• Wed. Feb 24th, 2021

What is SEO and How Does it Work? (+ 4 ways to do it for FREE ?)

What is SEO? (SEO) I get asked this question a lot and I love answering it. Come now seriously … But I always give a different answer I do not know why… So I wanted to answer it once and for all in seven minutes and give you four SEO tools so you can start SEO today. Come on Rafa! Timer! Please SEO means Search Engines (Engine) Optimization It consists of carrying out constant specific actions to make your website, video, app, app or whatever you use more visible in search engines. But what is a search engine? Nooo, I forgot to turn on the light! Well, it is a program that allows you to search for things and identify elements in a database Eeeeh? Basically a somewhere where you can search and find things, anything like YouTube, Bing or Google …

This is the most popular 🙂 Many studies have shown that the top three positions on Google they get more than 35% of the clicks. Okay okay, let's focus on Google. You want to position your website in Google so that more people can see it, right? To know how to do this you have to know how Google decides to position each website. First Google tries to understand what your page is about So, try to evaluate if your page is relevant and valuable.

They do this because they need to make sure that your page responds to the intention of the user who uses Google. We use Google for that, right? To search for answers. The more relevance and value, the higher your page will rank. To measure this, they use algorithms and artificial intelligence that take into account more than 200 ranking factors. such as keywords on your page, where these words are, how people interact within your page, if other websites link to your website and many many more.

So you have a website and create pages but you are not going to stay there waiting for Google to position your pages I'm waiting for a colleague … You do SEO so that Google understands your page better And to adapt it … Adapt it? to your ranking factors and rank higher. Now I tell you how to do eeeesssto. Google wants to offer people precisely what they want to see and you want people to see your website So if you optimize your website according to Google, you are also optimizing it for your audience. Real people! You will be rewarded with higher positions in Google and greater visibility. It's a cycle … An obvious but very important question is: Why do you want your website to be more visible on Google? Very simple …

Zassss! Your business + many eyes = a higher success rate and success is what you want … my friend! But wait, this is where the true power of SEO comes in. These are not just any eyes … People who enter your website are already looking for you. Your website is on a search engine, remember? They are people who are interested in you and are potential customers In other words, they are people who could potentially buy from your business if you show them what they want. All very well, Alex, but … How do I attract the attention of my potential clients with SEO? How can I know what people are looking for to create pages that respond well to their needs? It's simple, there are more than 3,500,000,000 searches every day on Google Yes … a billion … that's a lot! So some of those searches have to be related to what you offer, right? To start doing SEO you have to find out what people are looking for and how many times they search for it. You can do it for free! Yes, with tools like this. I will leave the link in the description. You have also seen it in my last video.

Click on the card. I don't know where it comes out: left or right … Once you know this, you have the POWER So you can create pages on your website that are relevant and valuable to your audience. And what does it mean to be relevant and valuable? Rank higher in Google Fiz fiz … Okay, okay … so what are my future customers searching for on Google? Let's see, when people search on Google they go through a series of phases, before deciding to buy some know what they want while others don't know yet and others are half. Let's visualize this … click! Wait … I need space … click! This is the SEO funnel. I have divided this journey into four steps: Awareness. Interest. Consideration. And buy. In short, in Awareness, people still do not know what they want but are looking for information and in the Purchase phase, they want to buy. So that you understand, here are some examples of what people look for in each phase.

For example, what are people looking for if you have a real estate? Click! Or a beauty center …? Click! Or a tax advisor …? Click! It works in all businesses! Don't worry if you haven't seen the examples, they are all on my website and remember that my limit is 7 minutes. Just imagine it! Every time someone looks for something Whether it's information, shopping, comparing products, knowing something specific, looking for the local store … if you have a store … If your business and website manage to appear in the four purchase phases and you're sure to deliver real value to your potential customers … They will end up buying what you offer … little money, little money, little money … Last … last …? Finally … why is SEO so effective? Very simple, because people have already shown that they need you, through their searches and you don't have to look for them because they will come to you.

Ahaa … Summarized in one sentence: Connect with specific people who could potentially make a purchase on your page, just when they are looking for you and responding to their needs … … uuf! increases the chance that they will buy from you … increases it a lot! And that's it! So, if you want to do SEO and learn how to do it for free … you already know how to do it, right? Follow me on YouTube because I have many ideas for new videos and I also have a free SEO newsletter Basically in this weekly newsletter I will send you free free! All SEO resources like articles and videos that I have used to learn SEO every week. So I find things, I learn them, I take those things, I put them in the newsletter and I send it to you for free. You like? The link is in the description and don't forget to like YYY follow me on YouTube.


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