• Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

hello and welcome back to my channel so
today I want a mail marketing 101 we're gonna learn about how to build your
subscriber list now we all know at this point that you know having a subscriber
and having a subscribers email address name and in a phone numbers is the most
valuable asset that you can have because a lot you guys might be trying to build
that Facebook group or whatever right keep in mind that whenever you are
building your customers on a third party platform you should and I encourage you
but if you solely depend on that then let me tell you this you might be you
know don't be surprised if something happens like in a couple of months
couple of years it's never a good idea to rely on somebody else so always
collect people's name email phone number address now when I say that I sound like
a really bad guy right like I don't value privacy in all that stuff but to
be really honest be honest with yourself right you got a build subscriber list
now if you have a subscriber list think of it like an ATM machine I don't wanna
say it's the wrong way to put it but it is you know whenever you have a new
product whenever you are ready to want people to upgrade or sell something boom
okay so you know at this point I have close to seven million subscribers I'm
gonna show you one of my accounts here so here's about six hundred K people on
the council I got those people on one of these so I have people on a Weber
Constant Contact inbox – MO and many many other platforms as well custom and
third-party as well I do my backups regularly now today's topic is how do
you build your subscriber list okay now I don't want to pitch you anything but
um I did write this book it's called evil salesman twenty ways creative ways
to build your list I sold almost 32,000 copies of it
still it is still at this point it's it's one of the best sellers on Amazon
let me go up and show it to you and you know I keep selling at least 1520 copies
of it every day without me promoting it so that tells me that hey people like it
right so let's leave generation you don't even have to type by you know if
the my my name you'll find it like this as well let's go here see right here
it's right here as you can see it's right here and it's been here for almost
more than a year so I encourage you to grab a copy of this book it's only if
you get up I really want you to get a paperback because it's much easier and
the reason the reason I think you enjoy this book is because I teach you from
you know because in I'll teach you how to generate of the lead but you know you
need to know how to create a sales page or opt-in page all the stuff it's all
included here you can probably read this book in 30 minutes and the amount of
value it's gonna provide you it's gonna be tremendous okay but I'm gonna go and
share some of this stuff that that's on here on today's video here for you so
how do you build your email list super super fast now there's many ways to do
it now I'm gonna talk about some simple stuff that you can put into action today
okay so number one on your email okay on your email on your email signature
always put a link to a freebie so what I do is I tell people hey grab your
freebie here that's my signature on the email address
I do that okay that's one number two people love getting free beat so now let
me show you a product here it's called access one two three okay the way it
works is I'm gonna go to a site here then I'm used and I'm gonna go ahead and
show you a live example of this okay so I let's go to pop that one of my sites
and if you go here you'll see that if I click on tools
see this is like list of all these products right so what you do is the
software that you can get it lets you put up to put together a product like
this like like this and when people click on more information they can get
it get it now and they have to enter their name and email and the system will
email it out to them so they can't put a fake fake email and you know grab the
product or your freebie I really really recommend it so do that and on top of
that I also recommend you creating a meet-up account and once you going to
create a meetup I can make sure to pay for that fee so that you can create
groups ok that's a really good idea and once you do that you know let's create a
group like like from here and once you do that you'll see that meetup will
actually promote your group to people around so what I've done is I've created
a podcasting group and every city mini in in the US now guess what meetup is
promoting my group because I pay him I pay him 90 bucks every six months and to
be able to create these groups and they promote my groups so you know for this
one I have 700 people kit and I can get their email address too I can lean on
sell them things I can have a webinar or things like that as well that's a really
amazing way to build your email list as well now number four if you have a
really cool product that's coming up I recommend you going ahead and signing up
for a free account on product hunt and scheduling your product to be launched
let's say you know two weeks from today what this is gonna do it's gonna allow
you so let's let's see if I can log in here and show it to you might not have
my logins here but you get the idea so you'll be able to post your product for
launch right it doesn't have to be a brand new product it could be a product
that she's that's already in production right and you launch it you know you
schedule a lot in salons and future and what that's gonna do is all those people
were interested you'll be able to get their actual email address
oh right and next forum so niche forums are so you go to Google and let's say
you are your product your company does what let's say I don't know I want to be
Jen I don't want to talk about software's because I do software's right
let's say your product is pets tech food right so type of pet forums right or
something your your topic and forums you're gonna find these forums where
there are so many people who are getting to get these are all these they could
all be your customer right what you do is you join the group and you put it on
your signature on them on a forum or you go ahead and pay for promotion so you
can do those things and if you actually take care of these five things and do it
like consistently for least up you know a month you should have a good amount of
subscribers now if you want to take it further if you want to take it further
now Facebook app is the cheapest way to get leads and what you can do is create
something like this right create something like this and advertise this
page so when people land there they're like okay I can get this I can get that
and they will sign up and you know you'll get the leads and in a Facebook
app that's super super cheap so try that as well I've done a different video
where I'm teaching you how to run penny ads for Facebook so make sure to check
that out as well so I've given you five ways on how you can start six ways well
mainly five ways and what you can do right now this given moment to start
building your list okay and if you need more make sure to grab a copy of evil
salesman this book right here it's a short book but I here's what I'll tell
you okay you can read this book in 30 minutes and if it if it's not good
please post a bad review that's all I'm gonna say okay if it if you buy this
book it's five bucks so and one more thing the entire money I make it go to
charity I'm not making money off this but if you
read this book and if you don't don't learn at least something that's worth
five bucks please comment here how it's telling me how bad the book is commented
on Amazon Barnes & Noble you can get it at all those places and you know almost
30,000 people cannot be wrong okay I'll tell you that and I think you're gonna
learn a lot so thank you so much for being here make sure to subscribe to
this channel if you want to see other videos other goodies see my other videos
on email marketing where I teach you how to avoid spam trap I teach you how to
write up or you know headline I teach you how to write and promotional even
make sure to check those out as well I'm not selling anything all those videos
I'm just telling you hey give this book if you want to get more when I just
taught you thank you so much have a blessed day make sure to subscribe to
this YouTube channel and right now thank you

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