• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

Small Business Speaker Talks on Local Referral Marketing #2

Hey this is Nathaneal Mohr, in our last episode of GuaranteedProfit TV we discussed the very first step in a proven 3-step formula for using your local business networking groups more effectively when it comes to creating a steady stream of predictable referrals. In today's video we're going to talk about the second step in that formula, which is how to locate and connect with the best kinds of referral partners.

So once you list out all the businesses that have the key characteristics we talked about in the previous episode, your next step is to take those businesses and hold them up against your local business networking group's membership directory. If they don't have a membership directory that's ok, just consult with the person that assisted you with your membership and make sure they'll be able to align you with those businesses. Your next step is to introduce yourself in a way that: 1) positions you so they actually want to get to know you more because we're talking about a certain level of business relationship here. and, 2) in a way that they actually trust you with their most prized business asset and that's their relationship with their customers. Some of our members have been testing out ways to consistently achieve both of those objectives, and they have found that the simplest and quickest way to position yourself as the optimum referral partner is actually to be introduced properly, rather than introduce yourself.

Now I know that sounds like a small, minute difference but it's really actually huge when it comes to results, and when it comes to creating a referral partner that consistently provides you with business. Let me ask you this, "How do you immediately know when someone is important or credible?" It's when someone introduces you to someone and they say that this person is important or credible. If I was to walk up to you at an event, or if I was to call you up and say, "Hi let me introduce myself, my name is Nathaneal Mohr and I've been able to double, and in some cases triple, the profits of most of my consulting clients over the past few years. I think you should pass me some referrals, let me show you how." You would probably think that I'm a little bit full of myself and you would most likely run the other direction because that's just human nature.

But if someone else was to come up and tell you all those things about me, then you would have a different position in your mind and we could actually develop a relationship from the beginning, with you knowing who I am, and why you should listen to me. The easiest way by far, to be introduced to anyone in that business networking group is of course, to just ask the person that got you started. And also give you the list of businesses you requested. When you do have this conversation, make sure you teach them about what you want to accomplish as far as creating referral partners and then after that conversation, set up an appointment for them to either 3-way call and make an introduction to these people, or just introduce you at the next event. I would even recommend that you coach them on how to introduce you, because the way they introduce you is kind of like your headline on a sales page, that's selling someone on why they should treat you as their #1 source for passing referrals.

Their introduction of you is basically your "elevator pitch" except it's 10 times more powerful because someone they trust is recommending they take the time to get to know you. The more successful your potential referral partner is, the more important it is for you to follow this specific model. Because the more successful they are, the more they're looking for unconsiously really, ways to sort through the people they should connect with, and the people they shouldn't. And when you lead with the right positioning genuine friendship and association you're going to find it quite easy to lead into a conversation that instigates referrals on a regular basis.

In the first video, and in the very first step in this three part formula, we talked about what key characteristics to look for when building a list of potential referral partners. In this video, in the second step, we talked about exactly how to find them and then make the proper kind of introduction to get the relationship moving in the appropriate direction. So in the next video, in the next episode, we're going to talk about exactly how to create the state-of-mind inside of your potential referral partner so that you can have that conversation, set up that system and create a referral partner; someone that you can depend on, on a monthly basis, to pass you referrals depending upon your industry.

Now whether you immediately apply these strategies, or you actually just save these videos for your marketing library, remember that this week will never be any more, or any less than you make out of it. I hope you got value out of this week's video, I do look forward to connecting with you soon..

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