• Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Samsung Health: How to use Route target | Samsung

Hi, I’m going to show you
how to use “Route target” today. Alright, shall we begin? Tap the “Start” button
in the Exercise section. You’ll see a list of exercises. I think I will go cycling today. Tap this button to set a target
for your route. It looks like the default setting for mine
is “Distance target”. Let’s tap on the triangle. See all these other options? Let’s try tapping on “Route target”. Choose “Select route”. Now, it’s time to set your own route! Try tapping on “Import”. Here, you’ll find saved records
of your previous workouts in GPS or GPX file formats. I’m going to load my GPX file
named “Patience”. If you load the file,
you can check details of the route. When you’re ready to go,
just tap “Done”! Do you see the route that
you’ve just created? Tap “Select” to proceed.

Now, your route is all set up! Ready to hit your target? Let’s tap “Start”! 3 2 1 Great job! Now keep it up!.

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