• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

[Music] hey I'm Neely and today we're talking about creating user-generated content and with me is the expert Emma hey Emma hey Johnson how's it going good how are you good awesome so I have no idea what user-generated content is give me the lowdown what's it about alright so it gets its name user-generated because of how it comes to inception okay it's created not by the brand or the business itself but by really anyone else other than the brand so it can be created by your biggest fans your customers it could be social media posts photos mentions from your employees and then acts as word-of-mouth right so instead of the brand was talking about their brand their product their service yeah rather it's the customer or the employee or just a fan in general so that's what it is all right so understand what it is but why why does it matter yes a great question it matters because it gives an authentic view of your business because you as a business you can say great things about yourself all day right I'm awesome exactly whereas if your customers tell me Justin Neely is awesome he is the best I'm gonna believe that and consumers do consumers believe recommendations from strangers they believe more than friends and more than you the business so it helps to get a very accurate representation of what you can offer provide as a business how do I get them to start crazy yeah how do you get it a way to get more on that is for example let's say I'm even received a good yelp review or a good Google review yeah all the time great so you can take that great yelp review post it on Instagram okay so just quote it maybe use canva to make it look pretty low canvas and that will encourage all your Instagram followers to oh wow they reposted that customers great review I want this cool brand repost me so I'm gonna mention them or review them and then that gives you an opportunity to get more user-generated content another way of seeing local businesses do it Cecily is through a dedicated hashtag okay what I've seen businesses do and it makes sense now is encourage others to tag their business when they do an Instagram post out a tag businesses that's kind of the same thing same thing and you know I see it for example like travel a lot for GoDaddy social and I go to trade shows and I'm walking the floor of the tradeshow there's thousands of people there but one thing that you'll see all over that floor is they'll have their hashtag their social handles why they want user general are user generated content there's thousand get it there's thousands of attendees the show is so busy running the show let the participants the attendees create the content so they can essentially sit back and focus on just running the show and then the what's gonna happen is all the attendees are gonna create the content because they mention them and then now you have something to repurpose and then if I'm curious about that trade show or that local business I'm seeing it from an authentic view right we got all this user-generated content what about I've heard this term float around a lot of influencers and how influencers create that user-generated content what's the deal with that yes so there's actually it's such a phenomenon that now influences exist which means they some people live off of this they're paid to represent a brand so what they'll do they'll go create content and then of course tag the brand whether that's got it for skateboards or clothing or sunglasses and then or coffee and then what they do is they're getting that brand in front of their audience so influencers usually already have a pretty extensive following yeah so then that brand for cheaper than like a commercial or hiring an official model they can get in front of a large audience tens of thousands of people through this influencer that in a way like we can relate to more than a famous person right now you do need to follow some FTC guidelines so it's really important if you're gonna use a photo that your customer took and you repost it to your Instagram make sure you give them credit you use your username you ask them if it's okay they're mentioning your business pretty sure it's gonna be okay they they are looking for that exposure but it's a good measure do follow the guidelines of asking then again giving them that credit in your caption for example perfect it makes perfect sense alright that's a wrap thanks for joining in it was exciting to teach you more about user-generated content if you do have questions be sure to comment below and if you haven't already subscribed to our YouTube channel see ya wait gonna create some user-generated content right now right now right now right now would I go Daddy like hashtag good how do you live let's do it you you

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