• Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

BREINS – 01 Marketing Fácil de 0 a 100 Búsqueda Por Frases Clave

hi how about my name is khan and I thank you for giving us a friend of his time which is a software press release designed for business is part of the easy marketing series from 0 to 100 and he will explain to you, Mr. Entrepreneur, owner of a small or medium-sized company company that of clicks on the internet to advertise and sell your products services is know how easy it is and you can do it without pay an expert programmer or marketing agency We hope to achieve it and that you have fun in the process of learning when someone does a search kids google returns 10 results in the first places the first two or three results that google returns are paid results free results the first thing that is important to learn is that when a client does an internet search they almost never do it using a flap but does it using a phrase In our example we will assume that our client is interested in buy a surveillance system for your business in such a way that perhaps they started looking for surveillance cameras or cameras security let's see what would happen if our client do a search for the keyword cameras As we see, tours return the first results on a map with a site camera related sale of digital cameras and even something related to the cameras of the Senate of the Republic these first three or four results they are paid ads which also returns camera image results in this case cameras then free These search results or free ads are known as organic results says this result or ad corresponds to an internet page that has related information we are doing in a natural or organic way position in the first places if we review these ads organic results that practically everyone refers to cameras and that the great most refer to department stores at the bottom of the list of results we see a section where we see searches related to ours such as types of cameras cameras and finally we see the google logo and a series of numbers that represent additional pages of our search results we are not going to delve into them since 90% of customers do not review the second or third page results so our goal will be to position ourselves in one of the top 10 results from the first page of results as we could see link with a single word returns us results too generic so customers when they need to buy a product or service search by key phrases In our example we will now see what the results are if we do a search with the phrase security cameras as we can see now our results are specific to our need we see that the first paid ads are locations on a map where you can see and locate businesses that are dedicated to security cameras and even time clock which is something closely related to security cameras We also see that the results of camera images are returned but this time it's specifically security cameras Below are the organic results or free ads the which are also entirely related to what we are looking for security cameras and security camera surveillance systems although we also see a video of an event related to something that captured a security camera but 90% of the results are from businesses that sell security cameras an important fact is that if we are observers we will see that the first organic result or free ad is that of a website whose address is This is very relevant because as we will see in the next video if the our page address contains the key words or phrases of a search it will be much easier for you to naturally position yourself in the first places so far we are going to finish the topic of how the famous clicks work when I want to advertise and sell my products or services on the internet the second video we will see how paid ads work third video we will see how to buy the name of a page on the internet which is also known as the name of our domain on the internet and we will also see how to create our page without the need to know anything about programming or require an expert person in these topics This is where the first video of our easy marketing series from 0 to 100 ends created by brain software designed for business if you liked the video please click on the hand icon of me like that it is below the video and if you want to be among the first to see the next video of the series as soon as we publish it you can also subscribe to our channel on this red button that says subscribe at the bottom of the video to the right right next to where it is our logo we will leave you the link to the next video of this series thank you very much for giving us 5000 About this time and having seen this we hope it was black Thank you very much and see you soon

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