• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

(jazz music) – Social media offers a perfect place for business to have
meaningful interactions with followers and potential customers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram open the door for businesses to use the power of social media to stay top of mind. In each season of the
Small Business Revolution, we design an array of promotional products for business owners to
showcase their brand. From hats to drinkware to bags, virtually any product can
leave a lasting impression. In many cases, these branded items can
also serve a dual role as important visual elements
in social media posts.

For season four, Zion
Climbing and Event Center, we designed a selfie frame, perfect for those moments
just after a successful climb when visitors are excited to share a photo of their experience. Using that selfie frame
helps promote the Zion brand when climbers post on social. Make sure you are encouraging
them to take this picture. Take it on their phone,
take it on your phone, but it allows you, it gives
you additional content. – [Audience Member] That's great. – For Whilma's Filipino
Restaurant in season four, flavorful and colorful cuisine has always been the centerpiece of their social media presence. Knowing how excited diners would be to share photos of their meal, we designed a custom tissue to showcase your brand in social posts. They're gonna get home and they're going to wanna
take pictures of this food and then you get your brand in there. Social media is a powerful tool where both small businesses
and their followers are able to share unique experiences with the rest of the online world. Incorporating your
brand into those moments is a cost effective and fun way to raise awareness and
attract new business.

To see how your small business can make the most of social media, visit 'deluxe.com/socialmedia.'.

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