• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

– Is organic traffic dead or can you actually still make money through Facebook and free traffic? Let's talk about that. (Upbeat music) Now, today's episode, what I'm
gonna be sharing with you is if I were to start all over again, if I didn't even have a Facebook page, what would I do if I wanted to
get free traffic of Facebook? Okay, so how do you actually build a list? And how do you actually
monetize of free traffic? Okay, so today, I'm gonna
be showing you a strategy that my clients and students
have been utilizing.

It's absolutely crushing it and to show you about
to start all over again, if I didn't have any type of exposure. If I didn't have my Facebook page, what I would be doing
off my Facebook profile. So let's head over to Facebook right now and one of the things that you
want to do first step, okay, and when it comes to getting free traffic is you gonna head over to a Facebook group in your
niche in your industry. In my example over here,
I'm just gonna head over to probably the biggest internet
marketing group right now. Click Funnels official group
now over 200000 members. And the first thing I wanna
do is I wanna do a search within the group for my specific keyword.

So let's say I have a
product on Instagram. Let's say I have a service, let's say what a bill this is whatever it might be. I'm gonna type in my
keyword in here Instagram, and right now what I am looking for is literally people's posts and questions when it comes to Instagram. And as you can see, I
can now see what people are talking about the questions they ask. And people who need help, people who might say they
started on Instagram. And one of the things that I can do is, I can think about providing
value to the people who have questions with
regards to this topic. So for example, there's people saying that they suck in Instagram,
there's people saying how do you monetize of a
308000 Instagram account, others are shouting selling shutouts. So, the first thing that I
can do is I can start looking at the conversation that is happening with regards to my keyword.

And that's what you want to do. So step number one, go to the
leading group and look for that specific keyword and
enter that conversation. Remember, we talked about how traffic is not about how do I find traffic, but how do I enter the conversation that's already happening right now, okay? So I wanna do a search and
based on whatever result that I find, I wanna make sure that I can enter that conversation now. Before I enter the
conversation, one of the things that I wanna do is, I wanna be ready before I enter the conversation. So how do you set yourself
up to be ready to win. So if let's say, I know I
want to create a product or a list of Instagram, one of
the things that I can do is, I can now set up my
funnel for a lead funnel, which is a very simple page,
giving out something for free. Now this free thing
that I'm gonna give out, remember that one of
the things I always say is people don't want to have a free ebook. People don't want more information. Okay coz, if you're asking somebody name and email in exchange
for more information, information is already abundant.

I'd like you to think
about how can you give them this one thing that sounds like even without consuming that information, they feel like they
would get value from it. So this could be a free
blueprint, a free swipe file, a free cheat sheet, a free template, a free mind map, a free action plan. Something along these lines and even though it's still
information the difference is, it doesn't sound like I need
to consume a 300 page book or training coz you probably know this, but the mere thought of opting in for another 300 page ebook
turns my stomach, right? Ain't nobody got time for that. So what if this free page, by the way I will leave a link below for a simple sales process
known as a lead funnel if you have not created
lead funnels before, so it's a simple funnel for
you to build an email list.

So over here, I know that the keyword I'm
targeting is Instagram. The thing that giveaway
could be free blueprint on how to build 10000 followers
in the first 29 days, or it could be my swipe file for my top 10 highest converting
Instagram posts of 2020. So it could be like all
these different things. It could be my 60 day
action plan of how I went or took this Instagram page from 0 to 100000 followers in 2 months. Okay, so it's just one to three pages. The key here is to have something that matches these two criteria which is basically
specific and actionable. Create something that is
specific and actionable if you wanna have some your
conversions to become higher. So let's create this super simple thing.

One page, enter your name and email to receive this free
download, free blueprint, free cheat sheet, free template. So once you create this,
have this thing in place. That is when you're now ready
to go to step number three and step number three is adding value. Now you're going to go into
the conversation, okay? So back to the conversation
over here, okay? So let's say I wanna enter
this conversation, okay? So right now I know that this
is about helping this Guy monetize a 398000 following
in Instagram account, okay? Understand that when you
when you wanna comment on a certain post, don't be
that guy, that guy meaning don't be that person that says, hey bro PM me and I'll show you how.

Come from the angle of
just giving value, okay? So I can reply this
person saying, hey man, when it comes to monetization, there are really just these three things that you need to do, step the
one, number two, number three and just add value and
start helping these people who have these type of questions, whether it is Instagram growth services, whether it is how do you DM people, right? So now, as you start helping these person, these people with their questions, with the things they're confused about, the things they're stuck
on, just what happens.

Number four is they gonna
start checking you out. So what are the things
that you want to do is when they start checking you out and this should be inside
your preparation as well. One of the things you want to
make sure you have in place is you want to make sure
that your landing page that you have created here
on paste on step number two is kind of mentioned on
your Facebook profile. So how do you do that? This could be your Facebook
profile, where your top banner, you could have that
professional shot of you with the call to action that says, it could be literally you in
this post here with an image with a checklist that says my 9-point Instagram checklist on creating and monetizing Instagram following (website name.com), right? So this could be the hitter. You could have a pinned up post in here with a call to action. So now guess what, when
you are adding value to that community, guarantee
if you gave good value and you didn't ask for anything in return and you weren't being douche about it, naturally one of the
things that will happen is people will start checking you out.

And they'll be like, wow, this was actually great
content from this person. I wonder what this person does. They'll click on your profile, and now they see your call to
action for that free template, free checklist free
blueprint, free swipe file, the senior hitter, they
might see a post over there. And that's how you start
getting targeted free leads. So imagine if every single day
if you spent just 20 minutes rather than looking at
Funny Cat Dog videos, or whatever it's happening
in the political scene, or whatever it is that most
people get distracted about.

You go on to these different groups, and now you're just adding value and answering their questions. Now this is when you
start building up value, people know who you are. But now this is when step number five, we're now getting free leads. Now number five is if
you want to be really, really strategic about it, one
of the things that you can do is you can even maintain a spreadsheet. Now I have some clients even do this. They take this to a whole
new level and told me that they they manage spreadsheets.

But literally, what if
you manage a spreadsheet, and you literally track all of the different
conversations that you're in. So that once a week, two weeks later, you're not adding going back in and answering those questions or comments from other people inside
that specific threat, or even start a new one
and so it kind of bumps up your thread, but now this is
how you can start tracking all of the conversations that you're in. Okay, does that make sense? So how do you actually monetize from it? How you monetize after that
is people are coming in, you're building this list. So now the emails that is queued up, you gonna follow this sequence. Okay, so the question is
what's the purpose of all this? What's the purpose of getting free traffic of your Facebook profile, Facebook groups? How do you do that? You have an email sequence
when a person opts in. After you deliver the
thing that was promised, you gonna follow this
super simple framework of utilizing these three things.

When a person opts in, the
first thing to understand why people buy anything is
really, what do you think it is? Number one reason why
people buy anything at all is because of emotion. If you think about every single thing that you wanna have in life,
the things that you want, whether it's a specific
holiday, whether is that suit, that dress, whatever it is, just think about like the
things you want most in life. What do you think is the reason
you want that thing badly? Chances are, it's because of the emotion that is associated to it
in your mind of either how it will give you joy, more confidence, how it might make you
feel better off in life, how it might have you command
more respect among your peers, among your friends, but
chances are the reason why you want anything in life
really is because of the emotion that is associated to it. So what that means is in
your autoresponder series, in your series of emails
that goes out to this list and how you monetize it's
going to be initially based upon emotion so they opted in to that Instagram list
for this free training, free blueprint, free cheat sheet.

So that means what I wanna do is If I wanna sell an affiliate offer, if I wanna sell some sort
of done for you service, if I wanna sell some sort of
course whatever it might be, it needs to come from an angle emotion, how did it make you feel
when somebody looks up your Instagram profile, and they saw that you have a following of
100000 people, real people, not some fake bots, but
highly engaged followers. How would that make you feel? So emotion, can now people will always buy based on emotion first, and this is not just writing emails, this could be a sales video sales letter. But people will back up their emotion and a purchasing decision
with number 2 will be logic. These would be the people
that's left in every audience. There's always the people
that make decisions based on emotion, which is most people. And then the people who are
analyzers who will sit back and really think about
the cost benefit analysis and you're doing the math in
your head and all these things.

So in your autoresponder
sequence, later in the sequence, you need to talk about logically why does this make sense, okay? So, logically, okay, so
if let's say, I just, I'm starting to build this
list, and I'm selling this, whatever $2000 offer, so
I've sold based on emotion. The next thing that ask
yourself is, so logically, why would a person buy? So this is how you're
involved some numbers in here. So based on this example, I
will say okay, so logically, why is it actually worth
your time, money, focus, and resource to build an
Instagram following, here's why. Logically, it's because
if you had a following of 100000 followers on Instagram.

If you had 100,000 followers
on Instagram, if you were to do an Instagram story, logically, if you have a pretty engaged following, if a 5% of people will watch
your Instagram stories. And each time you do an Instagram story, if you're getting people
to swipe up to go to a specific link, usually,
about 10% of people will do so. So logically, you have about
500 clicks or website visitors. Every time you do a swipe up
story on Instagram, right? So 10% of people watch the
stories, 5% of people swipe up. So that means if you
could grow a following of 100000 people on Instagram, if you only did an
Instagram story once a week, you will get 500 clicks
a week to your website, which is basically 2000
visitors to your funnel a month Now, if you were to bid on
Google AdWords, or Facebook ads, how much would 2000 clicks cost you? Chances are in most niches,
it will be about $1 per click if it's optimized well. So in other words a month,
you would avoid paying $2000 in AD costs, not to mention
the additional sales that you will get, as
a result 2000 clicks.

So if you could build a
following of 100000 followers, how much is that worth to your month? So maybe 2000 visitors your website, let's say on a 5% conversion, right? How much is that worth? Now I'm not good at math and
will not gonna do math here, but that's probably whatever right? An additional $10000 worth of sales. If you can get $5 Earnings Per Click. So based on these number
can you see why logically, it's worth your time focus and attention to build an Instagram following, right? But by the way, this is totally, you know, an example presentation
mode of how I would write or create content for those people that operate based on
logic, their left brain.

And finally, if a person
still doesn't take action based on emotional logic, you gonna do this last piece here. And this last piece here
is basically urgency. If a person doesn't take
action based on emotion, logic, then you've gonna close
out based on urgency, some sort of scarcity, some sort of fear of missing out on why do you
need to take action right now? Is that thing going to go away? Are prices of ads constantly going up? Why should they take action right now? Is their bonuses included for our people who
invest by next Wednesday? How can you have people take action now? Coz if not now, then when, okay? But this is literally how you
would create your sequence to target all type of decision makers. And this is how you
strategically lead people from Facebook groups free
traffic into your list, into an email sequence
that sells your product or somebody else's product strategically. I hope you enjoyed this video,
(upbeat music) let me know in the comments below what was your biggest takeaway and as always, smash the like button
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