• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

I'm very bored (Coming to Korea with a foreign boyfriend) We arrived in an hour So, you won't regret it, right? Is that you quit your job and come to South Korea for me I don't regret anything (He even quit …) I would have to ask for it too Oh, do I order something to eat for you? As we are going to arrive shortly, he will not give it to you … Leave it But why not? – Excuse me – Yes? A plate of food, please. Just one more plate … Sorry but we're about to land – Just one plate, please – Leave it like that …

Let me ask (He's one of those rude customers) I'm going to find something (5 second patience) Soo Young! Your food! (LOL) Thanks sweetie You are great! – Oh my gosh – What are they doing? Sorry but you shouldn't do that here Where is the whereabouts? (Julian very active) – You don't have to ask, I know – Go straight Thank you Its over there I want to break up with you (unexpectedly) What? I want to break up with you (He repeats it because it's kind) What? I just arrived at the airport after a 14 hour flight And now you want me to go back to New York? 14 hours again? I'm sorry you have to be on the plane for 28 hours Please i feel bad now I'm leaving, I'll call you later (Not a care in the world) Goodbye (He really left) Cab! (Julian follows her) Follow that car! Go Go! (Proficiency in the Korean language) I'm here – Why are you home? – You didn't even call Why should I, if I come home? Hello daddy hello grandpa – What? Is here? – Did you get in trouble again? No, what things do you say (Bingo) Soo Young! Who is he? I'm Soo Young's boyfriend What? (Triple combo) So you and Soo Young have been together for three months in the United States.

and you came to Korea for her Yes brother in law Brother in law? Who are you calling "brother-in-law"? I won't leave without Soo Young Return to your country Go home, thug, go home – I'm not a bully – Go away Go, just go! (In a rainy day…) What are you doing? Are you alone here? (Suddenly remembering the past) Yes, I have come alone. What happens? Oh you speak Spanish, me too I can speak Spanish Ah, you speak very well This is my favorite song Really? I love it too (Forgot that she left him) I was being selfish (Julian finally leaves) I'm going back to New York Goodbye, until we meet again (Now that he's gone, he misses him) Julian Julian! (How indecisive, ha ha ha) Julian (Julian is here) Julian! Soo Young! Don't go it's my fault I will never leave (You should go …) (Happy ending for both of you) I didn't know what to do when you suddenly changed your mind Sorry It did not make sense I gave it a thousand turns and it just didn't make sense When I was in front of your house, I was …

really hopeless (will happen again) I'm leaving now, see you next time Next time? Aren't we staying together? Find a hotel and I'll call you soon (So cheeky) Soon? Soo Young, do you love me? (Anyone could say no) Did you just change your mind again? Again? (Yes) I won't get mad, I just want to know … You changed your mind, right? A bit See you next time, okay?.

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