• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Welcome to this series of video tutorials on Facebook Marketing I'm Minh HM And if you like and are interested in Facebook Marketing Remember to Like, Share, Subscribe and comment on any questions I can answer for you Or discuss together! In the previous video I talked about the types of online audience And in this video we will learn about Facebook Fanpage and Facebook Profile Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each type and understand marketing for each different category. Firstly We will learn about Facebook Profile Facebook Profile is the Facebook you are using everyday! When we create Facebook we have a page about our information. Has my name, my profile picture And we can update the status, work history or relationship status. Make friends with your friends or your family and chat with them whenever you want.

And those befriending friends or following you can see the mood lines the statuses you shared are displayed on their wall. Facebook Fanpage is similar to Facebook Profile but it does There is no function of making friends with others like they might Like Follow your page from then on, they can see the statuses you share and also appear on their wall Facebook Fanpage is mainly for organizations, companies, famous people or people of the public. Because this is created for those who want to follow company news or some famous person. And this page can run ads Facebook Profile cannot run ads on the article we write up. So can Facebook Profile be in business? According to Facebook's tenets, it wouldn't be a business. But in fact, Facebook Profile does very strong marketing with marketing 0 VND.

And they're great for selling. We can see a lot of people Your friend even makes a sale on Facebook Profile And making a turnover of hundreds of millions to billions is normal No need to run to ads without Facebook Fanpage. We simply need to surf Facebook for a while Is that we can immediately see their sales program on Facebook And now we're going to find out in a number of ways Marketing $ 0 through Facebook! The first is the Profile page when you create information. If you are going to sell above then you have to optimize them and present all the information Here we have a personal Facebook of a sales sister extremely good marketing. We see a picture of the product is placed in the main banner and is very clear for everyone to know.

Next as information about this phone number can be contacted very easily Should keep company or job information up so that customers can feel reputable and absolute trust, towards your individuality. Famous newspaper pages, product related images or any images make others feel like a reputable person. Providing quality products or services then we will also put up. Next to serve for Marketing You can join groups where the audience of that group relevant to your product And you will post articles or share articles on it. For example, if I sell baby goods, I will participate groups involving mother and baby or newlyweds then we will better sell our products or services Create groups to interact with people you feel is potential. And customers who buy from you then you put in a group the better you will make repeat sales. And it is very important for you to market 0 VND here. Be good at connecting with others on Facebook Because I use Facebook individuals as the main marketing channel. We also have to stay connected and stay in touch with our Facebook friends.

Because they can become our customers at any time. Livestream is a very good interactive channel and makes others think of themselves You should do it even more often and even daily livestreams. The product images of the content to be transmitted to personal facebook must also be beautiful. We should invest time editing them to other people and friends has good emotional effects on its products. Fully answer their questions and comments and avoid any negative effects like quarreling and scolding each other on personal Facebook. And if possible, post related images or content to celebrities so people can trust you more, Interact with you more. Advice for you to post from 2 to 3 articles on a personal profile a day let others remember you and interact with you a lot.

What about Facebook Page? Please do the same as Facebook Profile with a little difference Fanpage cannot make friends and can run ads on your posts. And personal Facebook can not run ads on his personal Facebook. And there are a few more, but they are not very important. And now we will start with Fanpage and only run ads. In the following video I will guide you to create Facebook Fanpage and optimize them! Hello and see you in the next video..

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