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In this clip, we're going to talk about 27 marketing
tools to crush it in 2019 part two so we actually have a part one for the series.
Don't forget to check out that one. Things change quickly. So
this is done for 2019 right? There are a lot of these tools are going
to become irrelevant maybe next year. So these are the ones I think you
should be using this year and I'm really excited to share them.

And by the way, I talk about tools all the time because
my job is to evaluate all the tools and then just surface the ones that make the
most sense and then bring them forward to you to make your life easier.
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entrepreneurship, and productivity. So without further ado, let's begin. Duck soup makes it easy for
you to automatically visit
people's profiles inside of Linkedin and you can collect
their email address as well. So if I want their personal
email address, I can do it. Or if I visiting certain
people's profiles, it can
automatically endorse them. Or let's say I want to invite
them to an event as well.

People that are on my first
two connections that can
send them an automatic message. Duck soup is relatively cheap for $15 a
month and it just makes your life easier when it comes through sales
and recruiting as well. So you can use it as a double
tool. Check out bid IQ. You guys are all familiar
with like sem rush, HRF, Uber suggest and the list
keeps going on and on. Mas Vid IQ is one of those
tools, but it's four videos. So if you want to get the most amount of
views on your videos and spend the less time doing it.

Vid IQ is a tool
that'll help you get there. Snip Dot l y check it out because if
I'm sharing one of Neal's articles on entrepreneurship or on entrepreneur.com
I should say, I cannot pixel that, but so let's say I'm driving
Facebook traffic there, I want to be able to pick some of
those people first of all, right? So I can kind of re target
those people later. Um, and I also want to show an offer. So what I can do is I can
take his entrepreneur magazine
posts and then overlay my snip dot l y kind of overlay on
it so I can, I can put like my offer. So it could be like 29 growth hacks or
what between that growth hacks that will help you grow or whatever. And then
basically when people visit that link, uh, my Facebook pixel or whatever pixel could
be a Google pixel, two will be there. So I can re target those people and then
I could have a little overlay that has a offer where people can type in their
email address and then opt into whatever I'm offering.

That way when I'm
promoting other content, when I should, you know, obviously you shouldn't
just promote your stuff all the time, but when you're promoting
other people's content, you can actually collect some
upside over there as well. One of the tools I like when it comes to
running experiments is Google optimize it because it's free. It is an ab testing tool that
allows you to run experiments. It doesn't cost you any money. It's
not like the other platforms out there.

And what you basically do is if I
want to test the font that I'm using, the copy that I have in a certain
button, the headline that I have, I can just use Google optimize and that
makes it very easy to get things going. Cart abandonment software, you
should pick whatever one you want. And the cool part about cart and adamant
like you can be tools like rejoiner, whatever you know is works
with ever Shopify pop form
or I dunno whatever you're using.

But I would, I wouldn't set
up picking ones like rejoin her, figuring out which integrate with whatever
CMS or Shopify platform or ecommerce platform you're on. And what that'll do is a large portion
of the people hit your checkout page and ECOMMERCE, you're lucky if one out of five or
two out of five complete the purchase.

But with the car [inaudible] software
you potentially can get another 10% authority lines allows you to track a
certain keywords that you're looking for. So this is the best rank tracking tool
that I know of was authority last. It's going to show you over time, over
a six month period, three months period, or one year period, how a certain
keyword is trending for you. So you can kind of different line graphs.
It's going down, up into the right, whatever it is. Exactly. We use
this to track for our clients. We use this to track our own keywords
and we can see how are performing. So once you put the keywords in,
then you're going to see over time, has that keyword actually
gone up or has it gone down? The final thing I'll add around authority
labs is the ability to look at other keywords that you have the
potential to rank for LTV plus. So, uh, I was, I was, this is, uh, a friend's companies names David Hensley
cofounded a company called Max CDN. And what LTV plus does is they actually
have agents that can manage your chatbots.

Uh, let's say you have intercom on your
website or whatever else you're using, they will be there. You can actually
set them up for 24, seven. Uh, we were speaking to, I was speaking to
a mutual friend last week, a Sayed, uh, the guy that runs off than monster. And he was saying cause LTV plus the
first go around it actually failed for us because we kind of just
expected them to go with it. Um, that's actually not how you want to
do any kind of hiring at all, but uh, what say you did, would he set up,
um, a lot of, you know, kind of, uh, standard operating procedures and FAQ
set up like 50 to a hundred questions or so.

And then from there,
you know, his, uh, LTV plus agents were able to
succeed because you know, your, your people can always be on your
chatbots, manning them all the time. So having something like that, uh,
could be a game changer for you. What clear scope allows you to do
is you can basically check out the, how you're a piece of content performing
and it's going to recommend keywords for you to add into that page. That way, it's going to help you rank
for more keywords for a page. So occasion can rank for
a couple hundred keywords, but what if you can help it rank
for a couple thousand keywords? You going to get a lot more traffic from
it and you're just basically getting a lot more bang for your buck from
just writing a piece of content. Let's say you're spending
$6,000 on content per month.
Well, what's the saying? You can spend $500 on having a software
like this to help you grow faster.

So you can use clear scope and then you
can combine that with a tool like click flow. It's gonna help you
grow faster. All right? Zoom is great from a calling perspective
when I'm having calls with people, uh, but also not only that,
they have a Webinar, um, add on and they have a whole bunch of
other features that you can add onto. But when you go live on a Webinar
or Webinar, one's not that good. I like the Webinar one. You
like it and hate it. I love it. It was a different opinions
here, but I love it. Also when you go live on the
Webinar, you can also go live on, on Facebook or Youtube,
um, at the same time.

So it's worked out really well for me in
terms of like the engagement cause when I've used like go to Webinar in the past
when I tried to get people to engage, like raise their hand and all that, um,
it's the engagement's not that great. But with zoom it's actually fairly high. The next tool I have
for you is convert kit. If you're a blogger and you
want to do email blasts, it doesn't have all the tools
are all the function like drip. I know drip is more for ecommerce
now. They've adapted a bit. Uh, it doesn't have all the automation
that some of the other tools have, but it's really easy to use for marketers.
And it's affordable jungle scout. Jungle Scout is the guy that
runs it. Uh, Greg Mercer, I think I met him at a
conference a couple of years ago. And what they basically do, and
you Amazon people that love, um, starting new products all the time
looking for new products.

Well, jungle scout helps you find
these products, the ones
that are kind of like on, on the uptick. Um, so jungle,
it's the word jungle, like Amazon, jungle scout and um,
basically it can track um, different kind of sales numbers and
different trackers and it's going to help you find what you need to build the right
products and build the right business. The reason Webinar our jam converts
really well is because of how you can integrate the sales, the countdown clocks, all that kind of stuff
within your webinar. So it's easier to drive people from the
Webinar to the actual page where you're selling people.

Wistia has good analytics, they have a free version where you can
put three videos on there and I believe the, the paid version, I think it's
59 bucks or 99 bucks or so. Uh, it's, it's not that bad and it's going to be
helpful to well get your video stuff going. Sales Flyer is really
simple. It's like using a Trello. You're kind of dragging your contacts
through each point from a lead to contacted to qualify all the way to a
sale and I like using it because it's very lightweight and it's easy to use. Now those of you out there that
are using salesforce for example, I agree sales force down the road, I mean it has a lot of
different integrations. It is very complex and you do want to
make sure you're having the right person set it up.

But if you're looking to start out using
a tool like sales flyer makes your life a lot easier. It's a lot easier to manage. You can use a tool like sales flyer
or you can use a tool like pipe drive, full story. This is more of a
product tool than a marketing tool. But with full story, you can do user recordings on steroids
in which it'll show you everyone is going to your website and has clicked on like
the free trial link or the checkout page , but they didn't convert.

So allows you to segment the videos
based off of specific actions, which will then help you maximize
your conversion rate or ROI. Because then you know, hey, here are all the videos or user stories
that I need to look at to maximize my sales. [inaudible] it's spelled
like Bose, your a, B o, n, j o, u r with a o [inaudible] so that you go
to that site as long as it has a bear on it, you're on the right site. Um, what it basically does is it
allows you to make customized, uh, personalized videos that you can send to, let's say a a new customer for example,
or somebody that just left, right? You can make it much more personalized
versus just trying to send them an email.

That becomes much more
personal because humans, we like doing business with
other humans. So check it out. It's not expensive to try it. You can use a tool like find
that lead or find that email. These are two different tools that will
allow you to find emails out there. So basically you can spec out kind of
who you're looking for and you get a list of emails, scrub that list loaded
into outreach, wirecast. Uh, so Neil and I, you're going to see us in 2019 doing a
lot of lives and we're going to continue to optimize that. But we're not only
going to go live on one channel, you know, at least for me, I'm going
to try to simulcasts, right? So I'm going to be appearing on Facebook
at the same time on youtube at the same time. Maybe even on Instagram. Stories
are just making things up right now. So you're going live not only just on
one, but you can do it on multiple times. You can set up a more professional
setting and um, you know, you can do it that way or
you can just do it where, where you're not using vodcast and you
might just be using multiple phones.

It's totally up to you. But if you want to have something that
allows you to broadcast at the same time, uh, use wirecast, it's about 500 bucks. Using something like intercom for example, will give you the ability
to build custom bots. And Intercom has integrations with
tools like stripe. Um, they have help, helpful help desks as well. And what you can do is you could
combine intercom with um, or LTV plus. So that's l the letters, LTV plus, and they have chat agents that
can help you 24, seven, uh, manage all this and then people can buy
directly from the Intercom Bot. So, um, if you are, you know, this is a
little more intermediate to advance.

If you're getting some traffic already,
I'm using that Bot or here's a bonus. You can use a tool called land bought
that's land by like landing page land bought.io and you can
send people directly. This is a tool from my friend Eric Rivera
and I'm basically that page can chat with people and then you can try
to, you know, engage them. Sumo. So summa is by Noah Kagan. It's a great way to collect emails
and you can use these emails, remarket to them, get them back to
your site.

It's really easy to use. And the beautiful part is they have tons
of templates. They have a free version, so technically you don't have to
pay, but it's like a all in one tour. It's not the best user
interface to be quite upfront, but for the price of free
it's actually not bad. And if you want then you can
upgrade to the paid version. What data nice does is it scraped
entire web and you can see different technologies. People are using their
Alexa rank, their SCM rush rank, how much they're spending in terms
of ad words, what business are in, what revenue size they are. So it's basically scraped entire web
and I can find more emails and basically what I'll do is I'll find a bunch of
contacts and then I'll search them on linkedin and I'll combine it with duck
soup. I'll collect all those emails, I'll load it into outreach.

So you can see the importance of
having processes set up with all these different tools. It's like a Combo, right? If you played any kind of fighting
games, like killer instinct for example, when you're a kid, well this is one of those common ones
that you want to set up to grow your visit frame. Dot. Io is really cool
because it basically allows you to, when you think about your content process, people are giving feedback
at each flow, right? So video has been on my mind a
lot. Neil is doing a lot of video.

I'm doing a lot of video too. People aren't really talking tools
that will help you with the workflow. I use frame.io to basically leave comments
or leave feedback on videos so we can push it through the process. Um, there hasn't been something
like this for a while. I've been looking for something like
this, so it's kind of fresh for me, top of mine. So I thought
I mentioned that first. We're doing Libsyn for our podcast
right now and it pushes to Spotify. It pushes a soundcloud, it pushes
the apple at the same time, we're able to see things across the
board. It helps us get distribution.

And for this podcast we paid $20 a
month or something that gets, you know, on track for six hundred thousand six
hundred forty thousand plus downloads a month serps that so stirrup stat allows
you to look at various SEO factors. We can look at keyword data. You can basically audit your website as
well and you can look at a whole host of things that will help you with better
at content marketing service that isn't all in one SEO platform. Of course there are bunch of other
SEO platforms that I talk about, but for the sake of simplicity and
because serps that is relatively cheap, this is when you want to look at
when it comes to heat mapping. Crazy eight is the one that
has been out there for a while. Obviously it's Neil's tool we've
talked about a couple of times, but that is something that while
even it stands the test of time. Go check it out. Hello bar helps you collect emails
and what emails do his well, emails help you make more money
because you control the audience. Literally in the last episode we talked
about patrolling and building your own audience.

Um, I think you know, just
because Amazon is as goldmine right now, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't
think about building that email address. You can use Google tag manager and
Google tag manager is also free. You can, once you basically have that installed, you can add different
snippets of code to your site. You don't want to add too
many to slow yourself down, but you add these snippets
of coach your site. And what you can do with basically
is you're not going to require your engineer's to your or your developers to
help you consistently add code, right? And you can also run kind of unique tests. You can add different testing
tools in there.

Uh, but again, you don't want to add too many snippets
or else you're going to drive everyone crazy. You're going drive your
users crazy. You got to drive your, give your developers crazy,
your designers crazy. Everyone's going to be mad at you
because you're a marketer. All right. So I hope you enjoy that. Let us know in the comments which of
these tools you plan to use.

And also, if you think we missed a tool, drop it in the comments and
below and don't forget to rate, review and subscribe to this channel.
And if you want more marketing tips, more entrepreneurship tips, check out
the next clip and we'll see you tomorrow..

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