• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

All rumors aren't lies. What? Just like the rumors stated, I dated you by your background. If I married someone who had a good background like your's I thought my indecent life would be saved. So, I approached you on purpose. But I realized how foolish I was being. Oh, I see. But it doesn't matter because I first started dating you out of curiosity. Then, is it even? Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Highlighted Team @ Viki I'm sorry, Sangwoo. Let's just stop here. Why are you saying this all of a sudden? Is it because of Daewoong? I'm not dumb I can tell what you're feeling. I'm really sorry. No, it's fine. You don't have to be sorry because we're not going to break up. Sangwoo. I'm never going to let go of your hand..

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