• Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

we are live Allan stand by for audio. all
right good day and good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another
LIVETHEFUEL show. so today actually this evening my time and we'll say in the
morning as my guest co-host time we are recording overseas again this time it's
not over the pond as we were saying with the UK this time we're back in Australia
so this gentleman we're gonna have some fun today ladies and gentlemen. this is going to be more of a business themed podcast okay this guy might know a few things about
marketing we might even talk a little bit about sales but we like to have fun
on this show and he's not just a marketing guy okay he's actually
apparently an author he might know a few things I'm trying to figure that out so
we've talked about that as well but he's a globally recognized marketing expert
and as I hinted with the author he's a best-selling author and he's made it his
life's work to provide a framework for marketing small businesses and we all
know how hard it is for the small businesses out there to succeed so I
love bringing that fuel to the fire for you guys but he's proof that you don't
need a degree from a fancy university to become a highly successful entrepreneur
and sought-after business coach and you simply need to know how to
consistently market your business better than your competitors and I'll share a
quote later in the show because he provided a great one that I also believe
in but without further ado Allan Dib welcome to the show sir.

Hey Scott
pleasure to be on the show so we were just joking around you are dialing in at
you said 10:00 a.m. your time yeah it's just almost half past 10:00 there we go
come up on 10:30 a.m. and it's on East Coast time here in the USA. so it's almost 6:30 my time so and I'm from the future as well it's it's we're speaking into the
future I love it and actually so I don't want to hold this one back I love the
maybe you actually know do you know which quote that she shared on your on
your application I know I don't have a phone you'll notice as I say it so we
are not in the business of what you do you're in
business of marketing what you do exactly before we got anything to show
you couldn't have put it any simpler so let's just dig in man why do you care
about marketing and helping small businesses succeed so much? look to me it's kind of you know I speak to audiences all over the world and you
know sometimes ask question what do you think the business failure rate is and
some people say 50% 60% some people say 90% I don't know what
the actual figure is but no one's ever said anything less than 50% right I
would agree and and I think that's just insane that we all just accept that that
that 50 to 90% of businesses are just gonna fail and we just simply accept
that and you know to me I don't accept that I think we can we can make a
positive influence on that figure reduce the failure rate increase the success
rate and you know to me dialing into the marketing aspect is the thing that can
move the needle most there's many aspects of business we could concentrate
on but to me marketing getting leads and customers into businesses the thing that
can move the needle most to to positively affect that figure well which
is great too because somebody who's come from the sales and marketing world too I
love it because when companies want to trim the budget where do they check exactly exactly yourselves in the foot
exactly I mean and if 50 to 90 percent of cars ended up in fatal crashes I mean
there'd be riots in the streets right we wouldn't accept that but we accept that
for businesses it does drive me a little bonkers once in a while I'll use that
word I do get passionate about this I can tell you do too I mean the small
businesses this is what at least here in the US this is what builds and sustains
the economy it's not the multi billion multi-million dollar corporation yeah
okay it's it's actually the small businesses and this has been proven time
and time again but people seem to forget this yeah yeah hundred percent I mean
small businesses the the back the economy and you know it's just
tragic I just I just can't believe that this is something that is generally
accepted that the school system is kind of rigged against entrepreneurs and you
know that's something I want to change and that's something that I know you
want to change as well oh I'm glad you brought that on it cuz I'm like yourself
I the way I grew up I mean I was a farm kid and then I had the opportunity at
least in our schools I'm interesting to do the comparison here from the US the
Australia but I don't think we ever talked about this the in Alice in high
school you had the choice of studying we called it back then college preparatory
courses to prepare you for the university for junior sorry sophomore
junior and senior year your last three years of high school year you could then
also instead go and study at a vocational school or a Technical College
so I did that i studied micro electronics technology ice to be able
literally I would solder chips into circuit boards and tear our computers
apart and all kinds of techy stuff so I learned that in high school and people
like I say that nowadays and people are blown away by that like you learned
about that kind of technology in high school and I said yeah but back then I
didn't think it was that cool and exciting but I did not take any college
prep course because I didn't think I was gonna go to scrub to college or
university and then I I guess I got cross-pollinated with people I was
working I was working my way through high school and I had to work my way
through college and but I saw other friends in mine from other schools
preparing to go to school and I thought well maybe I maybe I can go to the
University because maybe I'll be the first one of my family to do so and all
those thoughts started popping in my head so when you go back that far like
did you have those types of thoughts yeah yeah look look to me I mean school
and what school prepares you for is and entrepreneurship are two completely
different things I mean school prepares you for become an employee essentially
no employee be a great employee sit down be quiet follow the rules do what you're
told do your homework come back the next day
do it all again and you know look it's understandable I mean foot for the vast
majority of probably the last century most people were employees but now in
the last probably decade or two I mean the technology has just enabled people
to become entrepreneurs with a laptop with a with an iPad even so it's just
incredible what's available now but the school system has not evolved to supply
those needs so it's just you know it's rigging people for for failure so
they're teaching kind of the marketing and business stuff that you would need
to know it working as an marketer or something in a large company working in
a marketing department working for someone but you know they'll spend four
or five years teaching a chiropractor had a whack in crack backs and they
won't spend a single class teaching him how to get a client or even build a
sustainable business yeah even if he does they start luck out he or she
starts planning clients they don't know anything like exactly how many medical
experts I know that exact they're the perfect example of just somebody who
went to school they're passionate about maybe healing people and guiding people
healthy because we geek out about help on this show yeah
and then nobody taught them oh thank you for caring so much about health wellness
fitness whatever maybe here's the tools to the success bin you know here's your
keys you know to the castle so to speak and now you could build a sustainable
business with that – yeah yep and just the way things are structured I mean
right now I'm expanding my team so I'm hiring people who are experts at things
that I have no idea about things you know so we're so in business that the
way you succeed is you hire people that are smarter than you you hire people who
can specialize in a particular role and they manage that part of the business in
school if you say hey I'm really good at math so I'll do the math test you're
really good at literature so you do the literature test and we'll team up and
we'll work together that's called cheating we all had that I mean unless
you're you know borderline genius I believe we all had I think when I was in
high school I excelled in mathematics hated English then I went to the
universe years later and all of a sudden sucked
at math and loved English it was just amazing my brain just shifted I can't
explain it but that's your point with what I know now I would have just
outsourced my weaknesses and focused my strengths yes yes in school that's
called shading so you're not allowed to add so if you wake missus you've got a
know-it-all so I love where we're going with this because so your brand I love
your brand by the way actually you know what for our video Watchers on the
youtubes well let's do a little screen sharing but ladies and gentlemen if you
want to follow this gentleman all's you guys do a search for success wise or
success wise calm is is the domain but I love the fact that you fiddle in the
word wise I mean we're talk about education right now we can kind of tie
this to wisdom I gotta ask you because in the marketing guy was that some of
the underlying principles that went into you creating that that that's simple
branding yeah look I started this business with the idea that I wanted
success wise to be essentially a repository for success education and
success being beyond business right right now we're very business focused
and we're very marketing focused but I can see that expanding down the track I
believe in fully dominating a particular niche before moving on to another so
we're still nowhere near done with marketing and business so working on
that but very much I wanted it to be around the concept of success education
and conveying that very clearly and succinctly now as that word drove the
book that's very much what drove the book in fact you know the book you know
you find you know they say necessity is the mother of invention right and to me
that's very much the case with the book so for me the book was all I didn't
I'm not really an author or anything like that because I didn't one day ii
didn't dream up okay what should i write in a vocal or whatever it really came
from a need that my clients had so i was coaching clients and i was trying to get
them to write a marketing plan because you know let's let's plan out what we're
going to do and i found it was very very difficult
very clines did it they felt it was too
difficult too expensive to ownerís and so I created a process called the
one-page marketing plan it was a process before it was ever a book and the
compliance rate shot right up so you know it I made an easy framework based
on direct response marketing that they could fill in in 15 20 30 minutes and it
just got a lot of traction and even outside of my client base when I would
speak I would present the one-page marketing plan concept and again more
than anything I would speak at it got the most traction so I wanted to get it
out to a wider audience and that's exactly what I did with the book so the
book really came from a market driven need rather than me kind of dreaming
something up to write about one day well what I love here is you you clarified it
started as a process so you don't know something is gonna be successful until
you at least start implementing it and evaluating it as a process and then
obviously getting client feedback and you're testing it in the market and
that's not a great as you pointed out a take rate because I obviously per the
name in a book one-page marketing plan if you can simplify it down to one page
I think you're gonna increase people's completion rates if those people I mean
look what was the average let me challenge you or some here what is the
average business plan how many pages there's a business plan on average I see
its most people never sit down actually create a business plan let alone a
marketing plan yeah exactly I mean I can give you my personal experience with
that in my first business I wasn't very smart but I was smart enough to know
that I probably needed to put together a business plan er so I hired a guy who
helped me and he helped me make an awesome business plan it was had charts
and graphs and projections and financials and everything was probably
75 80 pages long and it's a long it was a long one and guess what happened with
it it got shoved in the top drawer of my desk
never to see the light of day again until we moved offices and I was
throwing out all the trash I was hoping you were going to say that because I
don't want to see a business plan isn't necessary there is a lot of value that
you get out of going through the process Blair is I'm like you what I just had a
newer client I was coaching a few weeks ago and I asked him to do instead of a
one page marketing plan I had them do something as simple as a creative brief
like what's a creative brief I said you're looking to launch a brand and who
do you expect how you expect the web designer to follow the same protocols as
your graphics team your social media I mean you don't have these teams yet but
obviously if you build a successful business all of that is tied together
yeah they hadn't and no clue there's they just it's like well one can i when
can I create a logo like you are know we're ready for a logo what is the logo
gonna tie to what is your mission what do you want a mission statement or not
but you see where I'm going with all this I do
I figured you'd appreciate that because he felt like creatively and in fact it's
funny we've been going through that process right now we're working on a
slight rebrand and getting all of our visuals much more unified so been going
through that process over the last few weeks and do an assumed which and there
is no reason why you have that is you go back to it yeah what is the average
rebrand elacin gentleman listen to this like they're like okay two marketing
guys geeking out I warned you it's gonna be a business-oriented show but I think
the ad last time I read the stats it still still an average every five to
seven years plan on doing some type of rebrand right yep yep I think that's
about right yeah it's probably been four or five years for me and you know
especially that you know we felt that you know now with the book and with the
podcast coming out and all this really tying those things in together that they
were almost separate entities to date so now even though I'm a direct response
guy you know and you know traditional direct response guys say don't worry
about branding and all of that I still I still value good design and tying
everything together and so that's that's what we've been doing okay I wanna dig
deeper into that let's pause let for the audience who doesn't understand the
difference between direct response and something else let's help them
understand that real quick so why did you pick that niche what is why do you
love direct response so much because I figure once you explain why you love it
it'll everybody else will understand what it means so
looked to me direct response marketing is really just a small to medium
business marketing but that's the way I explain it because there's two types of
marketing camps I guess you could say so there's direct response marketing that's
where you know you spend a dollar and you expect to get a dollar fifty or two
dollars or ten dollars back in revenue when you write an ad you expect someone
to take a particular action that action could be buying your product it could be
opting into your list it could be sending back a coupon it
could be dialing a phone number any one of those things so when you when you
write an ad you expect someone to take some sort of action and then because
they take an action you can measure those actions so you can say right we
ran an ad it cost us $10,000 we had 300 people opting in we had 20 people buy
and then we had 10 people upgrade to the next level program so and you can
measure right so we spent $10,000 and we've got $25,000 back so that's direct
response marketing in a summary then there's a brand building mass marketing
type of marketing and that's essentially what the big companies do like a Nike or
a coca-cola or an apple that's billboards that's logos that's kind of
TV ads that kind of adjust all about getting people to remember their brand
so it's about brand recognition about people sort of just trying to remember
you so and I'm not saying one's bad or one's good they're both good they both
both good they both work they both have their place but in my opinion a small
business doesn't have enough firepower to do mass marketing and brand based
marketing that they've they've got a small budget they've got a small
timeline so they they need to get a return on whatever they spend on
marketing so for a small business up until they get to a particular stage
really it's all about direct response marketing and even for large businesses
I mean they're huge multi-billion dollar businesses that are highly reliant on
direct response marketing but once you get much bigger
once you your budgets are much bigger once your timelines are much longer then
you can start putting a branding element into your your marketing and
really spending a lot of money on that side of things I love we're digging to
this because I do I have a couple of very very loyal fans and they're
actually local here too and they both had these I love I love promoting the
side hustle right because there's no excuse not to become an entrepreneur
these days if you're passionate about something it just I think the biggest
thing is we have to learn to be patient in that process so you could build
something sustainable and then graduate it from the side hustle into the ability
to replace your primary income and then you can become a full-time entrepreneur
if you want or maybe you just love having side hustles and side businesses
and you keep doing your employee career thing I know people would do the same
but I loved your point earlier where you said the other direct response guys kind
of laugh at you because like oh you don't need to build a brand well my my
belief is and as I've taught them as well as like guys like you have to build
your brand because you I look at building two businesses as two ways one
you're gonna build it you're gonna have it forever if it is your brand it is you
it is your life long company to you're building a business to sell it yeah
that's really it I mean that's how I look at it I mean it's really two ways
but I in both those scenarios you're building a brand
I mean if someone's gonna buy my company they're buying the brand the systems and
the protocols and the processes that I've built into behind the brand but
there's a little brand out there right it's so you could become the most
successful direct response person out there but then if you're not launching a
podcast and you're not writing a book what how do people get to connect all
that success back to you slash your brand right so like people think oh well
I don't want a brand I want my name I'm like that's fine your name is your brand
that rant yeah the other thing I'll put out there is I
mean there are massive different definitions of what a brand is and and
I'll put this one on becuse back to you Scott what's your definition of a brand
what are your thoughts on that oh if there's so many different ways to define
that actually I mean for me it's funny because I love giving people the history
on live the fuel right so yeah I looked at it back in the day and I said well
not many people know who I am so I said for me I want to grow a brand and a
brand with a fuel and then as that grows and succeeds my name will obviously come
along with it and then for example like fast forward today now I'm started
getting into more public speaking I've become an author I've been published in
a magazine four times now and I'm actually working on my first book so I'm
chasing you so but in the past I'd say three four years as I started building
the live the fuel brand in the beginning I just wanted to be associated with
positive motivational inspirational content that's how I started I literally
activated a Facebook page took a picture of a fire flame because I'm a former
firefighter and then and I created live the fuel and then I just started posting
content on Facebook yeah that was it that's how it started today I mean
author public speaker podcast show over two years old approach we just aired
episode 229 this morning so yeah I mean I didn't have a VA back then IVAs I mean
so if I went back in time that original business plan that I wrote doesn't does
not fully align with what the brand has grown to you today so instead of me just
defining I want at least give you that direct Association how look at fuel was
it's like yep people who find my show now they don't know where it came from
it was as simple as ID stuff started taking action and posting stuff that I
cared about and then for me even the fuels brand I wanted to make sure as it
grew I don't need millions of followers I want loyal followers who care about
the content that we put out and then obviously hopefully through the podcasts
and things like that I can help them find motivational or inspirational
people and for example today's show business marketing oriented hopefully we
pass on people to you and say great I've been trying to find direct response guy
Allen's my guy right that is that helped I guess explain it does help it does
help oh I'll give you my definition and say say what you what you think of it to
me a brain is the personality of a business right
so similar to a personality of a person it's a personality of a business so when
you think of a personality of the person what what makes that up so it could be
their name right so my name is Alan right what does that person where do
they you know and that's kind of equivalent to like the design of a of a
business right then how does that person communicate and again that that can be
equivalent to positioning or or you know that sort of thing what are what are
this person's core values right so again this is around your brand promise so who
does this brand who does this person or who does this brand associate with and
that's kind of like target market is this brand well-known well that's brand
awareness so whether or not you're not you know it you are building a brand in
your business the only the only thing is is whether you're doing it with purpose
and knowingly so if you've got a design style guide you're thinking about what
your brand wears if you're like in my business we've got a design style guide
which we're revising at the moment as I mentioned but we've also got things like
a copywriting style guide so how do we write email newsletters to our clients
do it do we write it formally do we have a graphic Laden or do we have it
conversational what kind of words do we use what kind of sentence structure do
we use do we use simple simple sentences or do we go for something bit more
complex and academic so all of these things make up the personality or brand
of your business so whether you know whether you know it or not you're
building the brand of your business it's just whether you're doing it
purposefully or not I like how you tied it back to the person because behind
every company or every brand there was the founder or the implement and so yes
even though there's live the fuel where the fuel was actually it started off as
a quote I created one of my favorite quotes when I was firefighting when I
left the corporate world I actually Australia you get it down there so right
now California is all over the news again because it's big wildfires and I
know Australia gets wildfires I don't know if they're in your area
I know they happen down there so that's what I did I left the cubicle corporate
space that took two years and I served as my the elite hotshot while I'm
firefighters here in the US yeah change my life
obviously fire in my logo reason why I use blue and white is because if you
look at the intensity if you ever I'm geeking I'm geeking out but you go back
in the science class and you studied the universe and stars and throughout the
lifecycle of a star basically the hotter the fire burns like white hot blue hot
and that's hotter than yellow and red and orange Isaac I'm a dumb bit I'm very
intense yep I'm gonna dremel in junky people follow my and like I skydive and
I'm a CrossFit guy yeah firefight yeah so there's ha it's all tied together but
I had to lay all that out as you hinted like okay I before I even had a style
guide like I had to pick the colors I wanted but what were they expose
symbolizing so I don't people don't think about that like oh why is the fire
white and blue every once in a while I get a few people who do ask and then as
soon as I'd say like oh that makes perfect sense so what's your point it
has to it is me live the fuels me until the fuel and fuel marketing and fuel
agency could easy to grow and if I if ever decided to grow a big team it'll
grow beyond me but it still has me at its roots so my psychology my psyche is
intertwined with that so and it kinda reminds me of I don't know if you
remember there was an apple ad campaign a few years ago where I'm a Mac I don't
PC so the I'm a Mac was what was this cool guy in a t-shirt here in funny
funny sort of quips and all of that and the PC was this geeky guy in a suit and
looked like Bill Gates I think that you give a pocket protector at one point one
of the community to me when I think of very brand that's what I think of I
think okay if your brand was a person mmm you know who would there be would
they be the guy in this suit all dressed up speaking formally are they the the
guy in the t-shirt just speaking out saying hey using casual language so
thinking about that so shoot bringing that up you just
popped in my head I got to hear your point on this that I get
but do you feel and these are big names do you feel coca-cola and Pepsi just got
so big that they don't have to do that anymore because Apple and Windows sorry
Apple and PC they still do have that separation what
I mean I don't haven't drank a soda over 15 years cuz this but when you look at
coca-cola and Pepsi I don't see that like okay well maybe one company's
trying to tailor themselves to the blue-collar space and the other ones
trying to go to the white-collar space like I don't real I feel like they're
just they're so big it's like hey you're either Coke or Pepsi I don't know
whereas yeah yeah yeah I think I think they've got their own their own
audiences and you're either a Coke or a Pepsi person and really most of their
marketing is focused on just making sure that you remember them and making sure
that as you drive past the billboard that it kind of either consciously or
subconsciously embeds in your mind and you you get a Coke that afternoon with
your if it doesn't work on me sorry yeah I just I just feel like when I think
about them I feel like Apple and and even though I I have a Windows machine
here and that I have two iPads out there my fiancé and I both have iPhones so we
have Apple devices but I still love my Windows machine so it's you know I'm
gonna have PC and I have Mac a little roles so nobody's perfect right your
whole office the Mac yeah Apple was they've made it harder for me
to love them all the physical Jack's and yeah me as a podcaster the one hack in
the podcast Rose everybody says go find the old MacBook Pro or the old MacBook
Air the head they still had the dual audio jack and it's so much easier to
jack it into a soundboard and do all the proper audio like I do here
whereas it's easy on my Windows machine I don't have to worry about it but now
that I've been looking at the newer devices like man I feel like I would
have to go back and find an old one online like someone's like they all tell
you to do and then gut it and rebuild it to make it my studio machine and my tear
really want to do that actually looking forward to some of the new Mac
technology so no I I have to say since you know a few years after Steve died I
think that they have made a few weird decisions and things that I I don't
think Steve would have let through to the keeper as as they say so but I'll
back here bunny yeah I don't have a MacBook sitting right here right now I
still follow Matt I have in stock and I'm like it's crazy it's also it's
really hard go back to your point on branding right this is good Steve is one
of the the founding mindsets behind such a powerful company and unfortunately he
passed on though have you built your brand and your processes in your
methodology so strong to sustain and I mean I would have thought he did he's
sustained his his vision and now we're seeing that are they sustaining it are
they moving too far away I don't know is the company big enough now where it's
not just about Steve and what he had created I don't look it's obviously
bigger than even when he was alive it was bigger than he was but he was
obviously a very driving influence he's the one who just vetoed a decision
clearly like there are things you we say now that there's no way that that would
have gone through you know when Steve was alive
I feel like they take different risks now yeah I guess I'm at the helm yeah
III the way there's still an edgy company they're still doing I mean
that's that's one thing they're staying true to their brand right there they're
coming out with stuff that you just never would have fathomed it's like no
did not even see that coming so they're still doing that they're staying true to
that brand yeah yeah so I'm still happy with them yeah but I still I'll still
live in both worlds I have to it's just my client or in Windows and summer and
Mac not everybody's like my biggest client they're all Mac and my second
biggest client they're all Windows so I have to live in both worlds
yeah I mean it's starting to blend to where it's almost not that much
difference it usually difference but man you could run double
dual operating systems now that is pretty cool yeah again listeners are
hearing this and some of these people might not be as geeky as I am and that's
right I'm getting Alan down the geek route so we're yes you could run double
operating systems meaning you could run Windows and Mac technology on the same
machine that never would have been fathomed ten years ago it is cool to see
the advancements so so I gotta ask you then when you relaunch the podcast whole
new concept like completely new name of it like what are you thinking not new
name so so I recorded a few episodes and before I went live I scrapped it I said
no this is like a meter podcast like everybody else that's okay format so I
I've totally changed it I'm currently working on the new one right now it's
going to be more of a narrative style podcast similar to a took inspiration
from Reid Hoffman's podcast I really like to listen to it yes I so that was
really good and there's a few others that I think did that concept well I
think it's good it also doesn't rely too much on guests showing up you can grab
clips from YouTube or from other guests you've interviewed and work on a
particular topic so I did like that format so I'm working on something not
not quite the same but similar and slightly short I didn't want it to be
very very long format as well so I wanted to be really punchy that's true I
think I'm definitely a long format show that guys in Ferris they can be a couple
of hours long I think I have had two I think at least two shows that were over
two hours Wow and it just I just started happening so I just went with it and we
just had the time and a flexibility to do that but I really try and keep them
around that one hour mark or less that's a good thing it's like you're doing it
right now with the lawyers this hearing is it your you have a brand within a
brand the podcast still has to align with what you're bringing to the table
of what you care about and what you're gonna be feel comfortable putting forth
people say all the time about launching a podcast like number one I'm not a
podcast coach mm I'll give you my best practices and I'll tell you what I think
but in it has to align with what you want and you have to look forward to
doing it every day secretin business exactly exactly and
you know like like you say it's got to align with your brand you know some
brands the long format works really well and there's absolutely nothing wrong
with it for me I'm the one page marketing plan guy I'm the clarity in a
short simple framework in a small amount of time so I want the podcasts aligned
with that I want it to be full of value fast-moving short space of time so
that's that that's what I'm going with well and again even though the book is
titled the one-page marketing plan I how many pages are actually in the book
things about 225 or something like that yeah so let's be real I mean there is
more to be had in this book ladies and gentleman just one page yes that'd be
hilarious and publisher would ever actually print a single page book a lot
of people ask is it one page and I'd say that the plan is one page the book is
not one place I feel like you should sell it as like a stone tablet then it's
been but marketing cannot be etched in stone it's constantly morphing it's
constantly changing I mean for example like ladies and gentleman when you go to
success wise com by the way I was reading your blog earlier today because
loved loved the article on stupid marketing strategies first of all great
article title I mean why beat around the bush just
call it as it as you see it exactly right exactly right and then there was
also his word of mouth marketing slowing your business growth so that was an
interesting article by the way where did that one stem run from you like why did
you feel the passion to get that one out there yeah look because a lot you know
I've asked a lot of business owners what their main source of leads are and very
often they'll say oh it's just word of mouth and word of mouth is awesome you
know word of mouth is exciting like it's free you know it's it's like a free kick
or a free lunch we all love it right it's it's awesome too we'll take that
every time but it's not necessarily a reliable source of leads at least not
the way that many people do word-of-mouth marketing I
mean there are more reliable ways of doing it and I cover that in a chapter
of my book I call it orchestrating and stimulating referrals so implies
something active but but that aside a lot of people just kind of sit and hope
and pray for new leads and new referrals to come into their business and you know
that's not a reliable way especially if you're an earlier stage business I mean
if you you're a mature business you've had many hundreds or thousands of
clients and you will get naturally a larger amount of word-of-mouth lead flow
especially if you've done do a good job and you've kept people happy but it's
not a super reliable way of getting leads like I don't know that five
word-of-mouth referrals will come in tomorrow right but if I as I say it goes
back to what you explained earlier your well you basically outlined a sales
funnel how you were talking about hey direct response marketing you you spend
10,000 you expect this you get this it's the same thing like okay you talked you
went to an old-fashioned networking event yeah here here we calm Chamber of
Commerce's or whatever which I don't do anymore but you talked to 10 people and
you force 10 business cards on them which I can't stand either it's not
marketing and that's not even proper networking that's be real and we need to
make real connections yes and that's a very slow process
that's just why you need marketing that is exactly right so I do agree through
the word-of-mouth is powerful and you can't beat the quality of the lead
because it came from a significant friend family member or co-worker etc
yeah but I'm dealing with that right now I I had we had a new concrete patio
poured behind our house and it came from a word-of-mouth referral yeah I am now
taking that person to court because they destroyed our property to build the said
patio and then bitter the the yard damage next to it not their fault yeah
they while we were off not home they drove a full-size you ever see a giant
concrete truck with the spinning barrel on the back yes yes yes it drove that
across my yard goodness I was like and you didn't think
that would destroy the property and you know if you consider that in your
contract normal wear and tear that's crazy that's house me back also too from
firefighting I have the words tattooed on my ribs our hotshot Creed was duty
respect and integrity yep I passed that through everything I do okay that
thought process never leaves my mind I don't care if you're a small business or
a corporation I'm interested to see your opinion on that because of everything
we're talking about like literally right now especially if you expect to have
quality word of mouth and everything else me that's what these guys don't
know my guys like I'm an online marketing guy like yep I could destroy
you with a keystroke my fiance literally told me she's like you know you have to
behave let her lawyer let her lawyer will handle it she said oh no I'm so
tempted to I was so – it is – yeah I know it's your name I know it I did feel
a little guilty I'm like you know what no duty respect integrity let's see what
these guys do maybe they'll come through in the very end and just walk away
and it really just comes down to your core values I mean your core values as a
person your core values as a business brand as well so you know like you say
so you can destroy them with the keystroke
as can many other people – you and I so for if we don't treat our audience with
respect and we don't treat our audience right I mean the last thing we want to
do is end up on these scam review sites and things like that I mean even if it's
even if lately yes because your directory so yeah and and even if they
say even if what they say is untrue and unjustified and you're 100% right I mean
Google keeps these things forever that's it you know your reputation it can be
trashed fit forever by someone who's just disgruntled doesn't know what
they're doing or whatever so we really need to take a lot of care around our
reputations and treating our audience you know and clients in a very good way
I'm a believer in that old philosophy – and there's may different ways of saying
it but long story short is I mean you know
to others you know the whole thing with me absolutely I mean is like okay that
the project was only $2,500 us we paid you more than half up front you still
want the other half but I gotta spend almost that much with another company to
properly fix it because you didn't fix it if I offered to pay you the
difference after I paid that person to fix what you don't think that's good
enough I was like I don't have to pay you a dime I could just take you and
report and get you to refund the entire amount he doesn't have a good lawyer yep
I don't want to do that I said listen we thought be very fair yeah you'd be the
difference because I have all the I photographed everything I videoed
everything I really think I don't have the evidence and the owners of the
business have never stepped foot on the property yeah we're size business diners
just don't think long tend I think just very kind of action you're about small
businesses my guys like and I found out the two owners like both have full-time
jobs so I was like you started this business as a side hustle they're
employing other people to do your jiz business and your name if a mistake is
made you need to go show up on that property and get that customer face time
if you're if you're a blue-collar contract or business like a landscaping
company that's just my business 101 tip you're not an online business the only
place they exist online is Facebook they have a website I found out so that's why
I said like with a couple keystrokes I could have more stuff online than they
do about them but I'm not but they say guys like I could have sent you I'm a
connector I could have sent you so much business from the old-fashioned word of
mouth for years to come because I'm old school that way like when I meet an
amazing business they did such a good job on that patio the concrete is
beautiful yeah but they're a landscaping company and they destroy the landscape
so I can't overlook the giant the giant ruts and pits from a 30,000 pound truck
slicing through my property frustration Allen because you for me I'm
like you I care about business and I help people's brands grow and I have to
stay here and bite my tongue because they don't know what I do like I could
show you so many ways to not do it this way and help you grow your business but
I can't because you're idiots well well the other side of the coin is some
people just shouldn't be in business and I've seen that many times some people
would just be better off with a job working for somebody else been called
with that came onto my property after them they said these guys don't deserve
to be in business I never would have left a property look this way he's like
how do these people do what they do and I just here said like everybody who has
looked at this since then they've all said the same thing like I should just
close their doors this is not how you run a business but again maybe they
should be going off a word-of-mouth anymore either because they're not gonna
gain and good out of me and the guy the guy who referred them to me
he owns the gym that I workout in and I had showed him the photos and he's like
oh I don't know so now his his vision of their there how
they do business is now a question too right yeah because we're all we're all
interconnected so yeah yeah reputations everything it isn't everything I love
the fact that you really stress that just now about every email you send
every phone call you take every text you send it's this is your messaging you got
to take it seriously and we all make mistakes right I mean have you ever had
to do a who how we want to call it a clean up campaign or oops my bad this is
what we meant type of thing yep yep I haven't but I know what you mean I've
seen it I've seen it and yeah I know what you mean but it's it's very
important that you know not only you but your whole team understand your values
so that your team are not signing you up for things that you're not happy with or
not delivering the kind of customer service that you're not happy with like
my team know there when a customer has a problem we need to
take care of it right so we need to make sure that they're happy we need to make
sure that you know we're you know even if and you know this is the bit that a
lot of business owners don't understand even if the customer is not doing things
right it's our responsibility to help them do the right thing it's so
sometimes you have to coach the customer through the process exactly exactly
because a lot of business owners think okay I've sold my fitness course to the
customers but you know your responsibility is that they get a result
from that so it's not just about selling the course it's your responsibility is
that they get a result from the course that you sell so I just dropped a huge
bomb there if this has ever considered direct response marketing he just gave
you the extra step that most campaigns don't teach right there I mean I don't
know know if he stress a lot is but this is something I see time and time again
oh I got him in my sales funnel they've heard about the program it's not my
fault if they don't ever log into the website and use the program I've already
sold my stuff I'm like the whole reason why you're selling this stuff is to help
people right it's not your purpose yeah or is it just to make money I think the
school and you won't make money for long because like I said mm maybe maybe it's
no fault of your own maybe you've you've done everything
right you've sold them the stuff you've given them login you've given them the
information and they haven't gone and done and got the result they're still
going to in their mind they didn't get a result from you and you know that's
that's something that is on you and and I think it really is I mean these days
with the tools and technology that we have at our disposal the onboarding
tools that we have there's really no you know there's no call for you not being
able to deliver the world-class experience your customer where your
customer can get a result where you've done absolutely everything you can and
that might be a personal or on boarding experience that might be through help
desk software that might be through one-on-one video hoes there's nothing
wrong with automating your processes as long as you have all of the necessary
steps in place to your point following up to remind them like okay great you
bought the program so within 24 to forty hours you want to remind him hey
have you logged in yet have you checked it out yet you have any problems give
them an opportunity to interact with you and yes some people get busy and they
might not get to it for a week what is mediocre well I've already done a weeks
for the follow-up some good yeah but I would be running I would about it I'll
be running a log report of my training program for example say okay well what
is the percentage of take take rate how many people have logged in how many have
actually made it past chapter one yeah okay what can I do to do something
better because these are your word of mouth these are the people that are then
gonna say hey I'm already in that program it's great right because you
want testimonials yep yep exactly exactly
as testimony I recently hired onto my team a role I called the director of
customer success and her literally her you know it's an expense it's a but
literally her role is to make sure that customers are using the membership
product they're using it they they know that all the features that are available
even though they've they've been on boarded that they're using it that
they're getting a result for their business and that is her role to make
sure that that that happens and and her role is to personally touch base with
each member by email or by phone whatever it takes to make sure that
we're helping customers get a result so that's what you know that's an example
in my business I mean in other businesses there are many similar
examples but it's about making your support proactive rather than reactive a
lot of people wait for a ticket or a complaint or something to come to them
this is about being a bit more proactive and going to the customer saying hey
Scott I noticed you signed up for the membership last month you haven't logged
in is there a problem can I help you oh sure we get on one on one call and
and see how you can use the membership more effectively you're pretty sure to
acquire again you're just dropping nuggets of knowledge here for the
listeners because again I think this applies that anything in life is if
you're living in life it's reactive you're gonna cuss constantly got
problems the rest of it like this goes this this is tied to relationships love
romance like everything like if you might want to just pause and think about
something like wow what can I do to be proactive on the situation or you're
just waiting for the train wreck I mean if you have an opportunity to step in
and just try and help it along the path that's huge your talk about the
membership thing so are you referring to your inner circle that I saw on your
site no the inner circles the subscription to
my my mailing list okay I've got a membership called marketing and business
academy Oh real quick ladies and gentle if you're on the blog section of the
site that's where I found it's right below the book link where you can score
the book as well but join the inner circle so but I'm so sorry go ahead you
were saying about the membership thing yes it's called marketing business
academy and so we're that's where we go deep into implementing marketing in our
businesses and we do monthly live trainings and there's a one-on-one
component there as well and it's where are at least a lot of my premium content
nice now is that something that's directly linked from the main site it's
not currently directly linked because I do like an evergreen launch but if you
go success wise forward slash membership you'll see the system it's still open in
case small businesses are hearing this so it it opens and closes so we we have
a cycle where we take an intake of new members and then we close it up well so
people subscribe to your inner circle they'll be notified next time it'll go
so there's your action item ladies and gentlemen circle hang tight and if a
small business person like it can't hurt to get a few more tips and tricks you
know and then obviously eventually get into the premium content – this is good
because again I'd love the fact I use this to us you'll appreciate this I use
this in my show all the time that if I'm talking to a nutrition person there were
a scientist or an author or it doesn't matter the one big takeaway want the
audience always to hear we are coming to the end of the show because I'm gonna
give you the final words but we are all just at a different place in the
timeline that's just something that I've started using over the past few months
and I can't get in my head because it is so clean and simple maybe not as clean
as your one-page marketing plan but like like whether you're considering to
register your business name as an LLC here in the US a limited liability
corporation I don't know what you guys call them down in Australia but or your
you're just thinking about turning on that first Facebook page and your
stick up a picture of a fire on there and call it live the fuel and then and
then post your photo post your first motivational post or it's two years
later you're running on it you know you're writing a book and you're running
a over two year old podcast show whatever the point is we're just all
different place on the timeline and we just we've got to catch up and just keep
putting in the reps so and your content stuff is gonna help people with that I
do love this so yep oh you have a countdown on here too okay that's that's
for a new offer you got going on there so yeah we close it and reopen it on a I
think on a six-week basis so that way we we get an intake of new members we can
concentrate on getting them on board getting them going and then and then
reopen it down the track as well well I mean I love it I appreciate you giving
us all the time you did today from down in Australia so I will never try your
your accent because any any any continental US American who tries to
fake and all z-axis so I appreciate that I appreciate that pleasure being on the
show you Scott yeah your font of wisdom as well and I gotta ask you because I
know you've done such a good job of narrowed down to that one page marketing
plan so I always have my guest co-host closed trial with some final words it
can be an all-encompassing message maybe I'm going back to that purpose behind
everything you're doing but it's just something that they forget everything
else you shared today which again ladies demand don't worry about it we
transcribe the notes and get them all into the blog contents you're you're not
missing some of the big nuggets knowledge but is there a message you
want to leave behind the audience Allan today that kind of is absolutely
anything you're doing absolutely so and it ties into the two what we started the
show with but it's it's this it's the best marketer wins every time and you
know a lot of the time we concentrate on delivering a great product or a great
service and and that's awesome you know that but that's a customer retention
tool right so having it like we talked about having a good product good
there's customer attention before we think about customer retention we've got
to think about customer acquisition right because people only know how good
you are once they've bought from you before they've bought from you
and I have good your marketing is so the best marketer wins every time so
resolved to become a great marketer I do love that and I'm a very competitive
person so like the winning part on there too.

Hang tight, I wanna give you a proper goodbye off the air. ladies and gentlemen success wise .com get on there check it out
we already hinted that see towards the end of the show here get on the email
list because that's why you keep in touch with that his little VIP program
that he's got going on the membership group but obviously if you're trying to
simplify your marketing seriously check out the book the one-page marketing plan
I'll have it linked in the show notes you guys can just click one click and
get to it but again thanks for tuning in to another amazing LIVE THE FUEL show
Allan did not hold back and he dropped some serious bombs today I want you guys
all go back and listen to the second time or just go to the podcast blog
show notes and just take note of everything I've linked in there because
I'm gonna put it all in there I love the little bombs he dropped today so again
thanks for tuning in to another LIVE THE FUEL show we're here to fuel your health
your business your lifestyle we crushed it on the business component today let's
make marketing easier for you guys thanks for tuning in we're here to fuel
your health your business your lifestyle and again Allan and successwise.com
check them out I'll talk to you guys getting soon and you're free of the pod
I just leave the video on for extra fun for YouTube so hope you had some fun I
did it was good to speak encase cut yeah I mean I don't always get gout this
heavy with a lot of actually not when it comes to marketing guys yeah I can't
always be fitness not all the time so good but know your messaging is great I
love what you're doing down there I do try and I know a lot of podcasters
I've spoken at podcast conferences so I definitely will try and keep you miser
anybody specific that you're looking for just other business oriented podcasts
you're trying to get business oriented podcast people we've got a small to
medium business audience that they my ideal market so I've got a couple guys
already knit back of my head so I'll make sure I take note of them for you
and then I'll just email back the person who emailed me when they set this all up
so yep know what I do for you if you wouldn't mind if I could grab a
recording I won't release it just for our own archives if you if you don't
mind like the audio track or the video oh
yeah well once process is you know zoom does
its thing okay perfect yeah Zoom will process it and then yeah I've had people ask that before and I have a shared drive I've set up on
Google so I just sent a link to the files once we're on there so note of
that for you as well just a video file yeah just a video file that'll be
perfect you got it thank you Scott
well and let me know how the podcast lunch goes I'm excited we must keep in
touch yeah it sounds like you're gonna have much more of a confidence behind
this this relaunch I think I think so yeah and good yeah good call
trusting your gut if it didn't feel right yes move on so exactly exactly all
right sir thank you well you enjoy a day to take care

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