• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Two of my best pieces of advice for musicians and creative people who want to share their work online and grow their audience and grow their engagement using digital strategy is to just start and not overthink it, and this can apply to everything whether it is sending an Email, blast to your list that you haven,’t talked to in two years or starting a YouTube channel or running an ad campaign for your next record that’s coming out. Just start. I think a lot of us have a tendency to sit and wait. And wonder and worry and research and talk to everybody, we know to get their input and try to figure out the right way to do it, and then you look back and months have passed and you still haven’t done the thing that you want to Do and so by just starting it, you actually are moving forward and you’re. Seeing what works and the great thing about these digital tools. Is you get stats right away? You can see who’s responding on social media or you can see if anyone’s actually clicking on your ad. If anyone’s actually buying the thing you want them to buy, you get the stats right away. It’s great, even if you have a total crash and burn ad campaign, you learn a lot from it and your next one’s gon na be better, and once you get started just keep going, it can definitely take the wind out of your sails. If you put money into an ad campaign for the first time or you,’ve spent a lot of time on an email and you sent it out to your huge list and there’s no response or the response. Isn’t what you wanted. It can be really disappointing, and so it’s hard to try again if it didn’t have the response that you wanted to have so just keep going ways that I keep going with my projects, and I advise my clients – is just this concept of Accountability, how can you hold yourself accountable to do the goals that you want because we all sort of by default? If things get stressful, don’t do stuff, then. So how can you kind of trick your brain to make it happen, accountability and one way that I’ve done. That is to just set a schedule and maybe for social media. It’s, saying that you want it post to Twitter eight times a week or you want to post to a new YouTube channel once a week set a schedule that seems reasonable for you and then do it. Accountability can also come from a connection with another person. This could maybe be your publicist or your manager. If you have the relationship where you’re talking, regularly check in and have them sort of hold you responsible that you get stuff done before your next call. With them and it’s, sort of like you,’ve got that assignment, but if you don’t have that you could also just create that with other members of your ensemble. Maybe you delegate who works on which things and you have a weekly check in meeting amongst all of you to see if everybody’s doing what they need to be doing and how you can do better the next week or just a colleague or friend, who’s doing similar work. You can get on the phone once a week. I really think that weekly calls, or even just a few times a month. It can be really helpful with checking in and making sure you’re staying on track with what you want to do. So I talk to people all day, long about the power of online video to share your story with the world, and so I’m. Taking my own advice here and starting this new YouTube channel hello, a major in stores, it’s, my new youtube channel about digital marketing strategy for musicians. So, as you,’ve been watching this video. What’s the thing that popped into your brain that you have been wanting to just start, but you’ve been putting off or making excuses or over researching leave it in the comments. Let me know what it is and let me know what the one thing you’re gon na do towards, starting that this week is in the comments as well so get started and please do subscribe as well. So you can check in with these videos every single week, and I can give you advice and we can do this. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye,

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