• Sun. May 9th, 2021

This is a gold coin of 8 grams. Imagine I give you this coin for free as a gift, WOW!   Definitely you'll not believe it. You'll either think that I'm crazy or that the coin is fake. Hey, don't worry. It's real gold, real 8 grams coin of gold! Here it is, your free gift. Congratulations! Of course, you're now happy and grateful.    Thank you so much, my greatest friend, for this amazing gift. You're my best friend. Almost all of you'll react like this for such a situation, except for marketers.  Their gold is totally different. It has no relation to such coin of gold or to our gold that we know,    or any other precious material in our world.

Marketers are totally normal people. However, for them, real gold is what helps them, what guides them to know customer insights. It is what guides them to reveal the secrets of the customers needs and wants.   The first step for successful marketing and businesses  is to understand the marketplace and customers needs and wants. It is what guides them to reveal the truth about the customer's behavior, not only the purchasing behavior, but also their overall behavior, including the electronic and social behavior. The most precious and important type of gold for marketers is why you behave in this manner. For example, right now, why are you watching my channel (Management with Merits Channel)?  Why are you watching it at this exact time? Why are you watching it using this specific device,   such as your mobile or your laptop or i-pad or tablet, whatever? Why do you watch my channel at this place, at your house or outdoors or anywhere else? Definitely, marketers cannot collect this countless huge amount of information about customers. The available bulk of information is like a gold mine for marketers. Their crucial task is to dig and search this mine to come up with valuable and precious gold.

It is the information that helps them to understand customers' insights and reveal their behavior's black box. To do so, there are plenty of approaches and techniques, such as marketing research, survey, marketing information system and artificial intelligence. A great example is YouTube Search and Discovery System, including country-specific Trending Videos. It is part of the massive wedding last Friday for Mustafa Al-Mumari, a famous Yemeni YouTuber in Sana'a, Yemen.   But why does YouTube put it as a trending video at Saudi Arabia YouTube Site? Nothing is related to Saudi Arabia in this video and this wedding, including the channel that created and published the video. Everything is pure Yemeni. YouTube marketing system was able to reveal the (Black Box) of Yemeni audience, which had an impact on Saudi customers insights because of the external environmental forces and effects.  Geographically, KSA is a bordering country for Yemen.

Culturally and Socially, Yemen and KSA share plenty of characteristics and attributes. Thus, YouTube recommends popular and trendy Yemeni content to YouTube KSA and vice versa. Yemenis' decision to watch and engage in Mustafa Al-Mumari's Content   has gone through a lot of steps and through a long process. This process of buying, purchasing or watching, coupled with unique attributes and characteristics of Yemenis, make out their (Black Box). It is simply the answer of the question: Why Yemenis watch this content at this time, place, method and so forth? YouTube doesn't exactly know this box.

However, the outcomes of the box, such as the massive crowd at Al-Momari's wedding and his outstanding popularity in Yemen, led YouTube to reveal some of the secrets of this box. Besides, the characteristics of the content of Al-Momari, in addition to the various Yemeni's environmental forces, strongly affect this box. Yemenis purchase decision to watch Al-Momari started with their need to enjoy and entertain themselves. Thus, they started searching for sources and methods of entertainment and enjoyment, including YouTube video content. For Yemenis, online content entertainment, including YouTube, should represent their personalities, characters, and culture. This includes three basic dimensions. First is the verbal dimension, such as using Yemeni accent, vocabulary and speech style. Second is the common local Yemeni aesthetic, such as the dressing look, hair style and posturing way, and also chewing qat.

Third is the psychological and emotional dimension, which is simplicity, independence, passion and loyalty to the local society. Therefore, when Yemenis searched for such localized entertaining content, they found and tried various YouTube videos and channels. Having compared and evaluated these alternatives, Yemenis preferred Al-Momari's content because it was the mostly tailored choice for their characteristics and preferences. Thus, they took the decision to watch it repetitively. This experience made Yemenis fully confident and satisfied that Al-Momari and his content were the best representatives of their preferences and characteristics.

Therefore, they became deeply engaged in the content, strongly loyal to the creator, and positively supportive and proactive for his personality, style and content. That was our section for today, guys. Thank you so much for watching us. Please continue our amazing support for the channel, so that we can continue our glorious and prosperous mission.   Our production is each Thursday, so please support the channel. Subscribe to the channel at YouTube & activate the notifications bell there.

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