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hello friends my name is erika silva i am the director of the online school of gastronomic marketing and our master seminar will also be organized and today I am going to teach you how to generate engagement on facebook fundamental topics to be effective in social networks since one of the great problems that I am going to help entrepreneurs who spend hours and hours behind the computer and do not see results and that simply because not knowing exactly how to achieve this engagement or good to have some training or just not know how connect now we are going to see a very interesting topic that I know you It worries a lot, the first thing I have to be very clear about is that Facebook has a kind of formula called age bank in which it rewards or punishes the page and teaches or does not show its posts to customers fans and as a video what this formula consists of first in the affinity facebook says that a fan that passes through our world is not the same, maybe three times a week or hopefully every day to a fan who happened once a month or that happened once by chance and never came back ok this is what we have to achieve is that these fans are to the brand that they are with us as much as possible and now we will see how achieve it another thing that says on facebook is the weight of publications a text or a link is not the same as a video than a photo there is ordered the texts or links have practically no relevance other than those videos keeping a little more and the queens of course are the photos like this that is what we should take photos especially photos because Even the videos don't work for us on Facebook, I don't really understand either why do you return spectacular videos but people don't want to see videos in facebook if you want to see them go to see youtube and another thing that rewards is worth facebook is the record we have in the publications is not the same a company that publishes in one day for the whole week and by this I mean that the own Monday makes 20 posts and bombards people that a company that has everything planned and that for example on Monday to his three publications the Tuesday another three on the weekend maybe it puts four or less what estimate but that it has a consistency over time and not to bomb to be missing in action to have a record and a planning and these are the three issues that you have to have very important because if you don't have the affinity if you don't have the photos and if you don't have the proof of work on facebook will not show our updates to the What do they look at if it is not important then how to be visible to our fans first is that we must be human, we do not have to differentiate ourselves from companies that only publish as we say words or links that do not nobody likes them we have to show emotions we have to be very visual we do not add the photos the effect it has here has a very good example for example gastón acurio the peruvian chef has some beautiful photos tells stories and people are interacting a lot is that the other side we have a chocolate company and do not tell me that the chocolates could not have spectacular photos and only has links and right here we see how a facebook is right to use the links here and put a whole like and say thanks and nothing more and then show the employees that they do not make very human I love it for example this mountain winery photo that not only shows your job but tells you to all their fans is the best team in the world and that also says a lot about the company how it wants its employees how it cares for them and I have no doubt that These employees are going to be very happy and these important people participate actively from social networks another topic will laugh for example marketing gastronomic we are always trying to make it something curious some novelty or some for example this case of homer simpson trying to get off weight and I love this photo of 100 montaditos brewery that says saturday thanks for existing we must not try to make people laugh connect with them being human and being in tune with them also help inspiring is very important we recently put gastronomic marketing in a photo of how to assemble the table and it had a huge impact let's think how we can help the client and in a visual way let's put it on social networks do questions people love to participate love to give ideas let's ask the questions and you don't just have to ask questions like what dish do we like than our movie questions can be activities can ask millions of questions until not only let's focus on the questions that are totally related to our company It is also very important to know what are the customs of our fans or clients we cannot afford when we think they are going to be there you have to think about it here now they are for example if we we are a restore a hotel because generally not our client is going to be people may work more traditional office hours then the best hours for them always have to think that they are the hours that they rest then think independently of the type of business that you think what kind of job my client has and above all always think in this here now my client rests here now my client can be in the social networks and good common sense tells us that the time that most people is social networks and it is also shown in studies is at the time of the food is then worth one to three I think it is an excellent time to post then we have from seven in the afternoon to nine at night and on weekends also at aperitif time lunch time at eight o'clock in the afternoon, let's always think about getting a break from my client.

eat my client and those I assure you are the best times to post on facebook then how often we have to think that facebook posts are ephemeral whatever you put now and you think people are going to watch it for a week you forget about such posts once in ten minutes it no longer exists on facebook so we have to have like It shows the principle and also that Facebook rewards you for having that constancy and say it's okay every day between one and three I'll make a post for example then every day at eight o'clock I'll do one and the other's that frequency makes one that they have an orderly and planned work and then that you are always present but in a way as I say studied and of strategies not because the time I saw something and now I put it it does not mark you days marks of hours so that your product is always your brand on facebook it is also very important to be human and to connect with the client, you have to talk about issues Today they also talk about one hundred percent of the company, even if it's like me many times next to dish assembly recipes and that's fine but We can also talk about the parties, the sport is in your city, think about which one is the team of your city for example of basketball football at the hands of the sport that is the tennis player of your country and comment it also is you think that your client is interested in all kinds of current themes of the festivities of the sport of concerts thinks current issues because then when people is looking on facebook or is taking a walk say look this is what me love it and I want to know about this and it will be connected with you when it will be your audience is also very important and is that you refer you have to understand your client and you have to know and know why he is going to your restaurant goes to your restaurant because the amazing service goes because the gastronomy is innovative and because it does not go against any other place we go for the price goes, the variety goes because they don't have time and they really want to eat what is already prepared then when you meet your client and know what it is your problem that you solve through your product is worth here for example We see how in 100 montaditos they know of course that the problem is call problem in marketing ok ok because i found the word alive problem but the problem that the client has that goes to this type of Seriously fast casual restaurant is that it does not have time and is not willing to spend a lot of money on eating no then and what does it have as I say little time to eat then they tell the solution to the problem of who cooks and puts a person with the boxes already with all their food and who goes home with the win with prepared food and surely at a fairly low cost ok that makes you connect with your client because the people who follow 100 montaditos on facebook for example are people who have that profile then that makes emotionally connect with the audience does as we say that it is human not that it connects that it differentiates itself and that is very positive for example I want students echánove know perfectly what is your client knows what he wants what is not what He wants how much time you have or not and understands what his client's profile is because he is going to have a little free time at Christmas that the client will surely family and then he proposes to make recipes for homemade polvorones with the kids so that's meeting the customer and give you ideas and solutions for your problems then it is very important to respond to the messages I believe that many people and many of you that it has happened to me that you have asked a question in the social networks and it is that I do like that it is strictly already bored is expect disappointed and that cannot be to be human to connect with the client and for facebook to really update us constantly we have to having an interaction and interaction is nothing other than if people talk to us asks us, suggests that we answer how many times we have seen and it happens to us that we ask questions and nobody answers us then It is very important that we respond to messages that we ask questions to the people that we have this interaction and that of course this does not happen again I also hope it has been useful to all those I have told you today as I say these are strategies that I follow every day in marketing facebook gastronomic that you can watch right now and see how people are constantly interacting with the brand asking questions and the truth that everything I have told you now gives results if you want to deepen a little more in this whole topic I will tell you that I have created together with other people this seminar that is specialized 100% in restaurants and most importantly is concrete strategies and tools to improve all aspects of the restaurant from management marketing communication costs etcetera is a 100% practical seminar that is also 100% designed for you since you really need practical training training that It really helps that I not only integrate because there are many talks that inspire but then people leave the seminar they say well I did not learn anything in This seminar I guarantee that you are going to learn a lot and it will take you to house and tools they can't imagine here then I invite you our masters m2 dotcom to watch the speakers to look at the dates and this is totally invited and also of course to download the free report that you can see on the web now yes outside of Spain and it is still interesting to delve into these topics I invite to the online school of gastronomic marketing where you can do marketing courses restaurants manage social networks all in one very practical and dynamic format and you can also enter the web that you have the address school gastronomic marketing dotcom see what are the proposals and I look forward to the two formats that we have in the face-to-face and it's online with the marketing school and well I think you know how to generate engagement on facebook and now you just need to organize yourself plan what you think what the strategies are and get down to work ok I wish you with all my heart that things go very well do not lose heart and above all never stop learning because the The best way to connect with the customer is to know of course how to do it greetings and a big hug

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