• Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

Webmasters often ask me, "What works? What doesn't work? We don't know because SEO is a long game." You need to promote your website, a lot of
months, sometimes it takes years and you don't want to waste your time because you can get
back your time. You can get back your money and other resources,
but time is only one resource that you can't lose. That's why I decided to shoot this video and
lead you to the right direction, because I see this problem all the time when people
waste a few years trying to promote their website and they fail, because they use what
doesn't work anymore. SEO doesn't stay in one place. Google changes their algorithm all the time. Google provides over 3000 changes each year. That means it's a lot. Consider my recommendations that I provide
in this video. Watched this video until the end, and you'll
know exactly where you need to go and how you need to promote your website.

Stay tuned. The best part is coming. What's up, guys! Anatolii is here. Before watching this video, don't forget to
subscribe to my channel and like this video because I create this video for you in order
to help you and grow your brand or your business, your website or anything else, and click the
notification tick to know about new videos on this channel. Okay, I want to start from my first tip. It's to forget about Black Hat Techniques
or any other spamming methods. Google has a big team that checks out many
websites, and Google knows about all this Black Hat Techniques, they can check many
spam methods because of their resources. And what you need to do is to avoid any black
methods. If you don't know what does it mean, for example,
one of the Black Hat Techniques is to buy links.

For example, if you type on Google 'buy backlinks',
you'll get a lot of resources that provide this service, buy backlinks or for example
pbn. If you go to Google and type 'pbn buy' (Private
blog Network). Google has resources to check it out. Even if something works, it doesn't mean it
will work all the time. It's a tricky game. If you buy links or private blog networks
or web 2.0 or something like this, you might promote your website.

I'm not sure that it's possible because if
you check out my new studies, or Black Hat forum, or Reddit threads, you can find that
people don't get results with these techniques. But if someone sells them, it means because
some webmasters buy it. They want to find some simple way because
White Hat SEO is more difficult and tough and it takes a lot of time. But Black Hat SEO doesn't help even in the
short run and it might hurt in the future. I strongly recommend to avoid any Black Hat

It's better to get less links, but high-quality
and relevant links. Yep, just like this. And my second tip is to not sell and provide
value. I see when webmasters create a lot of e-commerce
content and they try to sell, but you can't get backlinks to this content. You can't get traffic because 56% of all traffic
come to blog post. That's why you should have a blog as I do. You can check out my articles. I usually provide value. I don't try to sell anything.

Yep, just launch your blog and provide more
valuable content because it covers all the stages of sales funnel and it helps to sell
your products and go ahead. Think more about providing value to get more
followers and trust. And when you get enough authority, yeah, you
can provide e-commerce content as I do. For example, if you click on 'My Services',
you can get what type of service I have on my website. And you can even launch your tools. I have my list of tools, where I provide a
lot of free tools that helps to optimize your marketing campaigns. And yep, it doesn't cost a lot. If you go to Upwork, you can find some freelancers
that create tools for $50, for a few hundred dollars, and you can create high-quality tools. I love tools because if you share your tools
and if they are valuable, people come to your website to use them and to consider in their
job. And just remember about many other tools,
for example, weight loss calculator or anything else. Just find some tools that helps in your direction. And my next tip is to forget about SEO. Think about humans.

It's a big problem when webmasters pay a lot
of attention with SEO trying to optimize their websites with technical problems. On my list of tools, you can find some tools
that help with this. For example, if you click 'Site Speed & Tech',
you will find some great tools. I personally like Search Console and PageSpeed
Insights, because it doesn't cost any money, it's free. And what you need to do is to forget about
SEO, about all these tools, create content for a human and provide some valuable content. 76% of users prefer to have experience with
simple websites structure, simple design. That's why if you open my website, you can
see that nothing difficult, nothing tough here, it's simple to use, and yep, just provide
all this information for your website.

And you see that I have page 'About Me', it's
essential to have this page because it helps to increase the level of trust. And you can see that I use a lot of my photos
and I share my story. I use my photos everywhere on my website because
it helps to increase the level of trust. And just create a simple design, create a
website for a human and forget about SEO.

When you think that you provide everything,
you can't improve what you have, after this, use SEO to check out technical optimization
and optimize as maximum as possible without losing user experience. I see when webmasters try to get 100 score
by using PageSpeed Insights, but they lose user experience. Google pays more attention to how your website
helps human. And Google was created for a human, to help
them to find what they want to get. That's why it's better to create content for
a human, and after this, optimize for search engine without losing a human. Okay, and the next element and what you need
to do is to consider user intent.

When you create a new content, I see when
people create content that they want to share, but visitors and users want to get to another
type of content. Just type your keyword on Google and check
out what content in the top 10. And you see that I use keyword 'website promotion',
and you can find tips on how to promote your website, how to promote your website, list
of top 13 free website promotion ideas.

And you see the people want to get content
with the question 'how to' or 'list of recommendations'. Yep, it's essential to analyze users' intent
before providing any content. I see when webmasters create a lot of e-commerce
content trying to rank them and they don't know why they can't get results. Because you don't consider user intent. Think about users first, and only after this,
think how you can sell them. Okay, and my last tip is to create content
where the competition is low.

I usually use Ahrefs. You can use SEMrush or Moz. Checkout the level of competition and don't
try to outrank big websites. I usually create content where in the top
10, a lot of pages without backlinks or have fewer backlinks. That means it's a big chance to outrank them. I don't need to outrank a lot of backlinks
because, for example, if you tried to outrank Moz with the keyword 'SEO'– You know, only
one page of Moz has over 10,000 backlinks.

You can outrank them, even if you create much
better content. That's why choose topics with low level of
competition by analyzing with tools; Ahrefs, Moz, or anything else. Okay guys, that's it for today. Ask me any questions in the comments section. I will reply to all of them. Subscribe to my channel. Click the notification tick. And see you next time. Cheers..

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