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SPC New Improved SEO Website 3 0


Dec 8, 2020

my short 30-minute microcast focused on our brand new WordPress SEO website 3.0 solution my name is Eric Simpson I'm vice president and CEO of SBC international and again thanks for spending about 30 minutes of your time today with me to learn how our solutions can help you increase lead generation branding and marketing outcomes from a simple-to-use manageable website before I actually get into the demonstration this morning I want you to think about a couple of things as we go through today's demo and how cost-effective is your marketing activity today are you leveraging your website as a strong influencer to support sales generate leads and increase marketing when your website is properly designed to capture lead information and the content is properly written to generate curiosity and influence folks to meet with you for appointments then you know that it's doing its job for you many of you may have websites that are simply static web pages that may be outdated in terms of the information they provide maybe they don't reflect all of your products services and solutions that you deliver and the best example of that is when you visit one of your existing clients only to discover that they've engaged another provider for a product service or solution that you deliver yourself and it's simply a wow I didn't know you guys did that of course our engage with you on that so think about how effective your site is in delivering these outcomes for you not only for net new business from prospects that visit your site and optimizing SEO so that you increase organic page rank but also from the perspective of letting your existing clients know everything that you do for them and the solutions that are available for them to engage with so the site I'm going to show you today is on the cutting edge of technology it leverages every single SEO optimization capability live chat capability ecommerce capability you name it even to the point of scaling for mobile devices so we're going to talk about responsive web design and as you and I both know more and more of our target audience as well as ourselves are moving away from traditional desktops the anchor that keeps folks in the office and are migrating toward mobile devices and if our marketing message isn't accessible and your target audience can't interact with your website on your mobile octave under mobile devices you're missing a tremendous opportunity so the numbers of folks that are using smartphones and apps to conduct what used to be traditional business functions is staggering and that number is increasing as more and more business software providers are creating apps that can be accessed through mobile devices so you know you're checking your email on your mobile device so is your saw your prospects and when you send them a link to check out some marketing message that leads them to your website you want to make sure that when they see it on their phone they can interact with it and I'm going to give you an example of that during today's demonstration now as a result of or a requirement in today's webcast I wanted to educate you on exactly how well your site ranks on marketing video marketing Raider is a great site to check the nuts and bolts of your website is it is it integrated with social media are you blogging it doesn't have a lead capture functionality you know all these little check marks that lead us to improve our conversion opportunities on our site unfortunately what marketing grader doesn't or isn't able to grades if it's not sentient like a human being is it can't grade how effective our messaging is how pleasing the design is how simple it is to navigate things like that well that's where human beings come in and that's really taken a lot of attention in our solution so on today's webcast congratulations the highest score attained to 73 on marketing greater which is really really good I've got to tell you that's out of the ordinary our lowest score is a two and that kind of follows along with what we've been seeing in general as we've been doing these webcasts so I would assume that to achieve a score of 73 and I look at all the websites before today's microcast just to give me an idea of who's attending today's webcast and you know it takes a long time and a lot of skill and labor to achieve that kind of a score and maintain it over time so how long has your site been up to achieve these fours the average score the meeting was about 36 okay now let me share with you what our demo site is ranking it now our demo site is a site that I put up gosh it's been months now and on the day of launch without integrating it with any social media without logging without optimizing it whatsoever there are there are placeholders for a city and state all over the site it ranked at 75 and you can check it today and it's still holding at 75 because the backend engineering is solid and we pair that with the front-end content and the design and you got a winning sight out of a bond so those of you that are less than 75 your site's probably aren't doing you a lot of favors maybe you are getting some leads but I'm talking about leveraging out of a box a very high marketing greater score along with a design element and content that influences your target audience to want to do business with you so let's just jump right into the demo that was just a quick background before we actually build into the site itself and I'm gonna go pretty fast here there's you know we'll follow up with you after the webcast to answer any of your specific questions I want to give you a very quick tour of the types of things that I think are important and I've been managing the marketing and lead generation function for our organization for the past five years and as social media has really come to the forefront we've had to adapt and adjust and learn techniques and processes that we never used to have to worry about before as traditional marketers so we've leveraged all of that knowledge as well as SEO optimization and we've chosen a very very capable wordpress template to base this solution on so the template itself is something that we license from a provider that it's highly highly capable with that allows there isn't something that I can't do with this template let's just put it that way there's nothing that's left out and in my demo I think I've turned it just about everything on except you might not see the live chat function there's also a live chat function here so I'm gonna give you a quick tour and what we've done is we've taken this highly highly capable template and then we've extremely optimized it for SEO it's over a hundred pages of content we've written every single page there are about 40 solution and vertical market specific content pages and there are 40 SEO optimized blog posts and me every page is optimized for local SEO now those of you that are experienced at SEO or know a little bit about SEO know that it's very difficult to compete for a term life managed services like managed security like backup and disaster recovery you it's such a hotly contested tournament anyway you don't serve the planet so when somebody you know types in managed services are one of these keyword search terms it's impossible for you to compete at that level and get on page one organically I'm not going to say it's impossible but it's extremely difficult we've done just that with our properties you know we're on the first page of Google for the term managed service swings like that when we were optimizing some of our properties in the past so we understand how to do that but what we've done here is localized so when we build your site you tell us what cities you serve what's your geographic territory and we optimize every page of your site that has local optimization on it to focus on that so as you all know Big Brother knows where we are big brother knows where I'm I'm sitting right now based upon my IP address and with your smart phones with Gil location these browsers are extremely intelligent now and are focusing marketing towards our geographic area so when I'm searching for a product service or solution the results that are going to come up are the ones that are closest to me just as a result of these algorithms and that's what we leverage here so without further ado let me just take you through a very quick tour now the first thing that you'll notice here at the very top this gray bar this is not typical you don't see the Sun websites but you see this on my website right now because I'm logged in as the administrator this is one of the really cool things about this particular solution is you don't have to know WordPress you don't have to know any type of HTML coding you don't have to know anything to manage the site you can do everything from any page on the site you can add new pages you can edit pages you can check your SEO and change things it's really really very very cool so right from the front if you want to change some tax you just edit it right on the page so simple now if you do have WordPress experience you do have HTML or website design experience of course you have the complete administrative portal available to you to really extend the capabilities of this site so it's good for beginners intermediates and experts and what we provide you with is a live site within 10 business days all of the content ready to go for you at the top left everything on the page is customizable so the top left header here I've got some links remote desktop request support are on them all of these things can link to your PSA rrmm solution you're about control solution very very easy for you to deliver service I've just got a phone number here at the placeholder or we're in the upper right you'll see I have all of my social media integrated there and why is that important because your prospects more and more are participating in social media some of them spend tons of time on social media and that's how they they keep abreast of what's going on so if we're marketing to a prospect target audience we want to make sure that we're doing everything to engage with them and the way they want to be engaged with so if they want to check our LinkedIn profile we want to give them the opportunity to do that they want to check our Facebook page they want to follow our Twitter feed we want to make sure that we give them the ability to do that because that in and of itself social media marketing generates trust and confidence it's not you know from all of the statistics and and the white papers and the studies that I've read and keep abreast of you're not selling solutions through social media but what you're doing is you're building the confidence and trust of your target audience as they see that you're active in those mediums and they see that other folks are posting and you're putting client testimonials in those areas as well as your website so there's a whole strategy to leverage social media that we want to make certain that we're leveraging in today's marketing environment up here's the main the main menu so I've got testimonials IT solutions business IT solutions are vertical specific solutions the ecommerce store I'm going to talk about that in a minute and why I think it's important for you to have that contact us page and the blog you probably want then watching the sliders move across here every slider is linked to the its respective page within the site so if I click this picture or learn more I'm gonna get to the accounting IT solutions page which is great now one page I want to show you here is you can even embed video on the slider posts which is great so I know we have a lot of partners that are moving toward video video is a great medium to extend SEO now so I strongly encourage you if you're not using video and leveraging that medium and using meta tags and things like that to increase SEO I strongly encourage you to do so the next section here has content blocks so you can have as many content blocks as you want from an aesthetic point of view we don't want to overwhelm someone with information I think three is is plenty and again each one of these now if you notice here hopefully you can see this in Europe in your screen this placeholder here says your city or state it's a great example of us optimizing for a local search so managed IT services in your city or state backups loose in your city or state security solutions your city or state again you can have as many or as few of these as you want I recommend three then down here we have latest from the blog so you want to make sure that we're leveraging the blog post let me remind you that the site comes with 40 pre-written local SEO optimized blog posts now each of these blog posts also leads the reader back to the page within your site that talks about that solution this is called deep linking this is another SEO strategy the best way to get SEO traffic organically to your site is to have a rotative sites refer back to your site another way to get SEO juice is to have internal links on the site linking to other pages within your own site that's called deep linking and we take advantage of that what these blog here I've got some client testimonials that are rotating through here then we're promoting our my managed services roi savings calculator and i'll show you that in a second get in the bottom I've got three columns here you can have as many as five I think five is too much I think three is just right we're promoting a free network analysis and security assessment that takes them to the page where they can request that we're also posting our tweets on the page as well as to Twitter and then we've got a subscription here this can be anything download a white paper subscribe to our newsletter get on our mailing list whatever you like it's important to have a way to capture your contour or lead contact information on every page of your site so this on the home page is great and then let me move towards some of these other pages I've got quite a few tabs here so let's just move quickly through those now this is a team page I strongly encourage you if you've got internal staff to feature them on your site this builds confidence and trust in prospects and it gives your existing clients an opportunity who may not see your staff on a regular basis because you're delivering service primarily remotely a way to put a name to the face now these aren't the best pictures that just drop them in here just for an example but you can give everyone an idea of everyone's capabilities here and you can provide as much or as little information as you like but I think it's important for you to display that for your prospects and clients and here's another great example of you being able to edit the page right from the page so every page has a little edit this page button if I click back I could edit anything on this page of my life another great example of the ease of use of this amazing solution that we've delivered now the next thing I'm going to show you our client testimonials so I want to make sure that we've got pictures of our clients and without their testimonials why pictures of our clients so I'm gonna give you a great example right now what are you looking at on this page as I'm scrolling you're looking at the photographs of these of these stock photo images it's important because it draws the eye it creates interest and curiosity if the trusting confidence so if I didn't have any pictures of people on this page it would be a very bland page but by adding photographs of human beings we are naturally attracted to images of humans and and that's just our social the way we're wired so we want to make sure that we're leveraging those pictures as much as possible again you can put as much or as little content as you want about these clients and over on the right I've added some social media some tweets and some blog categories just to keep the page interesting very easy to do you can add and remove this these components very simply by editing the page the next page I want to show you is that managed services ROI calculator where we're giving your prospects in three easy steps a way for them to determine how much they can potentially save with your services and again here's that contact form at the bottom here very important again the contact form on every page and the next section is the IT solutions section I'm going to scroll the page and watch the left column here so you can see all of the different types of solutions that we've already written SEO local SEO optimized content or for you so I would say that I'm pretty confident that we are covering most of the solutions if not all of them and most of you are delivering and it's not it's easy for you to clone a page can you do it a little bit and add a page about that solution very important we've got the contact form at the top right above the fold as we say them rolling the scroll let's take a look at one of the solutions pages here so here's cloud solutions as you can see again just representing that we've written all of the content for you the next section I'm going to jump over to is the business IT solutions here in the main menu now here if you look on the left you'll see all of these content pages are written from a vertical specific perspective accounting engineering healthcare legal manufacturing let's take a look at one of those pages here's the engineering technology solutions page and again just quickly highlighting that we are locally optimizing engineering technology solutions in your city or state very important next time I'll show you is the store let me take just twelve and a half seconds and talking about why it's important for you to have some representation of a store how many times have your clients called in and taking up one of your highly skilled and very busy technicians time simply to order something hey I think I need another laptop I think I need another we were hiring somebody can you set them up we need a desktop we need to avoid phone I think I'd like to monitor anything that your clients can simply order online this is a great opportunity to drive them back to your website and relieve your staff of having to be order takers when they've got much more important fish to fry less in basic terms so anything that you can think of let's put it on here let's also have an opportunity to put sale prices on some things it's so easy to do this and then use that marketing and messaging to your existing clients and prospects hey we've got 20% off consumables you know all month we've got partners that sell paper and toner to their products to their clients and then use that as a way to navigate them towards a print management solution so again I think it's just a great way for you to add a digital marketing touch letting your clients and prospects know of all these additional products and services that you deliver and once you've got them on their site they're gonna start looking into other areas of the site as well so again just another way to drive them back to your website and promote some of these things and then teach them hey next time you have a new hire just go over here set up a bundle and we'll go ahead and schedule a time to install it how cool is that so there is a page that just talks I just an example of some of the blog posts here and what I really want to focus on is to show you how each post is written from your your target audiences perspective so these are articles that are going to interest your target audience should you hide our outsource an external IP provider and then guess what here's that deep linking guess where this link goes it goes to a page within your site that can help them make a decision to engage with you and then at the bottom click here to learn how your company can help you again with local optimization here anything for online data storage guess where this link goes it goes to your online data storage page and local SEO managed IT services and this IT services page local SEO you get the idea so this is something that is completely done for you all you've got to do when you get your site candidly is take 30 minutes going to the blog section and schedule a blog post every other week and you'll have enough blog posts for over a year water them up to your social media and now you're getting that message out and you're not having to manage and maintain that it's very lightweight so really really cool now here I think is probably one of the most important capabilities of the site notwithstanding all of the content and the stl on all of this I talked a little bit about this at the beginning of the call this is responsive web design now I'm on a smart phone emulator site so this is in our submission you'll see some ads here please disregard those but what I want to show you is here's the homepage of the site I can pull down and go to any page on the site I can scroll on a smartphone and I can see every single piece of information on any page in the site and I don't have to pinch in zoom and and you know fat-finger my way through the site everything is responsive web design you can read everything nice and clear and more with more importantly you can interact with the site itself you can your prospects can go ahead and ask for information I say contact me or subscribe it's really really the next evolution of web design now let me show you an iPad so now let me answer a question I get that sometimes at the end of a call it's not based upon the device responsive web design takes into account the pixels in the display so it knows how many pixels are in the display on a I pad the site pretty much renders the way it would look on any other computer monitor everything fits side to side and top to bottom you see that on a smart phone it puts it into that nice width and changes the font so it's easier to read etc here's a vertical scroll so it doesn't matter what the device is or what brand it is whether it's an iOS device and Android device Windows Phone doesn't matter responsive web design will properly scale the device and render it so that your users have the best experience browsing and interacting with your site to cool now just want to show you really quickly how you can change the look and feel of any page of the site so remember the home page of the site remember those three content blocks we had at the bottom there I've got an example of two content blocks and I love just looking here refresh I love quickie because it has a really cool animation as it moves things around anyway I digress so here's a four column look so again just to give you an example of how simple it is for you to change the look and feel not only can you look can you change the composition of everything on the page but you can change the color scheme of the entire site and I want to show you that right now where I said that we've taken the most capable template and highly highly optimized it with our content and all these things that we put in to make all of this stuff happen so here's the template provider site and why I jump over here is because they've got this cool little tool here that I can change my layout style and they'll give you an example exactly how simple it is to do it on your site except you go into the admin portal to do it here they've got it so that you can display it here's the botched view that I prefer and then let's change the site paint to red or you know slate or dark dark blue really cool let's go with red here and I want you to note that not all it's not just the banners and the headers and the footers that change to red you can also by the way you see these little design elements with little shadowing and things like that you can change those as well there's tons and tons of different different options to do that but we're changing the entire theme here so everything see how even though the headlines are red now and things like that so cool so easy really really awesome so I want to show you that the last thing I want to show you is our very comprehensive online training system so here's our on our service desk sidearm you Zendesk here we've got initial setup so when we deliver the site to you complete ready to go it's live here are the first 10 things I think you should do immediately in order of priority and inside of each of these your screen well this and screenshots on that one but there are screenshots some of these are so simple you don't need screenshots there we go and instructions on how to do that but more importantly let me jump back a couple of pages I'm sorry if I'm making you busy here there are the ten things I want you to do immediately then I think then there are some additional steps I want you to do after that to really optimize and teach you how to do other things add or remove sliders on the home page how to remove solution blocks add custom hyperlinks activate the live chat activate the e-commerce plugin things like that but I'm also doing training and we're doing these live and I'm posting the live video training to the side as well so this training class covers the first ten things that I want you to do on the site and the next video covers the next things I want you to do and then the following training will be how to optimize how to set up all your social media outside of the system and how to integrate it and so we're going to continue to do those training classes and then post those videos here so you're gonna get not only a site but you're gonna get an education about everything that I know some maximize SEO social media marketing and leverage your website and these blog posts and we also have general information other things that I think you should know about so let me jump back to our a couple of final slides I want to share with you now and we'll take some Q&A because I'm at the bottom of the hour here so over a hundred amazing features this is a heavily heavily optimized and responsive WordPress theme remember the importance of having that ability to view and interact with your site in the palm of your prospects hand on their smartphone it's 40 pages of customized content not 35 we're including 12 months of GoDaddy hosting which is amazing so once you engage with us everything is taken care of for you we'll publish and set it up then you get full control this isn't a solution where you're gonna pay us to set it up and then you're paying us our monthly fee to manage and maintain it it is so simple for you to maintain we turn all of that over to you this is your site it's a it's not a monthly recurring fee it is a one-time payment it isn't work for a Meyer you own the site and then after twelve months you can move the site to a host of your own choosing and we have tools that help you migrate it really really simple WordPress is awesome in that regard we including instructional training videos from the theme provider as well as my training videos so they'll teach you how to work their theme I'll teach you how to maximize the site so on and on and on I don't want to get bogged down in here what do we need from you or if you can't knock out the items on this checklist in in less than 10 minutes then you know we need to have a conversation because this is everything we need we need your logo and a specific width and format we need you to choose your theme color on launch your contact information any of your PSA rmm or remote controlled desktop remote desktop control links and your social media link so that we can wire everything up for you problem believe it or not we do all of this in 10 days those of you that know me outside of today's webcast know that I'm a process fanatic and I've got to tell you we've got this process down to a science 10 business days from the point you give us the information that we need your site is live we have not failed on that since we started delivering this new solution here's a great testimonial from Russells Nelson over in the UK you can imagine that's a pretty bustling city we've been running our site for two weeks and are ranked number one for managed services in my city already I just got back from seeing our first lead amazing Russell actually sat in on one of my webcast and type that in the question box so everybody on the call could could share this news he was very excited about it I never had happened before with his web site in the past he had never gotten to leave nothing John Mitchell says this is one of the most cost-effective best buys I've ever done for my business ranking now I talked about the training that's included you know it's tough to put a price on that because I don't do that kind of training anywhere else I don't share this knowledge at any industry event for any of our manufacturer or distributor partners nowhere else so when you're getting this this information this is behind the scenes stuff that I've worked on and developed over many many years and then those blog posts if you were to find someone that knew your business knew your industry knew your prospects and we're able to write blog posts without you having to go back and forth five or six times you know getting them to edit it so you felt comfortable posting it on your site you're probably going to pay about thirty five to fifty dollars per blog post taking a $35 price point those 40 posts are worth $1,400 by themselves I'm happy to announce that we have just launched a relaunch and a massive upgrade this is the most massive undertaking that we've ever taken for one of our training sites ever and we are now branding SBC internationalize the IT business builder with a training center and a resource center and if you engage with me today we'll give you a 90 day subscription included well let me should just give you a quick tour I don't think anyone has seen this we haven't promoted it yet or anything so here's the IT business builder subscription we've got a resource center I want to show you first the Resource Center as you mention this contains over 500 videos and over 1200 downloads and it's a searchable index of collateral and resources the largest IT business improvement library in the industry so let me just show you a couple things here in the marketing section we have searchable videos we have downloadable collateral and when I say you know we've got the largest library this is just marketing I am NOT jackets for four days I'm not kidding but what I really excited about is the collateral library not much of us has come over from the MSP University site we are solution provider community international because our partners want us to give them the same training and education and resources or other practice areas just like we did for managed services so now we've got I'll show you in a second but we've expanded into virtualization into unified communications mobility a lots of other areas so now take a look at this this is so cool so you need some postcards some marketing collateral here's the thank-you card section there's an email template in PDF and PSD so you can edit it premium postcards and different sizes and all you've got to do is select the color scheme take a look at that how sweet is that we're really so we're very very proud of this it goes on through sales so we've got videos and we've got downloads for sales anything that you could ever want to help improve any of your business units your service delivery now these are all resources that have come over from the MSP universities operations and take a look at this we're now even posting bootcamp videos argue our UK boot camp is going on right now and here are the videos from yesterday that we've posted so we've got tons and tons of videos over the next coming weeks you'll see this tremendously expand as we post all over on demand video from boot camps so that's the Resource Center let's look at the training center we've added over a hundred brand new training classes in 40 customized courses to give you and your staff the structured training that you need to succeed what do I mean by structured training let's take a look so when you load up a class there's a video there are downloads and there's a test and now you can tell how your team and staff is doing based upon the structure of the training we put together now take a look at these categories on the Left operations so we've got business improvement categories marketing sales service delivery now here are the solution specific areas cloud managed services mobility unified communications and virtualization here are the courses here so you can see the courses all go 101 201 real one you can see how anyone in your company is doing I don't have anyone in this demo loaded up but you can see how anyone in your company is doing here at any time and then you can add folks to your training platform yourself super super cool we're very very proud being able to display this this way so let me jump back over and we'll take some closing questions so that's our 90 day subscription included for you and your entire team role-specific training to get what you need in the in the business training center and watch your stamps progress here's a better shot of seeing how your progress of your staff is doing here on the bottom left and testing for comprehension right the difference between education and training is testing to ensure that everybody understands that the topic as we just covered and those thousands of different potential options in the marketing collateral library with all the different color schemes to match your branding all of that's included so I'm gonna close with this act just think about this if you act today and get us everything we need from you and within 10 minutes you can potentially get your site completely up and running by December 2nd or 3rd ready for the holidays and certainly ready for 2014 which is really what we're what we're aiming at here's an opportunity for us to change our outcomes by doing something different and investing in a tool and leveraging it to increase our lead generation and marketing outcomes so that's the 10-day new improved SEO WordPress website with 12 months of hosting live and on-demand video training sessions that I conduct on a regular basis all of your 40 pre-written local and feel optimized blog posts as well as all the other solution pages and then three month subscription to the IT business builder we used to promote websites with not near half this functionality for over five thousand dollars a couple of years ago so the value here is like they say in those commercials right it's unfathomable one time B there are no ongoing monthly fees

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