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– [Neil] Hey, everyone it's Neil Patel and welcome to another
day of SEO Unlocked. Today, we're going to be covering
additional sales channels. Just like leveraging Amazon,
additional sales channels, all the other platforms
out there like Walmart, eBay, they're actually very similar. So going over them, implementing them, it's actually not going to be too hard. You can take the lessons
that you learned in the past and implement them with all these other
sales channels as well. They pretty much work in the same way, although there's very
small minor differences, and I'll make sure and I
cover them in this lesson. First off, if you want
to do well in e-Commerce, you got to rank your product listing pages from search goal values
to keyword competition, commercial intent, grouping, all these things are important.

And I'll go over them
throughout this lesson as well. And you can use tools like Ubersuggest.com to do this all for you. So whenever you're trying to figure out what keywords to go after, if you go on any of these sites, from Amazon to eBay to Walmart,
and you type in keywords they'll automatically
give you suggestions.

Typically the result at the top are the ones that are the most popular that people are searching
for more frequently. And then as they go lower and lower, they tend to be less popular. So this will provide you
a lot of data and insights on what people are looking for. Again, as I mentioned,
you can go to Ubersuggest, you can just Google for Ubersuggest
and type in the keywords that you're thinking of going after. And in the left hand navigation,
click on Keyword Ideas, you'll see a whole list of all
the keywords you can target. And there's multiple tabs on this report.

There's a Related tab,
Questions tab, Propositions tab, make sure you click on all of these because it'll give you more ideas for keywords to be targeting
that can drive conversions. Look for the keywords
that have high volume, and a high CPC that means Cost Per Click. Typically, if people are
willing to spend a lot of money on a keyword and it has high volume, that means it can drive a lot of sales. Once you have a list of keywords
that you want to target, you want to optimize your
listing, from your titles, including keywords in there
that helps you rank higher, especially on sites like Walmart, from your bullets, tweaking the copy, making sure the keywords in there are same with the descriptions. By doing all of this, what you'll find is, you're going to start ranking
for more and more keywords. And when you do this, remember,
just ranking isn't enough. You need to make sure that
your images are amazing, you have HD high quality once you're getting high
click through rates.

And they'll also boost your conversions because these sites make
money as you sell more. And that also causes your
rankings to skyrocket over time. It's doing all these
little things correctly. There's a lot of
e-Commerce sites out there and platforms that you can be leveraging. So I'm going to go over a few of them and I'm going to go over step by step how you can leverage them. Let's start off with Etsy. They have over 323 million visits a month and over 2.5 million
sellers on their platform. That's a lot. So you go to Etsy.com, move
your icon over the Account icon and then click Shop Manager. Click Listings if you're a new seller, click on Your shop, click Add listings. On the sell Etsy app, tap the plus icon. Add Product and Listing details and then publish or save your listing. With Etsy, here's some tips for tags, you know anything that's vintage, custom, handmade, great for
gifts, anything like this, any of the keywords that
I'm mentioning here, they tend to do well.

What I've also found if you're
really trying to win on Etsy, you want to describe pretty
much less about the product, write the materials, design,
colors, more about how it feels Etsy is that site where people
come for like handmade goods, that special emotional
connection, that feeling and that's what you want to
do if you want to win on Etsy. On neilpatel.com/training,
click on e-Commerce, unlocked week three, lesson two, you will end up finding the
Etsy platform resource guide that we have for you and you
can find the resource guides for all other platforms. I'm going to about to
discuss there as well. So now let's go over Walmart,
if you want to win on Walmart, which is a huge site, right? Everyone thinks about Amazon. But Walmart generates over a trillion dollars a year in sales. They expect e-Commerce to
grow by roughly 30% a year.

Sellers on Amazon's marketplace, say that less than 10% of the time, they're pushing their products
on Walmart and other sites. So you got to make sure
that you go on Walmart and push your products there because they just have so much volume. It's really important and
people take it for granted when they shouldn't. But that's good news for you because that means
there's less competition.

When you're setting up
your Walmart listings apply to become a seller. After which you get access
to the Walmart Seller Center. You want to log in there, fill all the items
specifications go very in depth, or you can let your Solutions Manager manage your listing for you. And for extra credit,
create SEO rich listings to be specific, you know, create a crisp attractive keywords,
make sure you're adding in the proper keywords into description, the title, all of this will help. And if you want to win, the Buy
Box with competitive pricing that really does help. Sellers should offer free shipping since shipping is considered
a part of the overall price. Walmart is very competitive pricing. That's what they're known for, having the lowest price
available will help you win. Sellers on Walmart have
less competition than Amazon but still have to maintain the reputation if you want to do well.

So, reviews, ratings
very important as well. And of course you can download this from neilpatel.com/training for the Walmart resource document. Now for eBay, eBay is still huge, you know their stock, multi
billion dollar company they do over 10 billion in revenue. 1.5 billion is approximate number of marketplace live listings. 174 million active eBay
marketplace buyers worldwide that's a ton. So you want to go there
set up your listings, you want to click the sell button
at the top of the eBay page, complete all the steps. You want to review your listings, make sure you put in the
right keywords in there. When you're clicking a listing, you know and going through the process just make sure you keep
the same things in mind, high quality images, you
want the keywords there, you want bullets so that
was easy to understand any videos can help explain
why your product is amazing.

All that kind of stuff really does help. And some things that I've learned if you want to win on
eBay, start with low price let people bid up and go from there. Or offer free shipping and
30 day money back guarantees, encourage positive feedback, people try to buy from reputable sellers. Do the basics headlines,
descriptions, images, bullets. Of course if you want a step
by step instructions on eBay, go to neilpatel.com/training,
click on e-Commerce unlocked going week three, and this
is lesson two of week three and just follow eBay step by step. There's a lot of other
marketplaces out there from Facebook Marketplace
to Google Express, Alibaba, they're huge, Rakuten,
Allegro, Wish, WayFair. And the list keeps going on and on and on. So why not leverage all of them, right? Look to see what's working
for your competitors and go after those channels as well.

You want to choose the right ones because it does take time to set up. But the more omnichannel
you go with your listings, the better off you are and the more sales you'll end up generating overall. So some general business policies get familiar with each marketplace. They all have their own
rules don't break them. The moment you break them, it's going to crush you in the future. When you're selling you know, you may end up needing more
product more suppliers, you can go to Alibaba for that. Pocket is another good place. Delegate for electronics,
Wholesale big buy, these are all good places to go as well. There's also some other
opportunities that stand out that I want you to leverage. The first is Many Chat. It's a great way to leverage
and gain more subscribers especially from Facebook. They'll sew multi channel
like email and phone as well, you'll want to set that up. So you can go there,
you can do a broadcast, they have a lot of different
options and templates.

When sending out a broadcast
to your subscriber, they'll break down how to
set it up step by step, you want to check out you
know who's currently available for promotions, you want to
hit the audience, Filter, Messaging Window Segment,
Follow-Up-Illegible, so you want to go there. And that'll give you an idea of who you can end up marketing to. Voice Search is also big. There's a lot of tools out
there that are leveraging things like Google Home and Alexa. Voice Search is all
about those micro moments when someone's just like,
hey, I want to buy this. Like the amount of times I
bought from my Alexa is huge. I buy so many products from Amazon just from my Alexa device. Funny enough, when I
first got my Alexa device, I tried buying stuff from
Amazon just to test it out. Probably didn't need
that stuff right away, but it was a fun experience. And the easiest way to
figure out what's popular on Voice Search is go to
Ubersuggest, type in more keywords.

It'll tell you what
people are looking for. Look for buy related keywords. These buy related keywords are the ones that'll tend to convert
the best from Voice Search from what we're seeing. Now here's some interesting
stats for you for Voice Search. Most people don't know this
at least in the United States over 50% of searches are now Voice Search. They're that popular because
now people are searching from devices like Alexa,
Google Home, their phone, their iPhone, their Android phone, whatever it may be even the laptop, you can talk through your
laptop and Google does searches. So action answer you go
to neilpatel.com/training, click on se-Commerce
unlocked, go to week three, lesson two and download the files here as well as the ones I mentioned. Make sure you download your Competitive Keyword Tracking Sheet as well as your Product Scoring Sheet. And of course, your
Platform Resource Guides for the eBay's, the Walmart's, the Betsy's and all the ones that I mentioned.

I look forward to
continually helping you grow your e-Commerce sales, thank you..

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