• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

okay hi everybody welcome along john robbins
here again I'm just going to run
through the page one infiltrator and what it can do for us and how we can make lots of money with this fabulous tool from
anthoni gardner and tony marriot now a lot of you have bought page one infiltrator
so i want to go through this very carefully with you these are the things that google actually
looks for when it's looking at a website s
and how to rank them with this Seo Analysis Software Page One Infiltrator
keyword in title very important okay readability or engagement if you are writing
a child's blog then it needs to be in kids language if you are writing a scientific blog then
obviously it needs to be more elaborate and in scientific language so if the
targeted useer can't read it it's too childish or too advanced then
obviously readabilty will go down and what that
actually means is
the bounce rate if people don't like the site then the bounce rate will go up and if bounce rate
is high that's another thing that google ranks websites on keyword in h1 tags very important and so many
people miss it it's unbelievable keyword in domain name now i know a lot of
people say that keyword in domain name isn't that important
now just about every one of my
sites is a keyword in domain and they all rank just fine so i think it's very important google is
actually still highlighting the key word in the domain so if it's not important why is google highlighting it a lot of people
are panicing about penguin and panda and trying to work
out a you know why rankings have fallen
and i think people just highlighting things that
they think are the problem but keyword in domain for me is still working keyword in page url okay that's very important as well you know
every page thats on a different subject within that broad niche
should have that keyword in the url social network or social signals very important i've been going on about this
for some time now we will go back to the computer in a minute to that graph and we will see
how important social signals actually are now likes youtube re tweets pins reposts that's
what we're looking for page load speed obviously slow is bad
because the slower it loads the longer it takes for people to see it and
some people will get bored with it and will just turn it off and google doesn't like page speed being slow keywords in header tags
lsi keywords as well if you can get them there keywords in alt image tags not just
the image alt tags but the file name aswell i keep teaching you that before you name an image before you upload
it to your site
or blog make sure you name it on your hard drive
it makes a big difference okay so it should be named the keyword on the hard
drive okay keywords in image file name there we go keywords in emphasized text underlined
bold italics in inverted commas that's all emphased text your
main keyword should be
appearing there three or four times in emphasised text okay site popularity equals traffic
hoe popular is the site look at the alexa ranking lower is better so the lower it is the better keyword in outbound link and that's
obviously very important as well outbound links i always tell you to use high page
rank sites let's get it right such as wikipidia or governing bodies of the business or industry that you are actually inside or working with okay so keyword in outbound url as well ok
if youv'e got your outbound url you should have your keyword in that too it's not difficult to do if it's wikipedia
as with the tree surgeon we used arborist which is another word
for tree surgeon and went to wikipedia with it that's a keyword in an outbound url keyword in meta description very important
site hierarchy tells you have deep your web page is in your site so if you've
got a drop-down menu for example and its fifth on the menu and we're trying to rank that one on page
one it's deep in the hierarchy of the site so
it's go t less chance i'm not saying that you can't
because you can but it's just got a little bit less chance of eh of ranking that well keyword in meta tags
um yep that's very important i've often told recently the google
doesn't actually look at keywords but what it does is it adds to the
pager relevancy google doesn't take a lot of notice but that doesn't mean that bing doesn't and
it doesn't mean that yahoo doesn't and all the other search engines okay so they
are still important at least they will add to the relevancy of
the page 0
keyword within the first sentence whatever your first sentence is on your page
I know this is for some people this is very basic seo
but there are some things here that i really wasn't really
paying that much attention to so your main keyword in the first sentence
i keyword in the html comments okay that's another
one keyword within body text the amount of times
you put your keyword in your body text and we mustn't over optimize
here seo link analysis okay so your seo links must be
good and there must be a mixture they must be varied there needs to be different anchotext
and you know we have to make sure that we do this with the new
google now keyword saturation nothing worse than keyword saturation now
because google doesn't like it and it's made it very very clear that it will penalize for over optimized keywords tabular keyword count that's another
one that wev'e got to look at as well and tale word cout which obviously the amount
of words on your page in comparison to your competitors and table character count and of course these things have increased
recently because google want's to see good quality content so the longer the
article around about seven hundred words the better right
so the biggest question that you are here for me to answer is how can we immidiately start to make some money with
page one infiltrator Seo Analyst software and I've got a
little document by here i say it's little but now i'm sure you remember this thing it's calledd yellow pages all right best place
to start okay now I can remember when i was a kid i'd have to
get yellow pages and arrg pick it up like that and i look at the size of that almost a five size that's ridiculous
i so e that's yellow pages i'm going to start at
a because we dare going to look at one of the most
profitable businesses that we can have on board as a client i'll start with accountants okay if you can attend on board right first of all accountants do accounts
for other businesses secondly you need an accountant as well so if you
meet an accountant going to say look you know we are a marketing company in your town
and i'm looking for an accountant then that accountant will
make an appointment to see you when you go and
see them and they are interested in what you do but here's the thing we are going to find
accountants that are in here that are not on the web okay
accountants in here that are in here but not on the web or
not ranking one on the web and we will switch over to the computer second
and we are going to have a look at exactly how that is the report that i've got at the moment i've
already told you that i have had new customers already by using those reports and i'l show
you how i do that in just a moment at the computer and you know this stuff actually works so
you know it really is important that we don't just leave this software at
the back of the computer and just use it and just use it when we want to analyze
somebody's site but we use it as a sales tool because it is a very very powerful sales too l
i'll see you i get back to the computer and we can see this search engine optimization
analyst software

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