• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Number one be real, number two don't give
up and number three write a plan like like write down what you want. Who am I?
Some 35 years old born Madrid have a lot um kind of a disruptive child I didn't
do very well at school I got kicked out of one dropped out university and kind
of and actually what I tended to find was actually that's kind of what shaped
me through life and actually the experiences that I had I ended up using
in all of what I do today essentially what I do for a living is concept
development and when I say concept development not necessarily in the ways
that you normally think but essentially what I do is social UX I'm an emotional
conductor for people's lives in their social lives in different various
different aspects and what they do and I do that by understanding people and
mapping out the way that people work this is in a product or an experience so
I have two main businesses one side business one of my businesses is
destructive lines so destructive lines in the words of the people that work
within it is a cooperative of geeks okay so we are a cooperative of geeks and
slightly against the grain and what most agencies are.

We work in kind of three
distinct areas so we work in asset creation so we design and build assets
for predominate in the drinks industry so this might be a fully automated
whisky and soda vending machine that does everything including pouring out
chilled carbonated soda and a slice of lemon juice which is which is a kind of
a group effort from a you know computer program all the way through to a
specialist carpenter we deal in venues I have two bars myself Nine Lives in
London London Bridge and the Gun Makers in Clerkenwell
and we design various different venues for a bit different people so everything
from resort bars through to hotels and then we do a lot
of activations for brands where we're looking to effectively
socially sculpt an environment for a consumer to create an experience which
someone is going to walk away and remember my other business is Ace and Freak so Ace
and Freak is just a really tasty drink in a can
Myself and my co-founders are very very passionate music people and what we
found was that when we were out and listening to music the offer that we had
available to us was very very poor it was full of synthetic ingredients it was
full of processed sugars and what we wanted to do was to change this no one
else was doing this so we decided to do it ourselves
this is the culmination of six people's absolute passion from UX design through
to the actual physical design through to the brand itself.

How did I get here?
Well, number one I'm not gonna kid you it's a lot of work and when I say a lot
of work I'm talking sometimes 90 to 100 hour weeks
I'm prior to setting up these two companies I was consulted directing
another company called Sweet and Chilly where I was averaging around 90 hours a week
and I think that's kind of a really key thing to understand is that you do
need to call through the mud in order to get to the flowers at the end the key
thing about how I got here was constantly learning and learning from
every single experience that I ever had and every city, whether I wanted to do a
job or not you know I've talked to so many different people do my life and
doing my career and I think often you know you talk to some actors and you
know like the greatest information that they ever gained as an
actor was when they were working as a waiter or a waitress etcetera so that
was a really really key thing so how did I do
once again I think the real key thing about how I did do it was just this
perseverance you know if you work hard and you are good to those people that
you're around and constantly look at everything in a
positive angle you're going to move yourselves forward.

So I think what I've
done is I've put down the kind of the key things that I believe really
make a difference when you guys are starting our business. The first one
seems kind of out in contrast with each other
number one is think more and the second part is do more what I mean by think
more is when you first set up your business the thing that you really have
once you've jumped that ship and you actually are not on a salaried paycheck
anymore is you must fill every single hour of every single day with work and
that isn't true because actually one of the most important things that I am
finding continuously is that actually those moments of distraction and those
moments when you can take a step away and actually look at problems with
perspective are absolutely critical and actually ensuring that you do retain
moments for you to think whether that is walking through an art gallery whether
it's through painting whether it's through going rock climbing or something
of that but actually having those moments of distraction which can allow
you to do that and I think when I say think more get rid of this okay when I
work I do not pick up my phone well that was quite a big pick wasn't it I don't
pick up my phone for hours and what I'll do is I'll actually block that out and
I'll purposefully do that you know and I think that's a really really key thing
allowing yourself the space to think because your natural reaction is I must
fill every single minute of every single day and the second is to do more and
what I mean by do more is I don't mean physically do more but I mean you know
through this thinking process I think one of the things that people often
disregard is that when they move into a business they do not look at it as a
business and by going that little bit extra to get someone's attention I think
is a critical thing and I mean you know I think when you move into a
business you need to look at it literally as a business yes you want to
be a graphic designer but what is going to make you stand out what can you do
more than someone else and that's why these two are linked
together because actually you can't get to that point to think out think your
competition if you are constantly running around hustling okay and the
benefit that I had coming up through the ranks you know working with in
hospitality working as a bartender the first business that I really kind of
owned that had consequences was a bar and when I had a bar the first thing I
had to do is how to look at my local competition and see what are they doing
and how do I fit into this and how can I be better than them so the next one is
be nice to everyone be nice to absolutely everyone be nice
to the uber driver be nice the guy on the door be nice to the person behind
the bar be nice to the person you see walking down the streets be nice to
everyone because number one you don't know who you are who they are number two
you don't know who is watching you okay number three you don't know who that
person will be when I look at my client base specifically within destructive
lines I can trace that back sometimes up to eight years because I can trace
the literally a family tree of my customers that I've worked with and your
network within this creative industry is indispensable you know when you look at
there is like film and television and you look at the people that are behind
the camera it is all done through network you know I work on magazines as
a consultant and that whole area is all done through network okay and if you're
a nice person people like to work with nice people and the last pieces is
details count now what do I mean by details I mean there is a detail in
everything that you do now if you're going in to do a presentation to a
client I literally learned this from my old business partner one of the things that
he would always do every time he went in to have a business meeting with a client
he would bring grapes from the market he
would bring them snacks he'll put it onto the table his constant focus was to
make his customer feel good about themselves okay he would compliment them
be really nice to them that was sort of details your timekeeping you know like
you know that is a small detail which is critical arrive 15 minutes plus before
your presentation because if you're running through the tube station in
order to get to the to your customer at the end and you don't have that time to
just to take a moment and to sit down and to think about what you're about to
do and actually number one just relax then you're gonna walk into that
presentation really rushed and actually not really bring that across so you've
got yourself how do you look after yourself and one thing that I used to do
when I first started out in this industry was with my own business was
that I actually used to go to the bathroom I used to listen to music to
kind of hype myself up I'm actually quite shy person and I actually started working
within hospitality to get over that and actually I think everyone when you start
out and you set up your own business you feel exposed because you're baring your
heart on the line this is you if they turn around they say no that's not like
no you don't like my agency and you can blame your boss because it was his
idea in the first place this is you this is purely you it's
quite a raw experience so utilizing those tools such as music in order to
bolster yourself is really really key and then likewise in terms of the way
that you present the amount of large agencies, creative agencies that I have
seen I've produced the worst presentations in the world you know I'm no graphic designers as I said I do concepts and I would always
spend a lot of time making sure that I actually had the details right having
those little details really really count and actually just thinking
about how can you make yourself be memorable to other people is a really
really key and I think overall is one a little bit I would say is
overall number one be real number two don't give up
and number three write a plan like like write down what you want you know in one
year's time in three years time and in five years time in detail what do you
want and that's that on that that was the first thing that I did when I sit on
my first business which was on a Dell laptop I bought from eBay for a hundred
pounds was I wrote a very detailed goal of where I wanted to be, what I wanted to
do, how I wanted to do it and I followed that include my key definition my personal
definition of what it is to be successful which is doing what you love
and if I could title my talk anything today it would be the pursuit of doing
what you love

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