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In this video I will show you how to copy the maximum email for email marketing Experts in the world. I’m not the only one to have one of these experts He already knows how to take you on a tour and show you exactly how much he loves you Here's how to put one together for use with your email marketing software. Top online Traders around the world make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. Are you confused and confused by all this information on YouTube? In this video, they will try to show you how to refresh the vehicle when it comes to email marketing.

What kind of emails you want Let me show you the number of emails you need. Connect your emails and most importantly, unwritten. There is no plugin for a single email To buy a course for a thousand and two thousand dollars in this video. You can do this for free Of payment. Like I said, there is no plug-in to buy any course here. But all I asked you to subscribe with the same drop and make sure they hit that notification key Mark Daniells Welcome here and here I love you. I promise you I will move forward And I will talk about something very important and that is to be decided In a year or so, I'm talking about success where you live. We talk about email Marketing Strategy and Secrets or Secrets that No One Says or Does Not Know If you are looking for an online transaction, for example, if you are trying to access this Information can be very difficult to do.

So let’s move forward and get started Here and now with the first thing, I'll be revealing some secrets and going To challenge you a little. Because he’s really good and I always get a lot This is important when you start thinking a little bit about yourself and this is very important. So I have to reveal some secrets and ask how to ask this question Most of the revenue comes after product or service promotion and that’s what I’m talking about Large companies Small companies in the world Small companies. I'm talking about Future and Place it in the comment area or place it in the comments section below.

Just try to do it But a lot of fun. Email Marketing Email marketing is the most important thing It does matter what you do when you do something. You will not go To get your sales volume or promotional revenue. It is always under surveillance and often occurs in email marketing before you do Before you send any email, a few things must be in place for any email transaction. You have to do it Know your niche and I'm not talking about you as a big company. I'm talking about Someone is just starting out or trying to get started. You need to know your niche very well Well before you start any single or any word in your email. You don’t really need to write I’ll show you how to get them a little bit here but maybe They do not know about you or anything else. I have a video. I really think so If you haven't seen it, look at it or look at it one more time . It's free here. There is a free download and I have 27 If you have a second of free spaces in there, you can choose one I now know that self-tolerance and have been preaching this for a long time.

They They are not all the same and you need to get some auto-forward. That’s good for collaboration Even if you have your own products, even if you do not sell affiliate marketing For example, you have to be 99.99% successful People sell players or their own products, whether they are online affiliates or not You also sell affiliate marketing because you So far, you don't have to do it yourself, not all automakers Some of the same are suitable but most are not compatible Prior to sending an email to all those who need it, it should be friendly or the emails must be in advance Written Emails Pre-write another word emails, for example, do not write them on the go How many emails and when I mean how many emails and one person I will continue to include them and I will answer this important question if so You know this information because you are ahead of most people They will destroy no more than 10 out of 10, depending on it what's going on.

But seven is my favorite number. all right. There are many reasons for this. Because I don’t go into much of the reasons Maybe I've discussed it or maybe I'll cover it elsewhere. But if you have some For questions about this, please let me know and I am very happy to present it to you The answer. Now some people ask well, when will I send them well, here's the best thing for you After much research, the best time to actually send an email here It doesn’t matter what you choose at the same time when you are selected Because they were at the same time. OK, email strategy flow. This It is very important and important to understand because I am moving forward And maybe I discussed it here. Maybe this before you know it I'm right.

It really doesn’t matter because I’m going to go To add a few things to it. right now . Of course, traffic is very important But now, I give you a coupon that I believe in and also 24 hours You need to start running good traffic source traffic. you are welcome If you already have a product or not, you need to start caring and import and Start your email list because the money is where it is.

After that we talked about it We talked about the selection page and the bridge page. I have both and we get them This is becoming more and more successful because it is lower than anyone can see Now or take action. That's what happens when you catch that email To your automated provider. What happens next will now go to the Thank You page. Of Of course, the way I like it, thank you page is automatic. In other words, it goes From Thanksgiving page. It also goes to the affiliate sales page. no way It should not be a related sales page, for example it may be your own product, But the most important thing is to do it that way and then you start sending Auto-forward order and I about emails or pre-written emails That means at least 40% if you can get it and change it You have been doing this for a long time and I have tried many different ones and It's the best thing that ever happened.

OK, we can talk about email conversion facilitation. How to Improve Email Release and About Three Email Steps I can talk, there must be another word in the process. By emailing your promises Of course we talked about it. what is this It then goes to the autoresponder. Let me speak now They should have a couple of emails here and a little deeper here and I am Talk a little bit about what kind of emails you should send and where they are As you know them, you have to send them for now, opt-in or bridge page What to do with the Plus Bridge page. What you need to know is the first two emails you do Step One.

They should go to the team page, not to the sales page. OK, because number one Let me tell you. Then I will talk a little more about it. Allow I will continue and return here. Then we go to the stage. Number two-step Number two. They know that emails will only cost you emails Evidence-like emails. I don't sell anything. You are trying to be that friend One should definitely tell them about forgetting about sales.

All right? Now to return the sales completely by talking about what could benefit them Too much focus only on the benefits Because people, what does this wiifm mean to me? You need to let them know what's inside It's for them and don't say what you sold, don't even put it in the link. You will then move on to Level Three and Level Three. There are three emails. Guys you have to send now I'm leaving I’ll tell you about steps 1, 2 and 3 and then add a little in Depth about what you should have in there and where to find that information Your emails are now up to level 3 to see what happens Sales page.

It could be a related page or it could be your own product. in fact Nothing, but those three. You have to go there because psychology at this point They are not really sold. They don’t really look at your email that much So they need a few more sales. And if you have an example and from clickbank Their sales pages often have good sales pages depending on the product they cover Now, let's talk about what kind of emails we're going to talk about The first one you need to send to the customer or the first email you send Hope should serve as a kind of introductory reminder and benefit.

Link Must be included to go to the opt-in page or the optimized plus bridge page. So I talked Therefore. There is a reason for that because sometimes people live and maybe they can Something interesting but something happens. OK, maybe the phone will ring. Maybe they have something He's not going to make it big but he's kind of trying to remember them Tell them a little bit about the benefits, don’t go too far about the benefits and you won’t get it Make sure you have a link to the selected page.

Right now . The second email should be as a combination right now . I know it should be like value, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. And you have a link there. it's good . The second one and so on You should be able to go to your login page because you are still a little overwhelmed If they do it. You do not take action in the first place. Probably the second. they They want a little extra benefit. And what does it mean to me? So present in it We talked about the third and fourth emails. They must be valuable email Benefits Benefits, and I'll show you where to get those benefits Do not try to sell here.

Do not try to sell them. Don't even post a sales link. They are going to surprise the scroll. Oops, he's not trying to sell me. Just to try help me. And what do you want to stop yourself for future sales? I am Talk to you about some of the strategies used by top online email strategists. I He has been doing this for a long time. I did it the wrong way and then I After years of learning, they put it out. right now . Let's talk about the fifth Email also. The fifth email is to be a link when the combined email benefit is added, but you go To send to sales.

One page and I talked a little bit about six and seven emails. You will send them valuable values ​​and links. you go Because to increase the benefits a little and send it to the sales page We have some information on the sales page and we do something very special ConvertKit display what I do. I'm going to give birth to Pat Flynn. If you do not know Pat Flynn, my friend Pat Flynn. He is one of the world's top sales associates. He is also a consultant for ConvertKit. So what I do when I find them (go Talk about creating a landing page form in the future and in ConvertKit.

over here . We are in ConvertKit dashboard and here in front of the house. You can see Over time, many different things have happened to the registry. You can see it even if you have purchases, but I want to show you how easy it is To create a landing page and form, I go to the landing pages, the registration places and Hit create. I can either select a new form or simply drop it into my website Even if you don't have a website, ConvertKit actually hosts one page Start collecting emails so, for example, you can choose from a variety of different collections Templates here.

I prefer to choose this first one for and then all I have to do is Customize this. I don't need to know any code or anything and you can be, oh, okay, We get some images. I just click on this image and select an image If you want it first integrated with all your Instagram or Unsplash is a free tool built into this where you can choose an example if I am promoting it You know something related to you, email marketing.

I just want to write that email marketing and I'll post it here. why not? That is a little too big. OK, let's click And let's edit that and do it a little bit. I collect all this Again in ConvertKit. So I go here just because I want this little bit Class done. Done boom, we'll go there. Another article on the subject goes here Here and as you can see I can easily click and change things around Let's say you want to add the name-calling ability here. all right , Let's make this a name field. So I want to hit the first name of the custom field and I want to To move this. Okay, let's get this over here and I'll change the key From subscription text for quick access. Apparently I had this little decoration Maybe you have a different background image Go to the general style background. Same thing This is where I do the splash. Let's try email marketing again. And I'm leaving Add this as an office or something.

Very easy to use there and then all All I have to do is save and publish. This is literally now on the Internet. I am going Click share to click to copy to new website. There is a link there and this is already going on Email is ready to collect. So if you come up with a very website If you want to start something soon or very soon. as a You can easily use this to build as many landing pages as you like. right now . The next part is very important Such as broadcast email Take the next easy part of the distribution area. I like the distribution section because it is where we send emails. I mean Hit a new broadcast. It gives you a good record of previous emails you sent I click I click on the steps behind all this stuff and information, but it's just me What a great new email about this issue and you know, this is a little better. But this is rebuilt ConvertKit. Suppose I just want to send the email People in my podcasting class, so I'm going to sign up for 'tag' power Up to podcasting, all students will be screened.

So now there are about 3,000 students. But I You also don't want to send it to people in the email marketing course, so check it out. And let's do email marketing for students. So even pay attention to marketing magic. 2744 Subscribers and filters should be less likely to remove people from the email Marketing Education. So now I want to promote my email marketing education and I don’t want to But I knew they were my students in order to introduce them to their predecessors. all of them All I have to do is hit the next level. So this is exactly how we decide what to send The simplest email marketing magic is now open and then I can move on to the next step.

I'm not going To send this because that would be very strange now. But this is just an example. I Of course, he can plan this for another time. So tomorrow at 6:30 I will present the program in the afternoon on a scheduled broadcast in the Pacific, or I may reschedule it. And that is another A very powerful and easy thing to do now that you know it is very important and very powerful What you can do in email marketing is automatic because this is your life It makes it very easy. So let’s go ahead and talk about that most powerful thing and thing I want to share. There are very few in the automation department. Now, there are many things I can do Share it with you here but I also want to show you something special ConvertKit Here are two things.

If I go to automation, I will talk about what you see This is very powerful because it is very minute here. But to If we go, our traditional procedures are automated to access emails. We If we go, he can see a lot of information behind many sequences New sequences, experimental sequences are very easy to create. And You'll see me hit Sequence Now we've got an amazing tool. This is building all of our self-determination In one place. This will be an instant email. So let’s do this right away We will then add another export email. Suppose seven days later Great after a week. We can send another email and then even another email we can use this The process of filtering out certain people, as we did in the last section Assume you have emails The general order of emails is sometimes called a guardian Order and then you want to promote a product in there but we definitely don’t want to Introduce that to people who already have it.

So here we are, even in automatic sequences It may have a filter that says OK or Do Not Match. None of the following. I Anyone in podcasting authority wants to receive this email boom Add a filter in a group. No one in my class right now will receive this email Get power supply to turn on podcasting today Special deal, right? I do not want to send Email to those who have my education to attend my courses and this is it It's just one of the most exciting things about sequencing, but let's take a look at the sequences in general If we go back to the stage here, we can now create automation and automation It's a visual way to see what's going on from a high-level perspective. And so it is Powerful and such a good thing even for beginners. Where did people come from to learn like this We can tag them, search for them and send them to specific emails. Therefore b For example, I can click on a new automation and create one together Automatically when someone joins the form or makes a purchase.

Please join a form And let's say you join this form of our 100 email tests here. So I go Hit event cool. I can also add another form. Suppose someone buys something I want the same thing to happen. So maybe when someone buys something from Makes a scratch or scratch payment. why not? So now I can when these things happen Let people have an account. So I added an action add-on account and I want to create an account. Let's do it Identify email challenges. all right. So when people come in from both of these places, they find it Email challenge tag, then what do we want it to be? I will now click on +. Let's do it Order them. right? So let’s email them and we can add them right away If you want to delay, go back here and I can add to this delay.

Let's delay for two days In action. Then. I want to give them the order of the email. Let's add that one He has done it before. Or Action Action I can add a test sequence to test a sequence to add. It's great in this case, I don't have to go back in order to edit this. no more Click here and it will open directly on the side I saw to see and remember where people came from Find out if they are tagged and then by what emails they receive.

Let's send Tell them right away. Then let's make sure the next day. Let's do it Then send another one a week later and I can always come here and fix these again? Eldad: I want to be different so that I can go from there. This is it a this This regularly costs thousands of dollars on other devices I used ConvertKit and this is here. This is why ConvertKit is the best access To the beautiful and simple and easy to use tools but very powerful and cheap Want to know how to make money very quickly through related transactions Click this playlist To learn more about email marketing here, click here as usual.

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