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in this video I'm going to answer a bunch of advanced SEO questions and this is an actual consulting gig that I did with the clients and I actually don't take on consulting clients anymore and I'll explain why at the end of the video but this is a Q&A type of video so the client is asking me questions and I'm answering those advanced SEO questions for him so if you have a lot of advanced SEO questions so you just have a lot of SEO questions in general this video is going to be really really helpful because we really dive deep into some advanced topics so if you're excited about this video and you want more videos like this right answer advanced SEO questions then drop a comment below say more and make sure you like this video so with that said let's jump right in and so first of all one of the techniques that you talked a lot about and that we want to do we start to implement a lot is the skyscraper okay and the question so Neil Patel has a thing that he recently published like three four days ago and that's essentially about automating and I don't know how much he goes into it I don't know if you read it but it's essentially hey there's a process of research and he is going into his tool to research it then rewrite it or like you know expand on it and completely completely redo it and obviously on outreach so he kind of uses two or three different tools for it and he doesn't go into details about how to rewrite it but our thoughts were and I don't know what what you would think about it is – what about AI – rewrite an article initially and then post it so it starts to kind of get traction a little bit and started working with outreach while our writers get get to it because it takes our writers a long time to develop these big pieces seven thousand four thousand you know words articles and sometimes it takes weeks or a couple months to get to an article what do you think about that kind of strategy yeah I mean those are kind of you can approach that two different way so you know the way that I obviously like to approach things is try to put the best piece of content out initially but there is a different school of thought where your doing more of like a minimum viable piece of content and I've done both approaches and they both work equally as well but although developing the content may take longer if the content is good out of the gate it will decrease the amount of time you'll need to get links so it ends up kind of evening itself out almost to a certain extent that of course that's given that the content is built to acquire links it is something that is actually link worthy which I don't of course don't know what the topics are but yeah I mean you can use both approaches I've used both but my personal preference is just to try to go all in on the content you know it doesn't feel good when nothing's being published cuz you're just working on like one really big asset but in in the long run I've seen a better better results from doing that as opposed just like putting a bunch of stuff out and iterating on that content to try to improve it over time it works but to me it's almost like logistical II more challenging to do it that way because then it's like now you're managing all these different assets trying to improve those and then when do you know that it's actually at a level that it deserves to be so it's kind of like you know it's weird in that respect and when you do the other way where it's just all in focus on developing the best asset possible at least you know you've done the best that you can and then in like three to six months from now you can see that performance be like okay this one didn't do very well so maybe we need to switch things up so yeah just my personal approach of course ya know it makes sense but I guess our challenges when you talk about the link worthiness ISM we're more or less in this constant and what we've found was when we reach out to these different mmm refers so to say whoever link to our competitors they all asked for money they all seem to be Shady were they all seemed to be like both links one way or the other so it seems like nobody's linking to a section ish content and this is where we found challenges to actually develop organic natural backlinks with real traffic real people visiting it was always you know and like he liked in some of the both you were saying we had to pay plenty to get you know aside linked to us with real traffic and all the outreach attempts so far I mean we're gonna try more reverse guest posting but so far just regular with templates you know 404s and everything it ended up to be hey okay sure both give me fifty bucks on bucks yeah and I wish I could tell you it's gonna be a different story but that that is that is the way it works at least when it comes to outreach but that is a normal thing that we are experiencing so I don't have a problem paying for relatively cheap still you know yeah in a really legit article with tons of traffic it can cost a thousand bucks you know I mean 500 this is easily expected but if 50 bucks and then it has some real traffic users just like should people be like yeah sure I'll post it for free cuz I've never seen it in my life it doesn't happen often only only very rarely like I've seen in a few industries where it's not like so just attacked heavily with SEO s where it does work but you should just assume that if you're doing outreach you're gonna have to pay oh that's just that's just like you should just assume that yeah but you know the thing is I like to combine outreach because first of all that's active link building right so you're like actually going out there and trying to get those links because you need that traction to get results in other ways but then you know at the same time I'm always thinking about how to create linkable assets and so those are assets that will attract links naturally if the right people see them in the right website see them so pretty much anything that's data-driven especially unique data is like my go-to when it comes to linkable assets yeah so if you can develop some sort of unique data unique case study that people would want to reference to that's really really works well you know so but yeah I mean it's when it comes to active link building you're just gonna you unfortunately will have to pay the price a lot of time that's all right yeah as long as it's a normal thing and it's not like I'm just learning into an industry where everybody is just just buying stuff and it's nothing nothing is natural and a yeah if I mean you gotta the way I kind of have thought about it just to kind of change my perspective is like this is a collaboration that's the way I think about it like okay basically a link is promoting your brand therefore it's a collaboration therefore they should get paid to show the link right cuz it's their website they built it up so it's only fair ultimately so that's kind of how I like rationalized it but at the same time like from Google's perspective it's technically against their guidelines right so but you know you got to do what you got to do to get SEO results so I think Google's perspective the only thing you can do is just talk about a yep yep and then optimize your website to be faster but yeah yeah people like anything for you to be you don't care that your friend no of course not and how would they know anyway yeah there's no way that they know that money has exchanged hands unless they're scraping our Gmail's which is possible but so yeah yeah I have I'm talking to them now I don't know if I should try yeah but it's it's nice so yeah alright let's go into next question so obviously I've heard you you've heard about it and you know I heard it's blackhead but I'm not sure buying domain drops what are your thoughts is there a legit way to utilize good domain drops so expired domains or just any any domain that's dropped essentially yes there are good ways to do it I will say that right now the safest thing to do is try to acquire a live website so if you can find a website in your industry that's like just a ghost town they haven't posts in forever but they have a good link profile that's that's a golden opportunity to acquire that site and then redirect it to your site and of course you know how you go about redirecting that's kind of a different discussion because you pretty much when you do a redirect like that you only want to redirect pages that actually have links and then all the other pages from that previous site should just 404 does that make sense yeah I ran into some piece of Oracle and with Destin a little bit about it and let me know your thoughts so essentially this gentleman did this following practice he would acquire drops you know expired domains preferably recently expired very recently and then he would take that domain and do a 301 on one of the you know pages says more or less you know not not the corner piece okay and and see how it performs and and if it before well then they he'll start rebuilding the website from you know archived other work the thing is cold and then you know start rebuilding and then can they be post content and so forth do that kind of stuff so we've tried that we've had very good success obviously on a very you know bottom page so to say not enough you're important but it was evident and clear it worked and then the question is okay should be it is a little bit scary in a sense of hey we don't want Google to really think hey and we're weird we're catching you you're doing some blackhead right there if that's if that's what they think is what it is and so but it is working the questions now should we start plugging in more main pages should we start restoring content on those websites yeah and I it's it's not an easy it's not an easy answer unfortunately because it is going to be case dependent but you do need to be careful with redirects like you don't want to go too overboard I've seen some sites where they have like just way overboard they have like 30 different sites like redirecting to their site that's a huge footprint but redirects are a normal part of the internet you know so to have to have them isn't going to you know raise a bunch of red flags and so I've done it I've done it in with local businesses I've done it with national businesses it works and and it makes sense but couple key points relevance is is key has to be relevant that's so so important and then also like I said you know between getting expired domains and acquiring existing websites they're still live I would pick a live website any day of the week just because basically you're just acquiring it and you're immediately getting that redirect and didn't drop it did expire so to me that looks a lot more trustworthy which it's also more difficult to do that as well so like like right now I'm in a few discussions with different tools that I'm trying to acquire and like they don't even they never even had the thought that some would buy them out so like you email and they're like oh wait you want to you want to buy my website and they're like super confuse but then they're like oh and they're like I don't even know what I'd sell for but like what's your offer and then so now you know now there's a negotiation so yeah like yeah Banting tool not just hey I'm a better recovery company owned by another is that a recovery company and we're just gonna merge content I guess it's like a complementary tool like I could go I'm a better recovery service provider I guess it could go out there and seek to buy a better recovery software provider you know yeah okay that's exactly right and I can just give you like a practical example like we have an STD testing company that we work with and we've been trying to think of linkable acid ideas and we found a tool like a really old tool that like will help you determine if you have STDs and it has a ton of links from edu and dog gov sites and I just told the client like why don't we just go out and try to acquire this tool and if we can't acquire it why don't we just rebuild it and go out and outreaching at the same exact links right so you can go either way but that's another way to obviously acquire more links in a natural way is to rebuild tools or rebuild resources that have already been proven to acquire links all right so okay so that's so with every direct so one of another we're also building us a swarm builder online form builder and one of the things that I kind of came up I don't know it's probably a common strategy but I saw a lot of for example bad form versus using platform I think so we're building a competitive tool but not for there's a survey but it's more like embedding in the website and still like a bunch of so folks like Google Forms and drugs are on steroids whatever so but let's say that form versus jock form and then we would we were thinking to add so some people probably search for that stuff and they do a lot be compared tools like this this versus that so we won't include like jazz firm versus type form versus mighty form that's our so we add in a third one to the to be you know to these websites so when somebody searches one person and then they see a third one they're like oh poor these guys and then it can also travel to different content and traffic and they're like what so I'm going to really consider it the third one as well because somebody's comparing it so we kind of hear yeah we're like so would these be separate niche websites or would they be on the actual site itself it would probably be on our side when we're comparing three different tools with us and the rest will be honest comparison but not trying like make ourselves you know all that much better we'll just take certain features and compare them because we want people to read it in like say okay this tool is better for that like we realized the type form is better fillet questionnaires and so forth like so yes we're just not built yeah that's a that's a common that's a common tactic in SAS is the the versus posts so yeah and they they work well and in fact a lot of those types of keywords have low competition so you can really nominate for those yeah so so even that what I found what who the first find that would took you know recently baby had a there's a really popular product and that has ton of links and a ton of surface and then these guys are kind of like you and then I'm like wow well we can give you breaks and then it has Yorick ad you know and nobody search him for the product name but I mean nobody's really competing for the partner so we could really like review even that product and compared to compared to your product right on your web or less free traffic so yeah thousand search queries every month with yeah you you know that is what you just described is one of the most untapped things in SEO that I've just been seeing across so many industries is just brand targeting brand names and not not your brand like other brand names as it's so uncompetitive it's crazy like and it doesn't even take like obviously your CTR will be low because it's a navigational term so like I wanted to keep the navigational terms we ranked for the sea chars like really low but still they're easy to rank for so it doesn't really make a difference so and you're getting you're just getting brand recognition too so if you're against that brand-new ranking near them you're still getting that brand recognition which is you know obviously an intangible thing but still it's a big deal yeah so yeah so we're gonna tap that and see how that works yeah it's good idea yeah so what about speed especially like the Google tool PageSpeed sound like a neil patel for example their website he's web for this insanely good as far as the google basically scored goes but yeah on our end we you know and they checked his wordpress sites like three plugins so yeah Yost and WP rocket and some in the market and our sites i mean we have sometimes fifty plugins and we just can't get away from that baby yeah need it there are very complex functionalities that we have to then i would just go away from wordpress this way if i will just lose them so for me it's like okay the works it's still load super quick one point two seconds you know like if i turn off all the plugins and score at top score and one point one second but my or can be like twenty on the mobile you know sixty on the desperate for example but the question is how and how important because Google now has a Google search console and this is actually showing you like hey your your pages are slow you know that's what they're telling me but I know they're not and then in the real world testing they're not slow at all so how should we go about this yeah well you know if you take the case like Neal of course you can see his page speed is really good like obviously that's a beneficial thing but reality like that's not the thing driving his results you know the thing driving his results are all the links that he has that's obviously the factor that outweighs that substantially but when it comes to page speed there are diminishing returns so like going from going from one point two to you know below a second you're not gonna see anything really any difference in performance as far as SEO but if you were to go from eight seconds to two seconds oh that's a huge deal but when you when you start getting below like I like to say three seconds is like my target so if you can get below three seconds it's gonna turns are gonna be so diminishing that it's like yes you can go faster yes you can do more stuff to make it faster but at that point you're really doing it just for a better user experience not necessarily for SEO performance today so Google will actually put it in the Google console and the search console and started complaining about my things being slow so I'm like yeah you judging me by that I wonder yeah no I I wouldn't I wouldn't worry about it honestly I mean if you if you're already around one second it might be wasted effort to even try to go you know I mean we have some pages that are gonna be around three seconds but like we took the main pages and we went through like I forgot what the plug-in is for a WordPress and we just strip totally unnecessary scripts we deferred them and everything looks like way later so they yeah content loads up in 1.2 seconds and most of the pages yeah that's I think I think that's totally sufficient so let's see what else I got let's see so yeah with that new SEO client we're kind of looking at obviously as well as your clients they want to fastest result possible so we we kind of divided it into um hey look I mean it's gonna be some long term stuff stuff that's mostly gonna taking effect some stuff we can probably do faster because there's a lot of stuff that's just pure broken you have Losey jars because you're not you know you don't have you're not utilizing any markups or anything like this your your titles are too long or you know you're too short and things of that nature so we might take immediate effect is there anything else that you would suggest to do that could drive faster results besides new content and all second link building yeah as far as faster results well it's gonna depend on the state of their website so if they're like if they've never done SEO before you know that's gonna take some time but if they already have established traffic they're already ranking for some keywords then the fast things are not they're not okay so they're maybe it's not you yeah okay yeah so so for future reference you know if you do get a client that does have decent decent results already the fastest way you can drive more results is just adding title modifiers and adding some modifiers within the copy of the target pages so like for example if they're targeting I don't know Nike shoes yeah yeah what do you skincare exactly yeah exactly best Nike shoes I'm pretty sure when I when I gave you that SEO content brief I probably said something about title modifiers yeah yes so that that works pretty much across every industry there are some scenarios where it doesn't make sense to use to use years but in most cases you can you can squeeze that in for a lot of keywords and that's just the fast thing you can do this right away you immediately start dominating for those long tail queries because they're not competitive at all and so yeah it's that's the fastest thing you can do and then outside of that which does require more logistics would be optimizing the site architecture in my experience that's one of the fastest things that will increase results is just increasing pushing up the most important pages in the architecture so you know if you're trying to rank you know let's say you have five target pages you want to rank I would try to get those no more than one click deep so you get yeah exactly if you get them on the home page even better but sometimes with some clients that can be a little tricky so but yeah I mean trying to push them as high as you can because it's really not super complicated do it all the time but it's also a huge win and then I would say thirdly the the biggest thing is trying to find assets on the site that are relevant and then consolidating those with some of the pages that you're really trying to target I'm so I'll give you an example like we have a personal injury lawyer and he just had so many articles about car accidents and car acts and lawyer and just all kinds of stuff like that so we did we took like a bunch of those assets we consolidated on his car accident lawyer page his word count on that page was like 800 words now at 6,000 so you know that was they didn't require us to create any new content it just we decided to go through and you know make sure it was logically structured but even less as well itself exactly so where it's kind of you're getting it's it's kind of dominoe by doing that because you're eliminating all the thin and you know maybe duplicate content and you're building out this like super authoritative page so those those three are the ones I'm always like trying to identify when I first work on the site but yeah after that you know and then it's go you're gonna start to go through the grind of creating new content you know obviously fixing technical issues which you know some technical issues aren't really going to drive aren't really gonna push the meter at all optimizing them is it's important to do but that alone isn't really going to do anything the stuff that's gonna do stuff is content and links so and I wish you know wasn't that way but that's just the way it is and those are the two hardest things to do of course so that makes sense so we'll push on that yeah and it's all and I'm just gonna say to like since you guys are probably new to taking on clients it's all about managing expectations that stuff yeah I said hey maybe if we're lucky we can get some stuff pretty quickly like you know using modifiers like you said and like consolidating some confidence so I mentioned some of those things and you know forget some technical issues that they had like really no markups so at all and things of that nature so driving high click-through I thought maybe we're matter as well and Google yeah and I I'm all for under promising when it comes SEO it's so like when I'm not on initial sales called the client I literally under promise I'm like yeah hopefully we can get you at six months but we're probably looking around twelve and the reason they do that is because I know it's in the campaign I can probably get results in three months to at least show something and then that way they're like pleasantly surprised by it so it's it's that's just the way it's the way our industry is so you got to kind of you know do it that way otherwise you will do it with complaints exactly and trust me that's not fun so we're testing waters I mean I like it I love doing it and this is the only reason I took that client they just came just hey you guys do well can you help us you know and then they just knew that personally I don't know if I should take you but I'm like sure okay let's see what we can do I like doing it maybe I'll enjoy it if I do yeah yeah it's a good thing to take slow for sure see if you actually enjoy it because it's absolutely yeah I love doing it part always for my projects my websites my businesses but like commercially doing it is a whole different level so yeah it is grinding clients calling you yeah yeah I would take it slow yep that's for sure let's see if I can squeeze a couple one or two more questions so um any so that the client we're working this with is an e-commerce website um I guess it's very similar approach that goes into it when doing that CEO but anything particularly you overcome it for e-commerce websites and no useful before but like really optimize a product they just making sure their unique context and so forth but is there anything and like obviously we'll do markups for products and so forth anything else you think that would uh you could throw in there yeah a few things number one be careful duplicate content that's that's a plague of e-commerce site so and now fortunately with a lot of the content management systems for econ that that handles that issue but I've just seen it so many times of the econ site so that's the one thing make sure that's on issue but then from there the biggest thing I recommend for econ is a reverse silo and that's just so important because it's really hard to acquire links to category pages or product pages unless they have some sort of unique quality or some yeah or some unique like marketing angles so like you know like the this shave I can never learn the brand name the Dollar Shave Club know a shave club so they had they had good marketing and that led to links so that's a situation where that works but for most ecommerce sites you're not going to have that level of marketing so you're gonna happen build out informational assets that will be used as the catalyst to grow the site's Authority and then you'll just have to leverage and you know really smart internal linking so that's that's kind of my go-to for building econ is just focused purely on growing site Authority and less on driving links to category and product pages just because it's pointless yeah well yeah I mean it's unnecessarily pointless yeah hey who's gonna really buy who's gonna really link to somebody that just gonna sell your product that just doesn't seem match exactly yeah that's right so all right last one let's see that that's a struggle we have with one of our businesses so we have a bunch of locations and one of our competitors always shows up on any keyword in that industry for a local so for example we are in Cleveland on you search for data recovery they're showing up better recovering Cleveland favorite Cleveland page so they have the H we have the same thing we have the gene V set up their LinkedIn so forth but no unless you search that our recovery Cleveland then we don't show up at all you just you know it's I think Google doesn't like our Cleveland GB in particular for some reason oh yeah this competitor somehow mastered this local SEO and no matter what you search it's always going to show that local city page anything that you would recommend for us to investigate or what can help us perform better in that regard yeah so when they search so are they showing up organically and they're showing up in the local pack we they always show in the local pack organically and even ads so they do ads on the maps well it's I think it's automatic are links to it yeah yeah yeah they they are definitely top three and that I think this is where they perform better which is something I just don't get how yet they're gene B is incredibly good like I can be they they have a location in in Brooklyn and you search from Elizabeth New Jersey and they're showing up in Brooklyn I'm like how the hell because you have so many companies right there and then for some reason it shows all the way across the map and even like the number of readers is not that many so I'm kind of used how the heck did they build up such a Gucci me yeah it was very difficult for me to obviously give you a reason without seeing it myself but but yeah I mean how strong is their site compared to yours stronger not that from its yeah they're black heading I mean need buying like just from one Indian deed like 2,000 guest posts a year so I know that for sure so yeah yeah all the same format all the same websites that code dot uk' all websites you know seem domain same thing one link in the footer you know just a structure yeah okay so they're they're good they're aggressive they're doing aggressive SEO then well you could call it that but it definitely is one person writing all that content yeah it's like five words each article it's the same thing same text yeah well honestly just just pulling purely from experience when I see someone who's just dominating that way more than likely it's been factored because of domain Authority just pure strength of their website and secondly you may not see everything that's going on behind the scenes which they may have entire network set up of web sites that are linking to them that are hidden from crawlers so that yeah and that that happens a lot and it's very easy I can block a tress majestic they can all be born where you yeah it's very very easy so that's typically what I think but you know I've just come to a point of SEO where I just don't even care much about the competitors unless I can pull something from them that is I can replicate if I if there's nothing I can replicate from them that they're doing well then I just like okay we just need to make our website stronger or we can just need to crush them so that's the only way you like unfortunately whatever they're doing to perform well has no impact on how you're going to perform so you you can really only focus on what you're doing and if you're if your website isn't as strong or stronger then you just have to kind of accept defeat at this point and then know that once you get to that point hopefully you're gonna beat them speaking of stronger do you believe in da you actually like check I know Google doesn't care for you they have their own but there you go but I mean only because I have to sometimes as just a qualification metric but I it's not like I it's not important for ranking to me yeah I just I just look at I just look at links in general and if a website has a good link profile but I say okay that's definitely a strong website but I I probably lean more towards dr than d at this point I just I'm not really a fan of Mazdas metrics but the only reason why I use them is because it's kind of like the industry standard at this point but I think I think that will change over time because I think a trust is starting to kind of push them out a little bit but like like I said those are just third-party metrics so I take them with a grain of salt yeah it's like it's even like if you look at gotcha SEOs like traffic on a trust it will like show crazy traffic like big spikes and big declines like that never even happened on my life yes yeah example a trust unfortunately it just completely disregards the local SEO and then our entire one of our brands entirely built on local SEO so yeah they don't understand that that we always show up in local listings and then some cities where just completely absent and some cities were dominant you know yeah they just completely disregard it they do yeah that's that things that exactly right so I'm not sure I'm not sure why that is but maybe they just don't have the capabilities to handle all that so that that multiplied by however many locations you go wherever you want yeah so I mean there's a hopeful that we use for that for that particular purpose yeah yeah to get a real picture of sure so I wish I had a more straightforward answer for you but it's no easy question so yeah I would expect you know more or less you know your thoughts and which is shared there's a professor working with in the industry for quite quite some time so hey so I hope this video answered some of your advanced SEO questions and if you enjoyed this video once again please like it and subscribe to my channel because I'm gonna be publishing a lot more videos just like this one in fact I do have a video coming up very soon about on-page SEO so I'm super excited to show you that but you have been working on it for actually a couple months now with my video editor so I'm excited to show you that and if you want my personal help or you want help from one of my trained SEO experts make sure you join got Jesse Academy because that's the only place where you can get one on one help from me because I do not take on SEO consulting clients anymore so thank you so much for watching this video if you made it this far and if you haven't already make sure you subscribe I'll see in the next video

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