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2/19/15- Couponing at Target…..cheap Tuna, pasta and more!!!!!

Guys llewellyn here with a another shopping trip at target. It is Thursday februari 19.

We are having super cold weather here today.

School was cancelled due to the weather, so my son Tom, my daughter and him are going crazy today, but we did manage to get out to target because the sun’s out and it’s really not as cold as they said so kind of disappointed.

That they canceled school because it’s just another day they have to make up, but we go with the flow anyway.

So I went to target little disappointed in the deals this week.

There’s, nothing awesome it like CVS or Walgreens.

So my coupon II was very thin.

This week I was able to catch up on organizing my coupons, which I will pass along a video to you guys.

I will have that out tomorrow, along with some preview video, so check out those because I’m totally waiting for some an awesome week, and I hope that there’s some good deals out there.

I haven’t looked yet so I’m not too sure, but I managed to pick up on some of these ongoing deals at target that I just want to throw to remind your video since a lot of them are, you know the repeat deals, but They’re expiring this week and there’s a couple new ones that are really much you guys to grab. So you can get all these deals and printable coupons on my Facebook page and blog chevy coupe on shopper com so check that out.

But let’s go ahead and start with the deal.

So this eerily cake deal is an ongoing deal.

There is a dollar off one printable coupon on my facebook, page of law.

Now I went to a different target today and these were priced at two dot.

54 cents, so the previous target that I went to their only 250.

But some targets can be different.

So watch your pricing, but it comes out just a little bit over a dollar a box because there’s a dollar off coupon.

And then there is a twenty percent off cartwheel deal, so these are super young.

These ones are the chocolate cupcakes which are for the kiddos and then crumb cakes are perfect with like coffee in the morning or whatever you need. I’ve tried the care, cakes.

Those are awesome and then there’s brownies too, and those are really good.

So you can’t go wrong with any variety that you get and the cupcakes should get eight in a pack, so it’s like twelve cents apiece.

So you could throw them in your kids lunches.

It’s a cheap snack for them and they love it.

I mean who doesn’t like a cupcake, so great deal.

There get your principal coupons, they are still available, but I don’t know how long they will be available so print them out.

Put them in your target envelope.

Take them with you, put them in your purse, put them in your couponing um bag or whatever you use, carry them so next time you’re a target.

If you want to pick them up, you got them with you. The barilla pasta deal is expiring this week and it’s an awesome deal because with the old old El Paso products, when you buy ten, you get a five dollar target gift card, so these pastas were priced at only a dollar.


At this target, which is the target closer to my house, they’re a dollar 16.

So you know a couple cents off there, but still some savings for me.

So I got eight boxes of pasta and we have a coupon and the coupons from the 14 smartsource.

It’s on two boxes and it’s specific, because it’s, I have a whole grain.

The vegetable, I believe, are included the gluten free, but the gluten free is not included in the dollar seven price.

So if you need that, you’re going to pay a little bit more and the white fibers also included, bought eight boxes of those used for dollar off two coupons and then about three cans of refried beans.

And I used a dollar off three printable coupon from old El Paso com, so that was a super great deal there.

I got the 10 products and then I got a five dollars Harvey gift card. I have so much pasta.

Let me tell you when my sisters and stuff come over or whomever it’s, like you, know, take some pasta home because I have probably like 50 boxes, but the cool thing with pasta is the expiration.

Dates are usually at least like a year.

So with summer, coming up and stuff there’s a lot of different, you know passes you can make for barbecues in things with vegetables and chicken.

So you know you can’t go wrong with stocking up on them and we can always get pasta in spaghetti sauce for decent deals.

So it’s always just something to keep in your pantry as a backup dinner.

If you don’t have something, but next thing is on the ambi skincare now I just posted a two dollar printable coupon on any ambi product.

So i was searching the target clearance section by the beauty stuff and they had it and it said 254.

So i mean i’m, not terribly cheap.

I’m savvy, but 54 cents seem like a lot since I have so many bars of soap. So I really don’t want to pay 54 cents.

So what I do with my clearance stuff is, I scan it at the machine, just a price check it, and this is an example of one.

It’s really important to scan your clearance, especially if you have a coupon matchup, because it was a 254.

Let’s find it here.

Where is it there? Is it was ringing up? Where are you AMV there? You are? If you could see it, it was ringing up 208, so check out the two dollar manufacturer coupon.

It was eight cents for the bar.

I’m going to try it for eight cents that’s a steal.

So there’s a two dollar principle: it’s on any ambi product check that out of my facebook page, i will post links below.

So if you want any of the Sara Lee or any of the other principal coupons, you can go ahead and grab.

Those scrubbing bubbles is my favorite deal of the week. These are buy 3 get 1 free, they’re priced at three dot: 99 cents.

Now I notice the expiration date on the manufacture.

Coupon is 221 so that’s saturday there’s, one that expires.

So it’s in the 111th smartsource insert so check that out when you buy, for you get one free, so use two of those manufacturer coupons and then target has an awesome.

25 cartwheel deal.

So it brings them down to 25 cents per box.

So a dollar for four, but even sweeter, checkout 51 just posted an ID a dollar cash back offer, so i am going to be getting for four completely free.

So that is an awesome deal.

This store pretty much just had the lavender, which i’m, not digging the scent as much as the other ones, but for free i’m, going to get them so i did for in one transaction and then I did four separate because with the car Wheel deal it will limit per transaction for the same items, so break them up in two different transactions.

If you want to do more, or if you want to do three, you’re going to have to if you want to get 12, you’re gon na have to do three transactions and so on. If not, it’s not going to give you that cartwheel twenty five percent off and then you can be paying a lot out of pocket and you don’t want to do that.

So don’t forget the checkout 51 cash back offer final deal.

Sunkissed tuna – I really like these little tuna packs are super easy, throw them on some lettuce, tomatoes.

They’re, really quick lunch and they’re a little light, unlike the ranch.

So if you want a little bit more just add like some ranch dressing or whatever you need to do, but there by side get one free, a target in their price.

At 99 cents per pack, we have manufacturer coupons in the one for smart source for a dollar off too.

So you go ahead and you use three of those and it brings the price down to like 33 cents per pack.

So super great deal on tuna.

If you’ve got the coupons pick those up, so I’ve got my receipt and what I paid out of pocket was thirteen dollars and fifty three sets, but I got a five dollar target gift card back so that brought it down to eight dollars.

Fifty three sets, but then I have a dollar 25 cash back offer and the dollar is on the checkout 51 on the scrubbing bubbles and then there’s a 25 setback. I bought a deal on two packs of these Starkist tuna creations, so that brings my total with tax to seven dollars and twenty eight sighs for everything here, which is, which is a great deal, because these are 399.

So for the price of two, these I got everything for free, so this is going to be added into my coop, adding on a twenty dollar budget video, because I really didn’t need any of this stuff and I’m just going to add it To my stockpile add to my groceries, so this will help with my next two week: planning video.

So I’ll have this stuff in my stock because I’ve grown quite a bit of a grocery pantries so which is exciting.

Then I like to get more interesting things like meats like pot roast or different meats too, which sometimes can be a little bit expensive.

So pick up.

These deals at target through Saturday.

The 21st don’t forget to check out my other videos coming soon and please like and subscribe below comment if you’re new to watching my videos thanks so much, I totally appreciate everyone watching the videos and commenting and grabbing the deals.

I hope you guys are saving really good in 2015 and so to the next video.

Let’s get some great savings coming up this week and take care guys bye, bye, .

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