• Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

or Y my name is Carlos Gaxiola, hello I am general director of the Mind Studio DEMENTE studio we practically take care of making 2d digital animation and 3d we are currently working for companies like warner brothers are Discovery Kids studios recently working for companies in England like wolverine also thinking about the intellectual property business with an own studio project called central basically how it all started was that we registered the tuna plants and were selected for the bootcamp after getting great great feedback from experts internationals who come to train us, we had the surprise that we went selected for the finals for us is very good because then we are looking for a broadcaster to support us with the exposure of our series we want to produce right now we are in television talks of the same way where we are very close to being too selected to be able to start production then basically from that This is how we work for a front the front of the services commercial animation series for other countries and on the other hand business intellectual property where where we are just starting with our first draft today and i I think all the support you are giving is very good and I think the initiatives what is he doing to me within the market within this festival I think that what helps the most is networking, being able to talk with everyone they are to be here eat with them talk with them love you chelas with I think that opens doors for us with other studies for more work and so that they also know a little about your career and a little of what you do this also helps us because we started to collaborate we began to see it ways of working together and that also helps us Hello, my name is Gabriel Villavicencio and I have been representing Avant and the Studio here at the ifai in danish and 2017 manila studio we are dedicated to making original content for series soon we are planning to be a short film to make a movie of animation present on this occasion we present color monsters which is a animation series that we are already in production or people from england and we come here to seek alliances and new co-production proposals a territory and spotlights we had the opportunity to present our project and we also present technology as augmented reality that we have been working and developing within the study panel and fortunately we had a good reaction from the public it was very good the response we received from people who asked us some questions about transmedia and how we can carry out this project to these new generations because our project is for port school and we are aware that children are growing up with new technology and we are trying to do quality things for them these new trends I find it very very interesting and very important the participation of Mexicans here apparently we are 27 with the collaboration with pixel atlas has been key since thanks to them this has been exponential for us and gives us a huge opening before the world really the world is knowing the Mexican talent that there is and it is the most important thing here to know each other and do good personal and business relationships

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