• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Excuse me. – Go away! – Sang-tae, calm down. – My hair … – Sang-tae, I'm sorry. – He grabbed … – I'm sorry. – Calm down. – I'm all right. – Calm down. Forgive me. – I'm all right. – You are okay. – I'm all right. Forgive me. I'm fine now. I'm fine. Just calm down. Forgive me. Help? Do not? Help? Do not? Hey! I am sorry. Fast. I am sorry. – Apologize to him? – No. To me. What? You ruined my autograph session. It's not my fault, but that idiot … Jeez! Unbelieveable! Who wouldn't scream if grabbed like this? See? You screamed too. Let me go! – Let go. – Listen. There is a crazy person bothering my son. – Should I just shut up? – I'm finished. Are you a psychiatrist? Where did he know he was crazy? That… I can tell because … Just talk babbling! Crazy woman. – Gosh! – Did I hear you right? – Why is he? – Unbelieveable. What did you say? Because you were the one who's been babbling earlier, I thought you were crazy.

Dear. Do you hear? Did you hear? He just insulted me! What are you doing? Quick record! Quick record! – I'm out of words. – Record! That's too much..

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