client in his TV spot, dressed in the bunny costume.

Do you like bunnies, okay, you don’t like bunnies.

We can also buy TV spots off the shelf. We stick your name on the end of the TV spot and the customers will come running how about digital or web sites.

My wife builds the web sites, you buy the web site off the shelf and put your picture in it.

The customers will come running.

What about search engine optimization? I would like to be on page one when someone searches for my type of business do not worry.

Everyone will remember your company name when they see your face on the TV spot.

I’ve heard that new websites must be written in html5.

Can your wife write html5 html5 HTML 6 HTML 7? We can do it all how about social networking? Yes, I am on, would you like me to add you as a friend I saw the movie too you? I would like to think about this.

Don’t wait too long.

Here is my card call me soon.

The customers will come running. .

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