• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

Youtube SEO: How I outranked CBS with these 7 Youtube SEO Tricks

are you ready to knock out and beat out the competition hey this is angela carter with earn money with angela calm and if you're watching this video you're looking for youtube SEO tips that can help you beat out the competition so in this video I'm going to share with you how i was able to beat out an outrank the corporation CBS the big television networks CBS how I was able to outrank CBS with these seven youtube SEO tricks so I'm going to share with you the result that I was able to get so let me take it to my youtube video so i did this fun video on CBS big brother TV show and as you can see here for the keyword CBS Big Brother 15 I am ranked number three now here's what's interesting in the fourth spot what do you see here this is the official CBS Big Brother youtube channel so i'm going to take you to it i was able as a small business owner able to beat out a major corporation right that has millions of dollars that they said on advertising so as you can see here this is the CBS big brother youtube channel and here is my video now how did I do this how did I accomplish this well I did it with seven YouTube SEO tricks that I want to share with you here in this video so the first youtube SEO tip that I can give you is to number one mention your keyword throughout your video YouTube has this voice recognition software that it allows the Google robots to pick up and really transcribe your videos so whatever you're saying in your videos Google can transcribe it and the Google box can can pick up on it right so it helps with your youtube SEO when you mention your keyword throughout your video I always try to mention my keyword in the first 10 seconds in the last 10 seconds of my video that's the first youtube SEO trick the second YouTube SEO trick is to mention your keyword or pav your keyword in your title as you see here my keyword for CBS Big Brother 15 it's mentioned in my title the third YouTube SEO trick that I could share with you is to put a longer keyword description we're noticing now in 2013 at the longer your video description the better you want to mention and make sure that you sprinkle out your sprinkle throughout your keyword description your youtube keyword so for me CBS big brother 15 as you see here as you see here I sprinkled it throughout so that's what you want to do and you want to make sure that you use a longer keyword longer video description so ideally 500 or 700 words ok the next YouTube SEO trick is to use timestamps and this is something that a lot of people don't know about but what you want to do is timestamp the places where you're actually using your keyword or staying your keyword in your video so i have four timestamps here so that's the what is that number for the fourth youtube trick 23 yeah I think that's the fourth one the fifth youtube SEO trick is to mention your keyword in your attack so put keywords in your tags the key word that you're trying to rank for which is CBS big brother 15 for me in this case but also related keywords okay and you don't want to keyword stuff your keyword description or EV do description or your video tax okay so as you notice here not every one of my keywords mention big brother it was eviction it was recap right so i have here one two three four or five six keywords so i don't overstuff okay okay so that's the that's one YouTube trick there the next one is to link to your YouTube video and your YouTube channel in your description so here's the key you can use I've seen people do both they've used their there longer YouTube watch video URL so this is the URL for this actual video you want to put it in your youtube description Google likes that so put that in your description but I also include a link to my youtube channel as well I've seen people use instead of the longer watch URL they've used the shorter youtube you're out the shorter one is the one that you see here in the share I've seen people do both I typically do the longer watch URL because I know a lot of people say that when you start pinging and doing backlinking you want to pick and back link to the longer watch URL so that's why i use the longer one but like i said i've seen people use the shorter one just remember that when you start doing backlinking which I'll get to here in a minute you want to use be longer watch your elit also when you start pinging your videos which I'm going to get to in a minute here you want to use the longer watch URL okay so the next trick that I want to share with you is to ping what do I mean by that that's taking your video and using a site and I use two sides i use ping ler and i use ping farm the reason why i use both is because the more the better but with pink farm what I love about paying farm is you can actually put your keyword and when you ping it so i would put CBS big brother 15 now here's the deal the reason why you want to ping is you want youtube and you want google to know hey google there's a new piece of content that i just uploaded online on the internet you want to pay attention to it because otherwise your video is going to be like an island in the middle of the ocean and google the google airplanes won't recognize that there's a life over there but there's a highland over there there's life on there so you want to let kind of send a rent a red flare up into the air to let the google airplanes know hey there's something over here there's life over here there's land here pay attention to this new piece of content and now it makes it so much easier and quicker for your videos to rain so what I do is I use ping farm and make sure that I ping I checked these boxes but I also put my key word here and I also put my youtube urs youtube RSS feed here which is this one I put it in here and I also ping my youtube channel RSS feed okay and then you'll just put my spin you'll select that button I also use pegler do the same thing with pink ler so you'll take your YouTube watch URL which would be the long URL here and you just ping here put your title check the relevant categories and enter your capture co2 hit pink so that lets you google know hey i just uploaded a new piece of content now here is the last trick that I want to share with you and this one is the killer this was the one that made all of the difference this is the one that the big corporations are not using that allowed me to sneak in and beat CBS and this is getting backlinks to your video getting backlinks from high authority sites here's the deal backlinking is important it's an off video technique it's an off video youtube SEO trick what a backlink is is a link back to your YouTube video backlinks are like votes it let's Google know hey this video must be important because another important high authority site is referencing this video now what I do is I use a secret website a secret blogging platform to get backlinks to my videos and it's a high authority site so when I get backlinks when I create backlinks from this site using this site it allows me to boost my position here in this in the youtube search engine even above big corporations because they're not using this site they don't know about it yet so if you want to learn with this site is and you want to learn how i'm actually using the site to get ranked like this on youtube but also monetize my videos go to earn money with angela calm again that's WWE money with AOL com i hope that you've enjoyed these youtube SEO tips make sure you check out the killer blogging platform that i'm using to get these high authority sites because let me tell you something if you think that you can't beat and outrank the the big corporations my friend you are mistaken because you can win and you can beat them at their own game when you learn some powerful marketing training it's a powerful marketing strategies go to earn money with Angela calm to learn what those are and you will start knocking out the competition

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