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VON 0 AUF 100 – Marketing & Vertrieb – gemeinsame Potentiale nutzen


Dec 7, 2020

we work together with you company marketing and sales in many companies it's a bit like dogs and cats like waiters and kitchen it's a punch and a prick and everyone says it's success actually to be attributed to me alone let's take a look at the types marketing either creatively or academically from the ivory tower analytically oriented towards numbers tries the company tries the brands too position wherever sales tend to be shirt-sleeved broad chested dude types relationship orientation and sales The company goes of course and said I'll find your job here and aldi computers with which you paint your beautiful colorful pictures, I have them financed because I am the one who makes the company and of course success was mostly mine marketing says well to be honest you really can't help but sell because we have them products and the brand are positioned so brilliantly that it is now easy for you in sales you go to the customer and just get the coal take away success belongs to us Ideally there is a balance between marketing and a one together sales and also important is how marketing managers and sales managers like if they pull together, it's good for that company and mostly then the resources shared what they can do when things don't go well marketing out from the ivory tower into the car for sales to customers and sales I mean the marketing department is responsible for the brand can explain why the logo is like this and not understand differently create break down prejudices and work together in the interests of the customer and so you can bundle your resources and energies and achieve success together to have

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