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What's up brand builders! Stephen Houraghan
here of BrandMasterAcademy.com and in this video I'm going to break down the
brand storytelling strategy of Red Bull so you can take some inspiration
from this master storytelling brand and captivate your audience
with your own brand stories. now if you're new to the channel and you
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be well on your way now you could be forgiven for
thinking that Red Bull is a brand other than just a soft drink but
that's what they are essentially they've only got one product and they earn 97 percent of their revenue by selling that
product they sold something like 7.5 billion cans of Red Bull the
other year so that's almost one can for every person on
the planet and as I said that is where the lion's share of the revenue
come from but you would be forgiven for thinking that
they're more than that because of how they have positioned
themselves now Red Bull went into an undeveloped market
essentially there was no market for an energy drink and they had to go
in there and create that market for themselves and that meant that they had a blank slate and they could go in and decide
that they could be anything they wanted to be and what they wanted to be and
what they wanted to represent was the word energy so they align
themselves with the word extreme so cornerstone to
that strategy was the alignment with these extreme sports that you now
see Red Bull representing all over the world so they went in search of the most extreme and most niche sports out there and they decided to align themselves with every
single one of those sports and you can see the rebel logo now on the side of rally cars on the side of aerobatic planes on snowboarders skydivers skateboarders
every single extreme sport you can think of there is Red Bull and
the common denominator with all of these extreme sports is the feeling of
adrenaline so that feeling of adrenaline that energy rush that you get through watching these sports or competing in
these sports that is what Red Bull have aligned themselves with and
they haven't just gone in there and aligned themselves with these
sports they've gone in there and created events and they've become part of the sports scene part of the
extreme sports scene and they don't just take from
these extreme sports they give back as well they
give these athletes a platform and the ability to go out and express
themselves at the highest level of these extreme sports so
that is the real difference here Red Bull don't just sign themselves up to sponsor an event and have their logo at
all of these events they actually create these events and in doing so they've
ingrained themselves in the culture of extreme sports and that has
really solidified their ownership of that word extreme but they don't
just own the word extreme they also own a liberating idea as well now Red
Bull is a brand that's been developed from the ground up with
strategy and even taking into consideration their tagline that
tagline Red Bull Gives You Wings it doesn't just speak to the idea that you get energy from the drink
it speaks to the idea that you are free to go out and achieve whatever
you want to achieve now Red Bull have taken on a really unique
approach to content and to content marketing and in aligning themselves with all of these niche sports rebel did
see an opportunity and a gap in the market because the
media companies the mainstream media companies they weren't
paying enough attention to these niche sports and they really weren't
representing them so Red Bull took it upon themselves to go in there and
create that media so from that idea the Red Bull Media brand
was born and they began developing really high-quality content really high-quality footage that they used to tell the stories of their individual athletes to tell the stories of these individual extreme sports and
now they have a content machine that has become a core part of their
marketing strategy so how does Red Bull use storytelling within their strategy well by aligning themselves with
all of these niche sports they align themselves with
these niche sport athletes as well and there are literally
thousands of Red Bull athletes now all competing at the top level
of these individual sports and each one of these athletes is a story
in and of themselves they all have their hopes and dreams and
aspirations and things they want to achieve they also come across challenges and struggles and they need
to develop resilience and really break through if they want to make it at the top level each one of these athletes
represents a story and these are the stories that Red Bull tells so Red Bull doesn't tell stories about the brand it
doesn't tell stories about the product they tells stories
about individuals about individual athletes whether it's a skateboarder skateboarding on a hundred foot bridge
or a snowboarder diving out of a helicopter or a skydiver
jumping down from space whatever it may be they tell stories of the
individuals and these individual stories is what resonates with who their audience is it resonates with the wider
public and it inspires other people to tell their own stories of achievement
so now these stories are being told all over social media and that solidifies Red Bull as part of this idea of extreme
sports as part of this idea that you are liberated
and free to be and do whatever you want to do so
using their social platforms Red Bull sprinkles a little bit of extreme
a little bit of energy and a little bit of inspiration into the lives
of their hundreds of millions of followers and in doing that
they are telling stories in doing that they are resonating and in doing that
they are solidifying the idea of extreme and energy and
liberation now listen Red Bull is an extreme example it's an extreme
brand and it's an extreme example we don't all have the added
advantage of having a media house to capture footage
for us and even if we did many of our brands aren't
about extreme sports and you know it's not that
exhilarating but you can take the idea of what they've created here the idea that they are telling stories about
achievements they are telling stories about people that they celebrate and if
you're able to do the same if you're able to sprinkle a little bit of
your brand uniqueness into the lives of your followers of your audience about stories of success stories of achievement stories of overcoming challenges and
overcoming adversity on the road to that success then you will
resonate with who your audience is now as you
can probably tell I'm a big fan of the Red Bull brand I really love what
they've done here they're really breaking boundaries when it comes to
storytelling and their brand strategy their marketing strategy they don't just look at their audience as demographics
they look at them as individuals and what they get excited
about what they're passionate about so I really love this example
but I'd really love to hear your example if you have an
example of a brand out there that's telling stories that really resonate I'd
love to hear what those examples are if you have any challenges or questions
around storytelling brand storytelling developing stories for your own brand
let me know in the comments below I'll do my best to answer all of those
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