• Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Ad Excellence – South Florida Full Service Advertising Agency

i'm rick goldman i'm the president of ad excellence a full-service advertising agency and create websites trade show displays brochures TV commercials whatever anyone needs to promote their business he started in 1993 with promotional products then in 95 I heard about a new thing called the World Wide Web we started making websites way back in the beginning so since that time we've been in business we do work for the Miami Herald city of Bay Harbor city of Fort Lauderdale plus a lot of businesses large and small well because of our location in South Florida most of our clients are in the Miami Fort Lauderdale area but we do get clients from all around the country and sometimes even outside of the country hi I'm Bob Loblaw I work with sunrise Sports & Entertainment which is the Florida Panthers in the bank Atlantic Center I have a lot of clients a lot of sponsors when they need something I send them to excellence because I know things are gonna get to be done right on time and meet their strategies nobody could ever find me I can't find myself if I did a search for Fort Lauderdale dentist in any form cosmetic general nobody would ever find the answer dentists so really the website did nothing for me Rick pulled mathematic Flint's optimize my website he did his magic and mail finally people will find me and I get great new business from their website which is what the website is for they find me under female dentists and their cosmetic dentist under the implant dentist under general dentist I'm on the first page of football it was the best thing that I've done from from the website and flew advertising I came to Rick at add excellence because I had a great website it was a really nice looking website flash full flash website but I was getting no rankings online so I wasn't getting a bulk of calls or a bulk of correspondence from our online so I wanted to see if Rick had a solution for me and we sat down and he really showed me some really really cool things about how the web works and how how a flash sight is not something that's that's visible where Levi's by Google or being or any other major search engines so that was that was what my challenge was and I can and to see if he could fix that so we went into a contract and ripped it awesome job at creating an online presence for my company so what what essentially happened was I I went from making cold calls and from having a sales team to go out doing Vincent and make cold calls to just being on the receiving end of projects and my phones were ringing I mean you know emails would come in and these are great solid leads for people were genuinely genuinely looking for the type of projects that I really love to get so it really turned around my my business model and he did a fantastic job fantastic job I spent a day an entire day looking for website companies and I just stayed online from early in the morning till about almost midnight going through the search pages different different website companies and I found at excellence and I saw how professional his site was and I looked at all the previous clients he had and I was blown away I said I gotta meet this guy I don't care how meaty charges he's doing my website concierge is very unique it's a very unique service and I wanted a company that could capture that and at excellence did it and that's the reason why I'm one of the vendors with Super Bowls Oh

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