• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Environmental Analysis for marketing plan – www.MarketingPlanNOW.com

business plans marketing plans it's a term which we used a lot today marketing plan we have seen we just seen the sequence for questions for answers basic terms analyzing the current situation analysis turning that into marketing objectives if you wish strategy turning that into an action plan if you wish tactics as we saw and you have to it's not if you wish you have to talk about control you have to control these activities and again this is a cyclic cyclic way of planning at the end of each day at the end of each week at the end of each trimester quarter year you have to realize what have you done good and bad in a business way yesterday during the past quarter and so forth so we've seen the frame of a marketing plan we have to now concentrate here we have to speak about where are we today we have to analyze we have to analyze things which are starting with a very macro approach we'll speak about things like that in a second we'll explain what this means what is best all about and we'll have to understand how do we analyze in marketing and again we start with something very large very holistic very global besides being a very nice Italian sauce which we fancy because if you remember the background my background has to do with Italy it just stands for a few words which are really your business environment so for example the first one is political environment what does it mean what does it mean for you what does it mean for you sir it means are you really affected by the political environment are you really affected by this political environment political environment are you affected by that maybe not the e stands for economical environment are you affected by the economic environment probably yes of course yes but you have to see this is the way we think as marketers what is more important is it the social environment the s for social environment or is it economical is a technological environment if you're a software company obviously this is the most important environment for you if you are in the perfume industry obviously the social environment is the most important trends what what trends are coming up in the perfume industry if you're a banking investment banking and so forth you're here economic environment ok this is obvious but each and every business here sitting in class you're representing many many different businesses you have to realize what is the level of importance and the old stands for you won't imagine that's why I haven't wrote it's here stands for others others we really mean two different environments one which can be legal let's write L for legal legal environment some businesses they have a lot to do with the legal environment and let's put G for green for ecological environment all this issue of representing the earth in another way recycle appreciates the peer your peers appreciate communities help the others all about what we call today social marketing we have six environments political economical social technological and finally legal and environmental and the question is really for you in one sentence in one sentence what is the most one or two environments that you are affected by and this is what we call the best analysis and this is what this is all about we have started with that will continue with much more practical and more micro level elements we will continue and analyze

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