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so in this video here we want another ass solve the mystery and that the mistake or the mistake that you believe that many think you could simply link to google and sell to over his website or then gets searchers about visitors through his website I have described it here 1 and then we link our website on google and when visitors get this sentence, I've heard it before and it really does So several times, especially by people who don't have much to do with seo such as tax offices accounting hairdressers bakers one such occupations I'll say my husband is also knowing that this is the case because with other things and with that we can now compare that because you know that It's common knowledge there and that's why I want to do it for you compare that google for me even more so is because google is everyone wants to be there and that is why google is just like a bestseller list of books only comes in if you are smart and extremely clever listed here as number one or at the top who is already known anyway, who is already extremely known anyway and often is googled or who is more likely to read books or bring out another book and then of course this book will too immediately criticized and referenced and thus becomes even more viral, so to speak well-known and who can also make the bestseller list before Was not known and or is not clever, but keeps repeating himself there is effort and that actually leads is very close to point one you related whoever tries hard must be a bit clearer there I am I'm quite sure because just giving is not a coincidence or we just compare the whole thing with music charts google is like the music charts, everyone wants to go there, the artists are with google want everyone who wants to sell Only those who can do something extremely well come in or have I said good but something really good, for example, and that is the analogy of whoever is with music can see really well and who can do something well I have to do that again before that was also the case in the example before being clever or something good this is for example in the seo calculating agency or an seo professional and it can do that well, it will also come up on google because it does has done it several times and knows exactly how to do it so and the experience has the experience is not to be underestimated then for example in the music charts who is already known is than others and because it is someone like that thing so with music, for example, it doesn't necessarily have to be good but if the competition is bad, for example, and then whoever is there sings is known anyway, then he will be more successful at the moment and if you try hard, you usually stick to the fact that it is here the weakest link in the chain the effort is really not all you can also fail with a lot of effort that unfortunately a lot of people feel that too but with a lot of effort you get on on your own body and garbage belongs always for that reason is listed here so all points are worthless without them the effort that is again very important to emphasize and whoever is extremely different from others will, for example, sink here back then i can still remember daniel küblböck because he was simply so different was so funny or there are certainly other singers nowadays he just keeps coming back as an outlier and yes you are simply different and usg is called unique selling proposition something in business administration, for example, or in sales and when people do something that no one has done before or that adds value then bring you to the top of the google results like in the music charts then there are steady seo tasks and this is now here to show you how much is actually to do so that one also comes up in the google result many questions how do I get to the top on google that is also a small one answer here and often I hear but you can also do seo for us do it once and then our page is at the top of google or then one hears again and again sentences like the seo but that doesn't bring that much yes, because there is a basic requirement that someone at all if it sinks it is like a child sings in front of his parents at home but nobody hears the child sings okay then okay but is but not at all known this is how to optimize a website for google but google still knows this website not and has no social care at all, so just singing well is important Having nothing or just a well-optimized website usually also helps Little that is really needed, and there comes the mill because of it I adjust the listed contents to the needs of the visitors meter Adjust texts to the click rate over time, so if in google in the title for your website click here we are the best hairdresser then this comes maybe the door to the house fell a little and nobody clicks and then you just have to watch it, but nobody can predict that really now really good and bomb hits again can only be so look at samples but nobody can do that one hundred percent predict it will work now everything does not work and then you should im change over time so there is no one-time thing here Facebook campaigns have to be updated regularly.

Backlinks have to be maintained are generated on the side and in a healthy way did not measure too many at the beginning, always regularly for the next few years website websites have to be optimized for users so you have to watch them at google analytics i then have another video brought out where I show how to do something or what to do that there is google analytics and so what exactly you do such things and looks where people jump off you first need people on the website and that is one of the most important seo things as well as the last point of create regular content that means whoever comes to me said said if you do it for us first make it a fixed price that won't do anything that doesn’t help at all it really only brings a care that you user analyzed and optimized that's modern it realistically because otherwise you are like someone really who maybe Can see well but has no pr and has learned to sing there once I say and yes, as I said, then nothing more is made of it, just like it is, but there are more steady ones I wanted to take you by surprise so that you could see it there here is a whole list so it's not even made that short you can go to For example, google adwords campaigns switch that at the beginning business continues the pages performance must also be permanent can be optimized and you can design performance for all sides too at the same time optimize the speed how often how fast the page is loaded when someone clicks on it on google but that's how it is that for example you would spend a lot of money if you had any page perfectly optimized you would really have to lay down one for ours website is optimized like it I say at 100% then in the google page speed is so that's really really really good you really have to Put a lot of money down and that's why you have to think economically, of course, he says on a side where nobody packed it, I don't need to optimize that means you have to watch again and that is the key word against what they do most people think about it and then of course these pages get special So an underside with many images is optimized because there are many people go on it for example and the site wants to be better known then the pictures are made even smaller and so and so is optimized by the way, i always compare it a bit with cars so there is also im internet a polo with which you can reach your goal So you don't have to spend the money and still get there okay, but you can of course completely exaggerate and get there faster a ferrari, for example, when I get SEO inquiries how much does it cost Or do we build a website, how much does it cost I always do that a little or then I think yes but I don't know anything about it yet i don't even know what you want so i could make an offer now and think so about a million euros when there are times There is so much work in it, so much, so many hours you could and I say it I want it could you could optimize the entire day's performance His website has so many guidelines and so many tricks that you can use You can still use it and you can build ferrari on the internet and it then costs as much as you can of course build a polo and to get there, so say okay i wanted a polo i deserve so that enough money and so on but what do you think how many people to for example at his side like zalando or how many people you think sit In it on the day and optimize the page it can definitely be in three digits So sit there or in the double-digit range so at least many people sit at the same time they are all paid with their 34 1000 euros a month more or less and you can do your math what is by the side of the value comes from you and wanted shoes sell and because the whole for 3000 4000 euros manage that but of course with another vehicle so you found with cars with a polo then of course you can but not really then optimize every page i don't want to completely optimize myself demotivate in this video but I just wanted to visualize you at autos everyone knows i can't afford the biggest one at website there comes this knowledge of what is still given in cars, always a little to falter and also with seo or it comes very much instruments so people always think yes, then the side is perfect goes bad when a few little tricks have been done and so no So a polo doesn't go with 1000 hp all at once, so that's what I mean and that sounds very cool and dry at first but I also get the inquiries as a tour as freelancer etc.

I see it as it is thought and that's how it is the bitter truth but i'll tell you one thing if you don't wanted to put a lot of money in the wind and above all want to be successful then you rethink you have to get used to this polo ferrari thought and yes, be very realistic so that's my tip in any case think about seo and i think god himself links them in this video page on google and then we will be successful then the website security has to be checked and guaranteed again and again once it is gone and google recognizes it then you are gone again from the window if you get hacked and notices that not at all on a blacklist that has to eat every week be checked every day and you need an seo specialist and can not all the time you just don't have the time when you are core business so that's something that everyone does must be clear even if you can see well and at some point a voice will work broken then you may have recorded a little something on cd but big tour you won't do it anymore so there is so much to do with website security so that it is very clear So you can do that now for everyone clear if he this video jakub the site security has to be permanent be optimized and there are important factor so keywords on current topics adapt, for example, as it becomes even clearer that SEO is not a one-time process is really holistic so it has to be seen holistically if for example google realizes that you never hate new content and such further and you are actually a side that has competition that has new content then you are immediately away from the window that of course does not apply to here hairdresser xy from village xy that of course applies to pages for example like those who have a lot of competition but rather global and not only local business so for example what comes to my mind about fashion sites therefore here new year's eve cloud 2015 christmas t so product pages 2015 So Christmas 2015 for the latest tea or what people want Also know from you how do not always look for six pack when you want for example, want to train this summer sixpack or six pack They google for beach and things like that and you always have to have up-to-date texts because a current text still has a very small bonus just as really a brand new text and very old and proven articles is a bonus so both have their bonuses but also always new things regularly have an absolute bonus and are then called by google, so to speak news is valued and that's exactly how it is in a treasure chest there is always news people always want to hear the same thing and that's why it's always good when you bring out news and you have now seen what kind of factors are there which are also important and have to be made permanently for your website and seo is not an easy thing, let's go to google and links our website on page one and with that the cheese is eaten what is done not so you can say two google hey we have a new subpage here set up but google pack then first on page 90 and have you ever been to or at number 90 then about page 10 and while you're already on page 10 you are ever went to page 10 on google I was looking for something I don't think so you saw it more difficult than one thinks seo there is much more to it than most people always think and me I hope I was able to help you extremely and inspire you with what you have to do to be successful with your business Of course, I am definitely looking forward to a like for this video keep your thumbs up if you subscribe to my channel then definitely stay up at the moment i'm doing a lot of videos for you and i'll tell you thanks at the moment i hope i learned something

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