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What's up you guys Jason were up here and this video I'm going to talk about the top three reasons Why real estate agents fail with their facebook advertising? right now You know you've probably gone through and you try to run some Facebook ads in the past and maybe you had some success Maybe you didn't have some success. Maybe you think it's a total waste of money and time and all that stuff well Let me just let you in on a couple little secrets here that why most real estate agents fail with their Facebook advertising now I've got a pretty good idea here, cuz I've worked now with over 3,000 real estate agents So I'm be able to see what the top agents are doing what the kind of like? Intermediate mediocre agents are doing and the ones that are just you know not having any success at all And so I wanted to share that with you, so you can go through and make the changes necessary With your advertising with your lead generation so you can start seeing results right now The first one that I see the biggest mistake is that people? Choose the wrong objective when setting up their advertising campaign so when you go through and set up a new advertising campaign Inside of Facebook it's gonna.

Ask what's your marketing objective right so says like video views clicks to website Engagement leads or whatever it is you want to go through and choose the right objective for your business, okay? Now what really ends up happening a lot of times is you go through you set up your Facebook page you get the you know The pretty header cover photo you get your nice profile picture You make your first post and then you see that little blue boost post button down at the bottom right hand corner You get all excited you think oh I gotta press that and I'm gonna get more exposure to get more people seeing it I'm gonna generate tons of leads, and what ends up happening is Yes, more people see that post and yes, you're gonna get more likes and comments But you're not really gonna see any leads from what you just went through and did okay? And I consider it lead someone's name their phone number and their email address right now What's gonna happen when you click boost post is it's gonna go through and Facebook's gonna think okay? I'm gonna boost this post for engagement.

Okay, so you're gonna show your post the people in your target audience Who are more likely to like and comment on that post now? Facebook has so much data on every single one of their users They know Which users are the more like be to watch a video? More likely to like or comment on a post more likely to opt into a lead generation form more likely to click to a website And so base off your marketing objective They're gonna go through and show that posts the people that are more likely to go and fulfill what you're telling us to do Okay So what I like to do is go through and set up either a website conversion ad which we've got tons of trains on that so I'm not gonna talk about that in depth on this video or a lead form lead generation at okay using Facebook's lead form which Auto populates all of the information inside of Facebook for that person opting in right now that is the first and Biggest mistake that most people make is they choose the wrong objective and
Then you know they don't generate leads they just when they spent fifty or a hundred dollars and like I just wasted tons of money And they just think it doesn't work okay now the second thing is is They don't let their campaign run long enough to actually see good results now There's a story and I believe it's a Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich And it talks about a miner who went through and stopped three feet short of gold okay? so it's during like the the gold rush back in the day and all these people working all this gold and so he goes and He starts mine for gold and he finds all this gold he's like holy s is awesome And he finds this little vein of gold k he starts falling and just getting all this gold and Then it just all of a sudden just totally just runs out any and he just like what happened He goes and he just stops mining and He sells off that that gold mine that he had spent so much of his life going through and trying to find all this gold Right now what happened is this new person that bought the gold mine comes in and they go and they hire this expert Okay Because they knew they weren't the expert on mining gold and all that stuff right and they go and they find out You know what the this vein of gold it actually continues, and there's actually way more gold But it was just three feet over because of like the the fault lines and all that stuff There's an earthquake and the fault line had shifted a little bit And because it shifted that guy had lost track of where the gold vein went And he just missed out on all of this opportunity K.

Now the same thing goes with your Facebook advertising Same thing goes with runni your Facebook ad campaign lots of times I get people to go through and they they're like I'm gonna really try Facebook ads and they try it for three days Okay, and better yet. They put like maybe five to ten dollars per day towards that budget So it's like you know three days five bucks. That's fifteen dollars or even ten dollars a day That's thirty dollars like seriously you think you're going to go through and close the deal off of thirty dollars Like if you could go through and close a deal and make five grand 10 grand 15 grand and commission from 30 dollars spent on advertising Everyone and their dog would be doing real estate right so The thing is you got to go through you got to make a commitment to yourself And just because you go through and read a book like Think and Grow Rich Rich Dad Poor Dad or something like that People think they know how to go through and make money whereas same thing with Facebook advertising They go watch one video.

They're like oh, I'm gonna be an expert I'm gonna go through generate all these leads make all this money You know what it doesn't always happen the first time okay? Sometimes like obviously we go through trying to shortcut Everything for you eliminate a lot of trial and error give you the ads give you the target all that stuff but every market is just a little bit different case you got to go through and make some little tweaks and some adjustments and Going through and giving yourself enough data to work with like for example If you know that for every ten people you talk to on the phone you close one deal Right so, that's a 10% close rate based off your appointments, but let's say you go through in one month You're like oh, I'm just gonna close one deal But you only go through you only talk to six people or only seven people right You didn't give yourself a chance to actually even become successful because you didn't generate enough leads you didn't talk to enough people To make a closed deal actually happen for you, and your business.

I see this so many times and honestly guys He frustrates me because not that you know they're not seeing success because I know that they'll see success but when people quit they give Up on themselves too early to not go through and stick with it To the point where they're actually finding that gold vein they're actually seeing success and results in their business Alright guys so the third and final big mistake that I see and I mean I see a lot of mistakes But these are obviously the top three the third one is People not leveraging their warm market all right, so let's just give you a quick little example with this, right So let's say you go to the downtown area of wherever you live all right And you just go find some random people on the street, and you say hey You know let me.

I'm a realtor. Let me help you buy a home or let me help you sell your home They're gonna look at you like Okay, who the heck is this person and like why should I trust them are they even a good realtor like do they even know? What they're doing or they're gonna get me a good deal? Are they gonna get me a lot of money for my house Whereas if you go through and you know you have a friend? Let's say and you know that they're looking to buy or sell their home, and you go hit them up and say hey I'm a realtor I can go through and help you go through and buy a home sell your home.

Do whatever you need to do What do you think this response is gonna be right what random person on the street? They're just gonna look at you like Okay, you're a little crazy Versus your friends like oh, yeah, let's do it listen Let's go do business together Right so people so many times they focus on just the random people on the sidewalk and they just go and they try to Generate them as a lead and they forget about their existing Network Existing database and then they go and they complain after like oh well my friend Johnny. He knows I'm a realtor But he went through and uses other agent right well the other agent had a solid follow-up system in place they had the remarketing the retargeting all those ads in place to go through and stay in touch with your friend because Honestly even though you think every day The fact that your realtor and everyone should be doing business with you your friends or even family members They're not thinking about that every day They're thinking about what's going on in their life, so they need to go buy a home or sell a home They're not necessarily thinking oh Yeah, my buddy is a realtor and I got to go connect with them They're gonna go through and respond to whoever staying in touch with them who's ever reaching out and whoever's right there in front their face because it's easy it's low-hanging fruit and and simple to work with all right So those are the three key things guys is one make sure you're choosing the right marketing objective for your Facebook campaign number two make sure you're giving yourself enough time to actually be successful and see results and the number three make sure you're going through and Leveraging your warm market that warm audience and marking them as much as you are You're cold audience k and you can mark it to this warm audience via Facebook Ads you can mark them with your email marketing? Text message market like there's so many different ways to go through and stay in front of all of your warm market right now really quick guys I just this just came to me if you guys want my Facebook Ads mini-course just comment down below And I'll shoot that on over to you guys Because I put this together and kind of give a quick run through of all the basics of Facebook advertising That you need to use in your business So I walk through the Facebook Ads manager of all the different marketing objectives and when to use each market objective I walk through the Facebook pixel how to use Facebook leave forms how to set up website conversion campaigns So this is a $97 value mini course and it's going to give you a quick rundown on all the basics of Facebook advertising That you need to use and do to become a successful real estate agent in your market alright So you know you guys comment down below if you guys want that also if you enjoyed this video go ahead give it a thumbs Up also make sure you subscribe the channel because I launched a video right now.

I'm trying to do it Monday, Wednesday Friday I was doing it every single day. I just got a little bit too time-consuming, so I'm trying to do Monday, Wednesday Friday New real estate Facebook advertising marketing lead generation content to help you guys make more money and grow your business Right so you a comment down below Give it a thumbs up you guys like the video and subscribe and I will see you guys all later this week.

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